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Witnesses for Christ of the Last Days 03

Witnesses for Christ of the Last Days

(The Twenty Truths of Bearing Witness to God)

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Part Three

Questions & Answers on the Truth for New Believers

1What is judgment?
2Why does God have to judge and chastise people?
3How should people experience God’s judgment and chastisement in order to be saved?
4What does it mean to truly pray?
5How can one establish a normal relationship with God?
6What is an honest person? Why does God like honest people?
7What is a deceitful person? Why can’t deceitful people be saved?
8What is the difference between an honest person and a deceitful person?
9How should one practice entry into being an honest person?
10What is doing one’s duty?
11What is the difference between doing one’s duty and rendering service?
12What is meant by “leave everything behind and follow God”?
13What is the difference between understanding the truth and understanding doctrine?
14What is engaging in religious ceremony?
15Why are churches able to degenerate into religion?
16What is an antichrist?
17What is a false Christ?
18What is a false leader or false shepherd?
19What is hypocrisy?
20What is an unbeliever?
21What is following God?
22What is following man?
23What is the difference between wheat and tares?
24What is the difference between a good servant and an evil servant?
25What is the work of the Holy Spirit? How is the work of the Holy Spirit manifested?
26How can one obtain the work of the Holy Spirit?
27What is the work of evil spirits? How is the work of evil spirits manifested?
28What are the differences between the work of the Holy Spirit and the work of evil spirits?
29What is possession by demons? How is possession by demons manifested?
30Why doesn’t God save those who are worked on by evil spirits and those who are possessed by demons?
31What are the wise virgins? What are the foolish virgins?
32What reward is granted to the wise virgins? Will the foolish virgins fall into disaster?
33What is the rapture before the disaster? What is an overcomer who is made complete before the disaster?
34Will everyone who doesn’t accept Almighty God really fall into disaster?
35Why will God place those who refuse to accept Almighty God into the disasters?
36How many people of religion will turn back to God in the disasters?
37What is dispositional change?
38How is dispositional change manifested?
39What are the differences between dispositional change and good behavior?
40What are good deeds? What are the manifestations of good deeds?
41What are evil deeds? What are the manifestations of evil deeds?
42What people does God save? What people does He eliminate?
43On what does God base His conclusion of a person’s end?
44What are God’s people? What are the service-doers?
45What are God’s promises to those who have been saved and perfected?
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Witnesses for Christ of the Last Days Witnesses for Christ of the Last Days