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770 Seek to Be the Manifestation of God’s Glory

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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770 Seek to Be the Manifestation of God’s Glory

1 All those of flesh and blood are guided by God, yet also live in Satan’s bondage, and so never have people had a normal relationship with one another, whether because of lust, or adoration, or the arrangements of their environment. Such abnormal relationships are what God detests most of all, and thus it is because of such relationships that words like “What I want are living creatures that are full of life, not corpses that have been steeped in death. Since I recline at the table of the kingdom, I will command all people on earth to receive My inspection” come from God’s mouth.

2 When God is above the entire universe, each day He observes every action of those of flesh and blood, and has never overlooked a single one of them. These are the deeds of God. And so, God urges all people to examine their own thoughts, ideas, and actions. God does not ask that you be a sign of shame to God, but a manifestation of God’s glory, that in all of your actions, words, and lives, you do not become the butt of Satan’s jokes. This is God’s requirement of all people.

Adapted from “Chapter 20” of Interpretations of the Mysteries

of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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