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766 Accepting the Truth Is the Only Path to Salvation

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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766 Accepting the Truth Is the Only Path to Salvation

1 People who believe in God for a long time now have hoped for a beautiful destination, all people who believe in God hope that good fortune will suddenly come to them, and they all hope that before they know it they will peacefully find themselves seated at one place or another in heaven. But I say these people with their lovely thoughts have never known whether they have the qualification to receive such good fortune falling from heaven, or to sit on a seat in heaven.

2 You at present have a good knowledge of yourselves, yet you still are hoping you can escape the disasters of the last days and the hand of the Almighty punishing the evil ones. It seems as though having sweet dreams and wanting a life of ease is a common feature of all people whom Satan has corrupted, not the stroke of genius of some lone individual. Even so, I still want to put an end to your extravagant desires and your eagerness to gain blessings. Given that your transgressions are numerous and the facts of your disobedience numerous and ever growing, how can these fit with your lovely blueprints for the future?

3 If you want to go on as you please being in the wrong, with nothing holding you back, but still want dreams to come true, then I urge you to continue in your stupor and never wake up, because yours is an empty dream, and will not serve to make an exception of you in the face of the righteous God. If you just want dreams to come true, then never dream, but forever face the truth, face the facts. That is the only way to save you.

Adapted from “Transgressions Will Lead Man to Hell”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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