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7. A Fundamental Change in Viewpoints Is a Sign of Truly Understanding the Truth

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7. A Fundamental Change in Viewpoints Is a Sign of Truly Understanding the Truth

After mankind was corrupted by Satan, people’s nature became one that resists and betrays God following an increase in Satan’s poisons within them. However Satan resists and betrays God, so too does mankind. Satan attempts to dominate mankind and take control of all on an equal footing with God and mankind follows suit by resisting and betraying God, trying to expel God’s arrival and chasing, persecuting, condemning and rejecting Christ the two times He has become flesh. They are under the delusion of being in charge of their own destiny and creating mankind’s own paradise with their own two hands. As far as people’s God-betraying nature is concerned, corrupt mankind is full of evil and reactionary corrupt disposition that perversely goes against Heaven, tries to be free of God’s domination and is hostile to God. People’s God-betraying nature is full of Satan’s poisons. All that flow from their bones and blood are Satan’s poisons, such as arrogance, loss of conscience, lawlessness, reckless behavior, superciliousness, looking down upon God, worshiping Satan, blind faith in science, hatred of the truth and love of evil, being fed up with purity, giving false account of the true facts, lust for sin, acting against Heaven, willingness to abandon oneself to vice, upholding evil and cursing God and blaming heaven and earth. How can such a mankind which is full of evil and corruption not go against and betray God? The whole of mankind goes against and betrays God; they deny and reject Christ, hate the truth and condemn the true way. Strictly speaking, no one really welcomes God’s coming and no one truly obeys God’s arrangements. They all want to break away from God’s domination to create their own happiness.

Because people’s nature is one that resists and betrays God, people’s viewpoints are also certainly reactionary ones against and in betrayal of God. All of people’s philosophies, thinking, views, knowledge and doctrines are created from Satan’s corruption. This means that people’s thinking and views are doomed to be in complete opposition to the truth. They all deny, attack and resist God. It is no wonder that people are full of notions about and hostility toward all the truths Christ incarnate delivers and they try their best to judge and condemn God’s work. This is entirely determined by their God-betraying nature. Owing to corrupt mankind’s resistance to and betrayal of God, it is determined that God’s work must start with the conquest of mankind, so that this mankind, which was corrupted by Satan to become a hostile force to God, shall first fall prostrate before God. This is really not easy. If God’s words could not divide people’s soul from their spirit like a sharp two-edged sword, then how could mankind be conquered? It is through judging and chastising people that God changes their disposition and achieves His purpose of saving them. When God conquers people, He mainly uses the truth to counter mankind’s wrong notions and absurd viewpoints that resist and attack God, so that they will show conviction in their hearts, their speech, and their eyes and truly fall prostrate before God. If God did not conquer mankind first, people would be unable to enter onto the right track of belief in God and would much less be able to achieve salvation.

People’s nature and their viewpoints are closely connected. The God-resisting and God-betraying nature of corrupt mankind is entirely composed of Satan’s various poisons, and Satan’s various poisons are the source of all evil fallacies. All of corrupt mankind’s views and doctrines that oppose God have emerged because of Satan’s corruption of them. It is not only the extremely reactionary atheism that is Satan’s theory against and in betrayal of God, but all theories and views that go against God and are incompatible with the truth also come from Satan. These absurd God-resisting and God-betraying views fill the whole of corrupt mankind. There are many absurd views from Satan in the heart of every corrupt person. It can be said that as long as people have a God-betraying nature, it is inevitable that they have all kinds of satanic poisons and absurd views within them. This is not surprising because mankind is affected by Satan’s evil poisons every day and people are good at thinking, like to receive their favorite things, are adept at adapting to environments for survival and have free will to choose. It only takes eight to ten years living in this dark and evil world for people to be unwittingly corrupted by Satan. And the more they learn, the more corrupt they become. In addition, they are also influenced by their ancestral traditions and human propaganda and education, and so mankind has been sinking deeper and deeper into Satan’s corruption, unable to extricate themselves or escape from Satan’s corruption.

The whole world is under Satan’s domain. Satan’s philosophies for living and viewpoints exist inside everyone. They have long been people’s foundation for existence and the essence of their nature. All of corrupt mankind’s knowledge and learning is absurd views that resist and betray God. Corrupt mankind has no truths at all. Every nation’s so-called great men are human beings corrupted by Satan. They do not come from God at all. So all of the poisons and fallacies of mankind’s thousands of years of culture are derived from Satan. Human beings have been subjected to these cultural, ideological and theoretical influences for generations. They have become more and more corrupt, more and more evil and more and more against God. Mankind has been thus corrupted by Satan deeper and deeper, and they have completely lost the human conscience they had in the beginning and have long been descendants of Satan, blindly advocating evil, and calling black white. They clearly know that the world is dark and evil but still describe it as bright and beautiful. They clearly know that mankind has been too deeply corrupted, hostile to God and guilty of the most heinous sins, yet still say that they are mostly good people. They clearly know that the world is the devil’s hell, yet still describe it as beautiful homeland and love and enjoy it. Mankind was long ago corrupt to the point of calling black white and upholding evil. No one seeks the truth and no one can accept the truth. People very rarely dare speak the truth about the world’s evilness and darkness. No one dare expose the truth of mankind’s evilness. They all follow the trends of the world in words and deeds and obey Satan’s evil forces that resist God. In this evil and promiscuous generation, the pursuit of being a good person is not feasible. Honest people are oppressed, those who pursue the true way are rejected and those who follow Christ inevitably suffer persecution and tribulations and even loss of life. God has become flesh twice to save mankind; each time He has suffered brutal hunting and persecution and mankind’s condemnation and rejection. This is irrefutable evidence of corrupt mankind’s resistance to and betrayal of God, which is an undeniable fact.

In this evil and promiscuous generation, corrupt mankind long ago became the scum that follows Satan and betrays God. How could such an extremely corrupt mankind not provoke the wrath of God? And how can they escape God’s punishment? It can certainly be said that all the viewpoints of this kind of evil and God-betraying mankind are absurd, evil views, reactionary views that oppose the truth. Mankind’s viewpoints reveal their God-betraying nature, and are completely the manifestations of their satanic nature. All of mankind’s viewpoints completely represent mankind’s God-resisting, God-betraying nature. Let’s look at the great red dragon, a gang of devils. It frantically advocates atheism and takes the downright reactionary “theory of evolution” by Darwin as the theoretical basis and tries to deny the existence of God. It frantically condemns the work of God and persecutes and abuses people who truly believe in God, it only allows mankind to adore, follow and worship it and does not allow mankind to worship the Creator. This gang of demons dares sit in God’s place and make people worship it. It tries to dominate the world, take control of the whole of mankind and turn the world into a godless area under Satan’s domination. This is solid evidence of corrupt mankind’s God-betraying nature. Look at the various cults which deny the true God of creation and worship Satan. They worship Satan that long ago betrayed God and all kinds of evil spirits as God, describe them as “heavenly God” and enshrine the work and words of all kinds of evils spirits as the truth. Their minds have been blinded by Satan and they give a false account of the true facts when they speak. They have become Satan’s tools for deceiving and corrupting people, and what they propagate and advocate are all absurd fallacies against God and in betrayal of God. No matter whether it is Satan and all kinds of evil spirits or the Satan-corrupted mankind, if their nature is God-betraying then the various doctrines, theories and views that they spread are definitely also in betrayal of God. Mankind’s viewpoints are determined by their nature. If mankind’s nature is God-betraying, then mankind’s viewpoints are also God-betraying. In short, people’s viewpoints come from their nature. No matter who it is, you just need to see their viewpoints to know what their nature is. Whether people are good or evil can be determined completely from their viewpoints.

Mankind has already been corrupted to the level of inverting justice and advocating evil. When mankind’s original humanity and conscience have been completely lost, they will have to be destroyed. Now let us look at all that is discussed, thought about and stated in the mainstream of mankind. It is all fallacies which go against, deny and condemn God. Mankind’s original conscience has already ceased to exist and the good things which have been confirmed by the conscience of people have been distorted. No one talks about humanity and morality. No one talks about conscience and reason anymore. No one speaks about being an honest person or a good person anymore. The whole of mankind focuses on pleasure and views personal interests above all else. They do their best to worship Satan and all kinds of evil spirits, and enshrine Satan and all kinds of evil spirits to seek wealth and status. Corrupt mankind is completely possessed by Satan and all kinds of evil spirits. In the hearts of corrupt mankind, whoever can bring them wealth and good fortune, protect them from disasters and keep them safe and sound is their God. Mankind knows there is a true God but does not worship Him, says the truth is fallacy and fallacy is the truth. They say positive characters are negative and that negative characters are positive. They crucify Christ and enshrine Satan as a hero. Corrupt mankind worships Satan. They also follow Satan and completely belong to Satan. The kings of devils that rule on earth are all the embodiment of Satan, demons who stand against God and living Satans dressed in human flesh. In the language of this evil corrupt mankind, there are millions of fallacies which stand against and condemn God. Satan’s venom and poisons are all that flow through the bone marrow and blood of corrupt mankind. Corrupt mankind’s hearts are completely full of venom, treachery, greed and evil. None of the words that corrupt mankind expresses contain any truth or worship God. Every person’s heart is full of all kinds of reactionary viewpoints that are against God. It only needs the right circumstances for them to be revealed. Especially when faced with suffering, natural disasters and despair, the whole of mankind curses God, saying He is unfair and does not open His eyes. No one thanks or worships God when they are comfortable. If someone witnesses to God’s incarnation, they will be condemned by the whole of mankind. Mankind is ruthless and speaks against their conscience. Can such an extremely corrupt mankind, which does not possess the slightest truth, have few God-resisting fallacies in their hearts? All of the viewpoints of a mankind which has been deeply corrupted by Satan are certainly preposterous and absurd. They are all reactionary fallacies which are in opposition to the truth, against God and attack God. Now we see that God’s saving of mankind starting with conquering mankind is most appropriate. If corrupt mankind cannot be conquered by the words of God then they cannot enter onto the right track of belief in God. For God to save such an extremely corrupt mankind is easier said than done! God’s work is met with too much resistance! Mankind is too corrupt! It really is not easy for God to save mankind!

The purpose of God’s judgment and chastisement of people in the last days is to save them from Satan’s corruption and to free them from Satan’s evil, so that they can completely return to God’s presence to obey and worship God. God judges and chastises people by expressing the truth, the purpose being to let people truly know God, see the essence of corrupt mankind clearly and from then on, forsake Satan, abandon the depraved way of life, return to the path of virtue and forsake darkness for light so as to understand the truth and be able to obey and worship God. Only when people truly understand the truth can they truly know the evil of Satan and the essence of corrupt mankind, and will they have a real transformation in all their absurd, false satanic viewpoints. When all of people’s viewpoints have been fundamentally transformed, people’s hearts will turn to God completely, and they will have no more notions about God or resistance to Him and will be compatible with Christ. These are people who have accepted God’s work and been saved by God. Before people have been saved, all of their viewpoints are hostile to God and out of tune with the truth. God speaks and works in various ways to fight back against people’s notions, then uses the truth to destroy all the false views they have. People’s false views and hypocritical knowledge is Satan’s stronghold in people’s hearts. As long as people understand the truth from God’s words, then this satanic stronghold that exists in people’s hearts can be captured and resolved. All kinds of false viewpoints are extremely harmful to people. That people can disobey and resist God and develop notions about and pass judgment on God’s work is all directly related to people’s viewpoints. In the past how people saw and judged things was based on Satan’s false viewpoints and they made no exception for God. If anyone spoke and did things completely in line with people’s notions and views, they thought in their heart that their words and deeds conformed to the truth. It seems like people’s notions were the standard for measuring the truth and that people’s viewpoints also conformed to the truth. It could be said that it was these absurd and false viewpoints that made people arrogant and conceited, self-righteous and unwilling to obey anyone, as if they themselves had the truth and could understand and see through everything. They did not expect to be conquered by God’s words in God’s work and to fall down prostrate. Only then were they awakened and very remorseful. But people still have many absurd viewpoints within them that have not been changed by this. In experiencing God’s work, they can still resist and betray God. God’s extraordinary work reveals people’s God-betraying nature and their various kinds of God-betraying viewpoints. These absurd and false viewpoints are all in judgment and condemnation of God and even in denial and betrayal of God. They are all dissatisfied with God, blaming, attacking, resisting and blaspheming Him.

At the time of God’s judgment and chastisement of people’s corruption, God reveals people’s God-betraying nature and the absurdity and falseness of people’s viewpoints at every turn, letting people truly understand the degree to which they have been corrupted by Satan and see clearly what the essence of their nature really is. It is very hard for mankind to have true repentance if they cannot know their own God-betraying nature. This is one of the main aspects of the work of the Holy Spirit. Most people can know the essence of their own nature from God’s words and see clearly their ugly corrupt face. Only then do they feel a sense of urgency to pursue the truth and salvation. Without being exposed by God’s words, no one would admit to being too deeply corrupted; everyone would feel at ease and justified thinking that they can expend for God and will surely be rewarded by God. They would never know that they themselves are the worst sinners who resist God and that what they really need is God’s salvation and to obtain the truth and changes in their life disposition. No one would be able to realize that one’s duty in believing in God is to pursue the truth and to achieve salvation and that the fundamental purpose of believing in God is to obtain the truth and changes in one’s life disposition. No one would treat believing in God to pursue the truth and achieve salvation as their job but day and night they would look forward to the reward that they think they should get when the day of God arrives and to reigning and ruling with God then. People are too arrogant and ignorant and just pursue their own extravagant desires. This is the manifestation of their arrogant and conceited nature. From people’s pursuit of vague hopes and paying no attention to reality, we can see how ridiculous people’s viewpoints are.

There are too many absurd views revealed in the real lives of corrupt mankind. By just taking a few related examples, we can know that people have a lot of absurd views. For example, some people work as a leader for a few years, acting recklessly and arbitrarily, and after being removed by God’s family, they actually say “Serving God is like being in the king’s company, which is tantamount to living with a tiger.” Some people, when providing hospitality, do their best to profit at other people’s expense, are enthusiastic and attentive to senior leaders but palm off ordinary brothers and sisters and even ignore them. When they are dealt with, they say “God is righteous, I believe in the Spirit of God, not man.” Some people have done bad things and when they are dealt with and pruned, they disagree in their hearts and say “I am obedient to God, not man.” Some people do not read the fellowship and sermons of the man used by the Holy Spirit and say “The man that the Holy Spirit uses also has corruption and personal opinions.” Some people are not able to be obedient to the work of God’s family and say “This is done by people, not by God.” Some people feel that God’s demands of God’s family with regard to work are too difficult and say “God’s demands of people are too high and people are unable to meet them.” Some people do not pursue the truth and they describe God’s way of working to expose and refine people as “God intentionally tormenting people.” Some people love the world and covet the enjoyment of the flesh but say “God’s work is realistic and people should also be realistic.” Some people adore God’s miracles and wonders but reject the Christ who expresses the truth to save people, saying “He is not God, as He performs no miracles and wonders.” Some people do not recognize that some words of God are words of revealing the real situation and essence of mankind’s corruption and say they are “words of scolding people.” Some people do not know mankind’s corrupt essence but say “God’s words are too strong, excessive and untrue.” Some people always hope that the day of God will come quickly, but do not pursue salvation by God, and they always think that they just need to believe in God and then they should be directly saved by God and enjoy the blessings of heaven, so they say they did not expect that believing in God would be this much trouble. And so on. These are all absurd viewpoints. These people who believe in God but are still dreaming should wake up. Even if the day of God arrived, would your dreams come true? Would you not encounter disaster and receive refinement amongst it? Sadly, these dreamers have not yet fully awakened! What the people above reveal are all absurd viewpoints that are contrary to God’s words. In fact, what corrupt mankind reveals in experiencing God’s work is all fallacies incompatible with the reality of the truth and their corrupt disposition. It can fully show that there is too much disobedience and resistance inside them. It is possible to observe what people reveal during trials, when they face pruning and being dealt with, when they are in pain and despair, when they face setbacks and failures, when they are pessimistic and disappointed, when they are in poverty, in the event of natural disasters and disease, when they are not feeling well emotionally, when they face persecution and tribulations, when they fail to achieve their objectives, when they are smitten by God, when they misunderstand God’s intentions and when they are rejected, expelled or purged. In a word, when corrupt mankind faces adversity, what they express are all complaints, negativity, resistance and betrayal. Their words are all absurd views and fallacy. It can certainly be said that before people have been made complete by God, their viewpoints are all absurd and false. During times of peace, they can only speak some pleasant doctrines and letters and when happy, they can say some pleasant human words. When they are abnormal, all that they release is full of fallacy and nonsense. Corrupt mankind is foolish, ignorant, blind and pitiful like this. They are all so corrupt, and the majority of people are so disgusting! They do not have the conscience or reason that a man with normal humanity possesses at all!

Corrupt mankind’s viewpoints are entirely formed in Satan’s corruption of them, and are not at all produced through experiencing God’s work. Although it seems some viewpoints are very progressive and completely in line with people’s imagination, their essence is contrary to the truth. It can be said for sure that whatever stems from people’s imagination and judgment is not in accordance with the truth. Mankind only lives in the Satan-corrupted world and cannot directly get access to the spiritual world, so how can people’s minds produce the truth? The truth comes from God and only Christ incarnate can deliver the truth, only Christ is the truth, the way and the life. Corrupt mankind’s viewpoints are completely produced through people’s experiences in the evil world. Because corrupt mankind does not have the truth, they often make several mistakes in their speech and viewing things: 1. based on people’s imagination and judgment; 2. based on people’s feelings and impressions; 3. only according to the superficies; 4. according to personal experiences and understanding; and 5. according to human philosophies, laws, knowledge and theories. If people’s viewpoints are produced from the five aspects above, mankind’s ideology and points of views are bound to be wrong, contrary to God’s words and the truth. This is because that which stems from man’s will is certainly false and not in accordance with the truth and that which stems from Satan is certainly against God and attacking God.

How should we judge whether or not someone’s viewpoints are correct? Of course, it should be done according to God’s words and the truth. Only God’s words are the supreme truth and only views which conform to God’s words are correct. But do not think that if one’s own views conform to the letters of the words of God then they conform to God’s words; correct words and doctrines do not represent reality. The main thing is to see whether or not one has a true knowledge of God’s words and the truth. One must see whether one’s words show substantial and real knowledge of the truth or they are doctrinal words. Speaking a lot of doctrines about believing in God does not mean one understands the truth. Only if they have a deep enough knowledge of the truth and a substantive knowledge of it will they have correct views and knowledge. If people’s views are in line with pure knowledge of God’s words and stem from the light revealed by the Holy Spirit then these views are correct. They are in line with the meaning of God’s words and the meaning of the truth. Only if people’s viewpoints completely conform to the essence of God’s words are they views that are in line with the truth and are correct. Those which are contrary to God’s words and the truth are wrong and false views. False viewpoints are in betrayal of God and violation of the truth and completely belong to the will of men. They mainly include people’s imaginings, notions, judgments, logic, philosophies, doctrines, prejudice and fallacies, as well as people’s heresies and false reasoning, sophistries and lies, people’s complaints, grievances, words of deceiving others, words of inverting right and wrong, words that attack and slander the truth…. These are all absurd views. These absurd views are all produced because of Satan’s corruption of people and completely represent people’s corrupt nature and are things that flow out of people’s God-betraying nature. These absurd false views and theories are full of Satan’s poisons and the great red dragon’s fallacies. They are a result of the influence of thousands of years of Chinese culture. Because the whole of corrupt mankind is full of these things, all of people’s absurd viewpoints are formed during Satan’s corruption of them. Anyone who lives in the world without God’s work lives under Satan’s corruption. So people who have grown up under Satan’s corruption are all full of Satan’s poisons. This is especially true with people who live under the domain of the great red dragon. All the viewpoints they have are absurd and false views, in denial and against God. This is a fact that people cannot deny. Corrupt mankind’s hearts are full of Satan’s poisons, and all of mankind’s learning and views are absurd and false and completely reflect the thousands of years of history of Satan’s corruption of mankind.

In the past I have come into contact with some famous figures from different denominations and discovered that their viewpoints had not undergone any transformation and were still trend-following arguments. This made me very disappointed in them and no longer look up to them. If people do not experience God’s work of the last days, their viewpoints will never be truly transformed. I remember that I fellowshiped with people a few years ago well: “There are no truly good people amongst nonbelievers.” Some people immediately rebutted me and said: “That is not true. Bao Gong of the Song Dynasty was a good person.” I said: “Bao Gong did not believe in God. He was certainly a person who resisted and persecuted God.” At that time he could not accept it. Of course, this is not easy to recognize. Bao Gong was loyal to the king of devils, so how could he not resist God? The kings of devils of every dynasty had officials who were loyal to them. In the world there are too many corrupt people who are loyal to Satan. How could we call those who resist or persecute God truly good people? Ever since man was corrupted by Satan, he has become an expert in disguise and in covering himself with life philosophy. On the outside, he looks like a person, but when someone begins to testify to God, his demonic nature is revealed. Not many people realize this, so they are often blinded and fooled by the platitudes and niceties of others. God’s words and work can best expose man. Those without the truth are merely hypocrites. Those who understand the truth will see clearly with regard to this issue. Those who do not understand the truth fail to see anything clearly and as a result their viewpoints are absurd.

The whole of the religious community is resisting God, despite believing in God on the outside. They enjoy God’s grace yet judge and condemn God and crucify the second incarnate Christ as they crucified the first. All kinds of fallacies resisting and condemning God that they talk about are extremely absurd, completely represent their viewpoints and expose mankind’s God-resisting, God-betraying nature. From their viewpoints we can clearly see how arrogant, conceited, foolish, ignorant, blind and pitiful corrupt mankind is. People who do not have the truth are pitiful and lamentable like this. But they do not think they are pitiful at all and day and night they still hope their dreams will come true. All of their views stem from man’s imagination and judgment. They do not have any knowledge of God and they define and pass judgment on God in all matters. They will not accept any truth at all. They are all arrogant, conceited and self-righteous and all they can do is wait for God’s punishment. If it wasn’t for God being incarnated to save people, corrupt mankind would have long been destroyed. Only by experiencing the work of God in the last days and truly receiving the greatest salvation from God do we know what belief in God is, how God saves people, how Satan corrupts people and that God is a God who loves and saves mankind. All of the words uttered by Christ are love for mankind and salvation for corrupt mankind.

Corrupt mankind needs God’s salvation. Corrupt mankind’s viewpoints need God’s work to change. The transformation of people’s viewpoints entirely relies on their pursuit of the truth and whichever absurd viewpoint will be resolved depends on whichever aspect of the truth people understand. People’s absurd viewpoints can only be resolved by their pursuit of the truth. The more truths people understand, the fewer absurd views they have. If they understand all truths uttered by God, then all of their absurd views will be resolved. So the fundamental transformation of people’s viewpoints is a sign that people really understand the truth. When people have truly understood God’s words and gained the truth from God’s work, then people’s views will have fundamentally changed. If people’s viewpoints on the important matters directly related to the truth and life all have changed, it means that their viewpoints have fundamentally changed. If people understand too little of the truth, then their viewpoints will not change very much. Only people whose viewpoints have fundamentally changed truly understand the truth. Corrupt mankind’s viewpoints are completely in line with people’s notions and imagination. Corrupt mankind agrees with them all. So they have no truth in them at all. All that corrupt mankind has are philosophy, knowledge, notions and doctrines that belong to Satan. They have no knowledge of positive things related to the truth and the life, which are simply too unfamiliar to them. For mankind, these positive things seem to be forever unsolvable mysteries, and entry into them is even more out of the question. No matter how many years people have believed in God, no one can explain who created the heavens and earth and all things, who arranged and dominates the fate of mankind, why mankind must believe in God, what true obedience is, what true love of God is, what true worship of God is, what truly serving God is, what it is to know God, what true life is, what happiness is, what love is, what the truth is, what righteousness and justice are, what positive things are, what people God hates, which people God commends and what God’s promises to mankind are. No one can truly understand and enter into all the realities that people who believe in God should enter into. This is enough to show that before people gain the truth, people’s viewpoints on and interpretation of everything are absurd and ridiculous. People are only corrupt inside and do not have any truth. Therefore, without God’s salvation and perfecting, people will never gain the truth and the absurd viewpoints of people who have not gained the truth will never change.

People who experience God’s work already see clearly that if people’s viewpoints have not fundamentally changed, then they do not truly understand the truth and that if people’s absurd and false viewpoints are not resolved, then they are not saved people and are still God-resisting, God-betraying humans. Therefore, you just need to look at whether or not your own viewpoints have fundamentally changed to know whether you have been saved through experiencing God’s work. A fundamental change in one’s viewpoints is a sign of his truly understanding the truth. Being able to say a lot of letters and doctrines does not represent understanding the truth and being able to speak of some experiences and knowledge falls short of understanding the truth too. Only people whose viewpoints have undergone a fundamental change and completely conform to the essence of God’s words, that is, are compatible with Christ’s, truly understand the truth. The result of people understanding the truth is, first of all, that their viewpoints have changed, and then, that their disposition has changed. If people’s viewpoints have not fundamentally changed then this is enough to prove that people have not obtained the truth, much less obtained changes in their life disposition. The main result of experiencing God’s work is understanding the truth and obtaining the truth, which brings fundamental changes to one’s viewpoints and changes to one’s life disposition. People who have been saved are all ones who truly understand the truth. They are all people who have achieved fundamental changes in their viewpoints. People who have been perfected by God are people who have really obtained the truth. One must understand and know several most important issues to achieve salvation. If one has achieved fundamental changes in their viewpoints on these issues, then they have started to enter into the truth.

1. One must truly recognize that God created and dominates all things. Most believers just admit that God created the universe and that God dominates everything, but have no substantial knowledge of them. Only verbally admitting that God created and dominates everything is useless. If you truly understand that God created and dominates everything then you will have true faith in God and will be able to obey all of God’s arrangements and completely forsake Satan. Verbally admitting it does not mean you have an understanding of it and even less that you have faith, nor can it produce real obedience. If believers in God want to understand God’s omnipotence and His full wisdom, they must understand how God uses His wisdom to defeat Satan and truly understand that God’s wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s tricks, how Satan do service for God’s management, and understand that God’s domination and arrangements are most meaningful. If they understand these things, this means that they truly understand that only God can create the universe and that only God can dominate all, thereby truly worship God.

2. One must truly recognize that Satan is the source of mankind’s corruption, and that all kinds of kings of devils in power on earth are arch-criminals that corrupt mankind, and they all come from Satan and are the tools of Satan’s corruption of mankind. Corrupt mankind follows and worships the kings of devils and just sees people’s exterior and listens to people talk but cannot see through their essence, much less see through the tricks of the kings of devils, and they are most vulnerable to the deception of all kinds of devils. All kinds of kings of devils are the embodiment of Satan. They are all sent by Satan to deceive and corrupt people. If people could really see through the essence of corrupt mankind, they would no longer worship the world’s great men. In your heart is there still a place for great men? If there is, then this is enough to show that you have not yet seen through Satan’s essence. If you can really see Satan’s essence clearly, then you will completely forsake Satan and be absolutely obedient to God. If you have a true knowledge of God, then you will certainly be able to see through Satan’s essence and worship God exclusively.

3. One must recognize that all positive things come from God, and that only Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. This is the deepest lesson in believing in God. All that God asks people to pursue and possess are positive things. All things which conform with the truth in God’s words are positive things. Positive things all come from God and from God’s words. All that God hates and condemns are negative things. All those things which go against God’s words and the truth and have a God-resisting, God-denying and God-betraying essence and can corrupt mankind are negative things. All that which Satan and the kings of devils love, advocate or ask people to pursue and do are negative things. All negative things come from Satan. Only people who truly know God’s words and understand many truths can distinguish between positive and negative things. This is unattainable by those who do not possess the truth. People who believe in God must truly know that Christ is the truth, the way and the life. This is the deepest knowledge of Christ. You must understand many truths to be able to know Christ. You must truly know God’s words and understand many truths to be able to distinguish between positive and negative things. Only by understanding what the truth, the way and the life are can you ultimately fully know that Christ is the truth, the way and the life. Such people have been perfected by God.

4. One must recognize that all negative things originate from Satan, that all head demons are evil and that all evil spirits belong to Satan. In heaven and on earth and among all things, which were created by God, only Satan and all kinds of evil spirits resist and betray God. After mankind was corrupted by Satan, it became a hostile force against God. This is because Satan’s nature is evil and God-betraying, and so after Satan corrupted mankind, all kinds of satanic poisons and philosophies started to occupy people’s hearts and mankind became in essence descendants of Satan. Now almost all the things that mankind pursues are negative things. Corrupt mankind is bound by these negative things and is unable to free themselves from the bondage. All negative things come from Satan. The head demons in power in the world come from Satan and are tools of Satan’s corruption of mankind. They are the embodiment of Satan. Therefore, the kings of devils who are in power in the world are all God-resisting demons. They are all the chief culprits that deceive and corrupt mankind.

5. One must recognize that only Christ incarnate can save mankind. God incarnate expresses the truth in order to save mankind. No human can save mankind, because humans only have corruption, not the truth. All of the world’s great people have been corrupted by Satan and come from Satan. None of them truly worship God, they do not have the truth, and none of them seek God or welcome God’s coming, not to mention obey God. They are all God-resisting demons. During the thousands of years of Satan’s corruption of mankind, only Christ, who became flesh twice, has done the work of saving mankind, while all great people and famous people are corrupt human beings, come from Satan and belong to Satan. Because corrupt mankind just has corruption and no truth, no matter what work they do, how many books they write, they cannot save mankind from Satan and sin, because everything in the hearts of corrupt mankind comes from Satan’s corruption. Only when you see clearly the essence of corrupt mankind and the evil and meanness of Satan and the kings of devils can you forsake Satan and the great red dragon. Only by accepting the words of Christ and obeying God’s work can you be saved by God. Only Christ is the truth, the way and the life and can save mankind. Corrupt mankind needs the salvation of God incarnate. This is beyond question.

6. One must recognize that corrupt mankind’s culture and knowledge is adulterated by all kinds of Satan’s poisons. It contains no truth, just people’s knowledge and doctrines. There is no truth in any of mankind’s teachings and theories, and they are all corrupt mankind’s knowledge and doctrines which are passed off as being good. Mankind has been becoming more and more corrupt and evil under the influence of these theories and doctrines. Thousands of years of corrupt mankind’s culture and knowledge have been produced entirely in Satan’s corruption of man and no matter how good people think they are, they are adulterated by all kinds of Satan’s poisons. There is no truth in them at all, just people’s knowledge, imagination and reasoning. All of mankind’s theories and cultures are just masks of hypocrisy. They cheat and deceive people and cannot save people at all. The things produced by corrupt mankind cannot save them. Corrupt mankind only has culture, knowledge, philosophy and theory, which are absolutely not the truth. Enjoying these things can only make people more and more arrogant, conceited, self-righteous, God-resisting, and corrupt and ultimately incur perdition.

7. One must recognize that it is Heaven’s law and earth’s principle for corrupt and evil humans to perish, that it is inevitable for humans to perish who are so evil and abnormal as to be beyond salvation, and that it is entirely because of God’s righteousness that the God-resisting, God-betraying humans will be punished and destroyed. Only God can end the age. God’s disposition is righteous. God could create all beings, and He can also destroy all beings. If mankind has been corrupted by Satan to a degree that it cannot be saved, then God will destroy mankind. We all know of the time when Noah made the ark. Because the mankind of that time had become too sinful, God destroyed them with the flood and just saved Noah’s family. At that time only Noah was a righteous man who believed in God enough to listen to God’s words and make the ark and was saved and survived. Those corrupt humans who were nonbelievers and who only did evil were all destroyed. This was God’s righteousness. After God does His work of saving mankind in the last days, He will destroy all nonbelieving corrupt humans. We believers in God should know God’s righteousness and not grumble and complain loudly for those corrupt humans. We should forsake Satan and stand on God’s side. No matter who dies, we should not complain about God but should believe that God is righteous and that all that God does is most significant.

8. One must recognize that the kingdoms of earth are all Satan’s kingdoms. They are all satanic, God-resisting camps, independent kingdoms of Satan. They are all divided and crumbling. Before the kingdom of Christ appears on earth, all countries in the world are under Satan’s power. Not one country obeys Christ and worships God. It could be said that all countries in the world are God-resisting, Christ-condemning nations and that they are all satanic camps, so they cannot escape the fate of destruction. We now all realize one fact, that not one head of a nation leads their subjects to seek God, nor are there any nations that seek to accept Christ’s work and salvation. On the contrary, they all condemn God’s incarnation and the truths uttered by Christ, refuse to accept the voice of God, with not one nation welcoming God’s return. Should such satanic nations which resist God and take God as their enemy not be destroyed? When the satanic nations on earth are divided and torn apart and destroyed, that will be when the kingdom of Christ appears on earth. This is the general trend and an inevitable fact. What God wants to achieve is the realization of the kingdom of Christ on earth. At that time the will of God will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

9. One must recognize that no one who serves God can represent God or save mankind, and that they are just doing the duty of created beings and should be treated correctly. Corrupt humans who believe in God and serve God are all in the process of experiencing God’s work and achieving salvation. No matter what their position is, they cannot represent God, because they do not have the essence of God. Only Christ can represent God because Christ has the divine essence, has God’s identity and comes from God. Although corrupt mankind was created by God, they have been corrupted by Satan and are just the object of God’s salvation. No matter what work a corrupt human does in God’s family, he is just doing the duty of a created being and cannot represent God in the slightest. If one stands in God’s position to work, then they are false Christs and antichrists. So do not worship any corrupt man. One must listen to and obey Christ to achieve salvation and be perfected by God.

10. One must recognize that there is the greatest wisdom to the work of God and it cannot be fathomed by man, and that God’s work is always new and never old and is not governed by rules. No matter how much God’s work does not conform to people’s notions, it is the truth and it is salvation and love for people. In the end all of mankind will see God’s deeds and see all that God has done is to save mankind. Do not arbitrarily define or judge God’s work, because God is the truth and God is wisdom, mankind can never fathom God and no matter how many truths mankind understands and how much of God’s work they experience, what people get compared to all of God’s life is just a drop in the ocean. So the deeper people’s experience, the more they can sense that mankind is so small and God is so great that man can never fathom God’s work and can only be well-behaved in obeying all of God’s work, which is man’s duty and the reasoning that man should have, and that they must never again arbitrarily judge God’s work. The more a person dares to judge God’s work, the more arrogant, unreasonable, ignorant and blind they are. The more a person quietly obeys God when faced with unfathomable matters, the more intelligent and wise they are.

11. One must recognize that all the trials and refinements that God gives people are for the sake of saving them, and are His true love for them. If people escape or break away from them, they can never be saved. Because mankind’s corruption is too deep, without all kinds of trials and refinements, they would not be able to know God’s words and understand the truth. Obeying God’s orchestrations and arrangements and experiencing all kinds of trials and refinements is a necessary path for corrupt mankind to be saved. Experiencing God’s work is not as simple as people imagine, just reading God’s words, understanding some truths and putting some of God’s words into practice and that’s it. To understand and know God’s words and gain the truth, one must experience many complicated processes; they must receive many trials and refinements to achieve purification and salvation. If people believe in God but do not experience all kinds of trials and refinements, then they cannot truly understand the truth and are even less able to attain a change in their life disposition and they will never know God. This is absolute.

12. One must recognize that every word God says will be fulfilled and accomplished, but man cannot recognize or see them all. Because the fulfillment of God’s words can certainly not match what man imagines completely and will sometimes be concealed by many external appearances, and man cannot easily discern them; only God knows how the words of God shall be fulfilled. There are some things in which the fulfillment of God’s words can be seen clearly by mankind, and some in which it is not easy to see clearly, so mankind should not base their conclusions of whether or not God’s words have been fulfilled on their own imaginations. Even those with a comparatively better understanding of the truth cannot see entirely clearly how every word of God is fulfilled. The things in which man can see clearly the fulfillment of God’s words are very limited because man can never fathom God’s wisdom. How any word of God’s is fulfilled is entirely down to Him to define and it all contains God’s wisdom—so how can man fathom it?

13. One must recognize that the work carried out by the man the Holy Spirit uses is in order to cooperate with Christ’s work, and it is part of the Holy Spirit’s work and completely proceeds from the Holy Spirit. Even if there is something of the man mixed in it, that is within God’s permitted scope, and does not affect the results of the Holy Spirit’s work, so it cannot be said that the work is done by the man or that it stems from the will of the man, behind which there is God’s good purpose. Of course the Holy Spirit must enlighten, illuminate, guide and direct the work of the man He uses for him to lead God’s chosen people to enter into God’s word, understand the truth and achieve God’s salvation. Therefore, the work of the man the Holy Spirit uses is completely to cooperate with the work of Christ and is part of the work of the Holy Spirit. God’s chosen people should realize that obeying the work of the man used by the Holy Spirit is very beneficial to people’s entry into life and as a minimum it can make people enter onto the right track of believing in God and take the correct path in life. The work of the man used by the Holy Spirit being right or wrong has nothing to do with you. Do you still not know the implied meaning of the phrase “there is no right or wrong”? Do not worry too much, but engage in proper duties so as to avoid delaying your pursuit of the truth and growth of life.

14. One must recognize that there is only one Holy Spirit, yet many evil spirits. Besides the work of the Holy Spirit, all other work is the work of evil spirits. Only people who have been predestined and selected by God have the work of the Holy Spirit. Realistically, only those who believe in God and pursue the truth can obtain the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s work in God’s chosen people is mainly to enlighten them to understand and know God’s words and to enter into the truth. No matter what circumstance or trial they face, it is arranged by the Holy Spirit, and they have the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If after a few years of experiencing God’s work a person who believes in God understands the words of God better and better and becomes clearer and clearer about the truth and knows God more and more, then they are someone who really has the Holy Spirit’s work. If after experiencing God’s work for a few years, they have no entry into God’s words and no true knowledge of God, then they are someone who does not have the Holy Spirit’s work. Usually it takes three to five years for it to be revealed whether or not a believer in God has the Holy Spirit’s work. It is normal that for a period of time some people do not have the Holy Spirit’s work, and they are not classed as not having the Holy Spirit’s work, because people’s disobedience and resistance can easily cause them to lose the Holy Spirit’s work for a period of time. But when they seek and obey God, they can recover the Holy Spirit’s work. Besides people who have the Holy Spirit’s work, all other people can just have the work of all kinds of evil spirits. People who have evil spirits’ work are of course in great danger. If they are people who often have evil spirits’ work then they cannot possibly have the Holy Spirit’s work again. If they are still possessed by evil spirits now then it goes without saying.

If people can really know with clarity the fourteen important issues above, it means that they understand some truths. These are the knowledge and views that one should at least possess to be saved. Only those who can clearly know these truths are people who have hope of being saved. If they possess such knowledge and views, it means that they have the minimum knowledge of God, which is the foundation for salvation and being perfected. People who have this foundation can be said to have the foundation of believing in God. So people who believe in God must achieve such most fundamental knowledge in these important matters, and for people who pursue the truth, it is even more important that they possess it. Only people who truly know these truths have had changes in their viewpoints. To examine whether or not a person really understands the truth, we should primarily see whether they have fundamental changes in their viewpoints. Superficial changes on the outside are not enough; only if they have fundamental changes can they be considered a person who truly understands the truth. Most people who believe in God have changes in their views on trivial matters but still hold the same views as nonbelievers on big issues related to the truth and life. These are definitely not people who understand the truth. People all know that those who follow world trends will not suffer persecution or rejection. If you all understand the truth and achieve compatibility with Christ, then how can mankind let you go? How can you not be persecuted and rejected by mankind? To determine whether or not a person truly understands the truth, the main thing is to see whether or not their viewpoints have fundamentally changed. Corrupt mankind can only achieve changes in their disposition and compatibility with God by pursuing the truth. If people can enter into all the truths expressed by Christ, then they will naturally be compatible with Christ. To enter into the truth one must first understand the truth. If people can understand many truths, at least their viewpoints on many issues are already consistent with Christ’s. This will ensure that they can share a common language with Christ and that their notions about Christ become fewer and fewer and resistance against Him will become less and less. When people truly understand many truths, their viewpoints will have already fundamentally changed. At that time, they shall be completely compatible with Christ, shall be eligible to bear witness for Christ and shall be on the path of being perfected by God. Therefore, a fundamental change in people’s viewpoints is very important for their achieving a change in disposition and compatibility with Christ. Only people who are compatible with Christ are Christ’s witnesses and those who do God’s will.

May 25, 2006

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