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Hymns of God’s Word

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

1-11-1 Kingdom Anthem (I) The Kingdom Descends on the World
1-21-2 Kingdom Anthem (II) God Has Come, God Reigns
1-31-3 Kingdom Anthem (III) People! Rejoice!
2Praises Have Come to Zion
3The Holy Spiritual Body of Almighty God Arises
4God’s Kingdom Appears on Earth
5God Has Appeared in the East of the World With Glory
6The Significance of the Appearance of God
7God Has Brought His Glory to the East
8The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything
9How God Rules Over All Things
10God’s Name Will Be Magnified Among the Gentile Nations
11God Will Restore the Former State of Creation
12All Things Are in God’s Hands
13None Can Do God’s Work in His Stead
14God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth
15God Has Indeed Come Among Men
16God Has Been Incarnated in Order to Defeat Satan and Save the Whole of Mankind
17Who Has Ever Known the God in the Flesh
18You Should Be Someone Who Accepts the Truth
19The Significance of God’s Managing Mankind
20The Final Result That God’s Work Aims to Achieve
21In the Age of Kingdom, All Is Accomplished by the Word of God
22The Symbols of God’s Victory
23Only Those Who Obey the Work of the Holy Spirit Can Follow to the End
24You Shall Abandon the Old Things From the Past
25The Significance of God’s Name
26God’s Essence Truly Exists
27The Identity and Status of God Himself
28All That Christ Expresses Is the Inherent Being of the Spirit
29You Do Not Regard Christ as God
30He Who Is God’s Incarnation Shall Hold the Substance of God
31Practicing the Truth Requires People to Pay an Actual Price
32How Important God’s Love Is to Man
33God’s Genuineness and Loveliness
34The Practical God Saves Men in Obscurity
35No Matter How God Works, It Is for Saving People
36God Treats Man as His Dearest One
37God’s Love Is Not Possessed by Any Created Being
38No One Is Willing to Actively Understand God
39The Sorrow of Corrupt Mankind
40A Heartbreaking Thing
41No Man Has Ever Understood the True Meaning of God’s Words
42Are You Someone in the Stream of the Holy Spirit
43Rise Up, Cooperate With God
44Those Who Treasure God’s Words Will Be Blessed by God
45How to Search for God’s Footprints
46No One Is Aware of God’s Arrival
47Time Lost Will Never Come Again
48God Is Abundantly Merciful and Profoundly Wrathful
49Are You Willing to Become One of Those Who Bear Testimony to God?
50Only When God Becomes Flesh Can Man Be His Intimate
51Do You Truly Know God
52People Don’t Actually Understand God’s Intentions
53Who Would Understand God’s Will
54God Likes a Person Who Pursues the Truth
55Are Man’s Actions and Thoughts in Accordance With God’s Requirements
56Who Is Compatible With God
57What God Wants Is Man’s True Heart
58God Likes People With Determination
59The Most Meaningful Life
60God Has Never Altered His Expectations for Man
61The Countenance of the Kingdom’s King Is Glorious Beyond Compare
62God Is Caring for Every Person in Every Possible Way
63God’s Love and Essence Has Always Been Selfless
64God’s Thoughts and Attitudes Are More Than Worth Man Getting to Know
65What God Requires Is Man’s Undivided Love
66Only Those Who Obey God Incarnate Can Be Perfected
67Man Will Have Been Saved by God When He Has Divested Himself of Satan’s Corruption
68What God Cares About the Most Are the Human Beings He Wants to Save
69Since God Saves Man, He Will Thoroughly Save Him
70We Have Been Saved Because of God’s Choosing
71In the Last Days God Uses Words to Make Man Perfect
72The Effects God’s Judgment Can Achieve
73In the Last Days God Accomplishes All Chiefly Through the Word
74The Words of God Are the Way That Man Must Walk in
75You Should Use God’s Standard to Satisfy God
76Only the Pursuit of Truth Is Practical
77Man Did Not Face the Words From God’s Mouth With His Heart
78God Has Long Prepared Everything for Man
79God Treasures Those Who Can Listen to and Obey Him
80God Wants Those Who Have True Understanding and Knowledge of Him
81Only if Mankind Worships the True God Can They Have a Good Fate
82You Should Approach the Belief in God as the Greatest Thing
83No Power Can Stand in the Way of What God Wishes to Achieve
84The Maturer God’s People Become, the Sooner the Great Red Dragon Will Collapse
85Christ of the Last Days Leads Mankind Into a New Era
86God Determines One’s Outcome According to His Essence
87God Will Restore the Meaning of His Creation of Man
88Have You Forgotten the Millennia of Hate
89God Hopes That Mankind Can Continue to Live
90Job’s Attitude Toward God’s Blessings
91God Will Appear to You After You Stand Witness in the Trials
92Walk in God’s Way in Both Big and Small Matters
93It Is Most Meaningful to Suffer for Practicing the Truth
94We Have Received Too Much by Faith in the Practical God
95This Pain Is Valuable and Meaningful
96How Man Should Walk in God’s Way
97God Hopes to Receive Man’s True Faith and Love
98God’s Will Has Always Been Open to Every Person
99The Authority and Power God Displays When Incarnated in the Flesh
100God Confers All His Wishes Upon Man
101Man Has No True Faith in Christ
102What God Cares About Is the Person’s Heart
103God’s Essence Is Dignity
104Only Those Whose Disposition Has Changed Can Bear Testimony to God
105Only if One Lives Out Reality Does He Have Testimony
106A Transformation in Disposition Mainly Refers to a Transformation in Nature
107Only if You Truly and Thoroughly Understand God’s Work Can You Experience More Deeply
108Only Those Who Have Been Purified Will Enter Into Rest
109Only Those Possessing the Truth Can Live a True Human Life
110God’s Disposition Is Lofty and Grand
111The Purpose of God’s Incarnation
112People Have No Knowledge of God’s Work
113God’s Chastisement and Judgment Is the Light of Man’s Salvation
114God’s Work Is Unfathomable to Man
115How Could Man’s Thoughts Escape the Searching of God’s Eyes
116Peter’s Prayer in His Experiencing Chastisement and Judgment
117God’s Attitude Toward Man’s Actions
118Those Who Do Not Practice God’s Word Will Ultimately Be Eliminated
119How Should You Treat Your Own Words and Actions
120Only an Intimate of God Is Qualified to Serve Him
121Key to Belief in God Is Being Able to Practice the Truth
122Changes in Disposition Are Inseparable From the Holy Spirit’s Work
123No Matter How Great Your Suffering, You Should Pursue to Love God
124Men Should Practice Truth in the Fulfillment of Their Duty
125In Doing His Duty, Man Should Accomplish All That Which Is Possible for Him
126Without Prayer, You Can’t Work
127Let Your Life Be Filled With the Word of God
128What Man Should Maintain During Refinement
129What Is It to Set on the Right Track
130Humans Do Not Know How Lowly They Are
131Those Unrepentant People Who Are Trapped in Sin Are Beyond Salvation
132To Whom Are You Loyal
133What Kinds of Intentions Do People Really Harbor
134What Have You Given God in Return
135God Wishes for Man to Have a True Faith
136God’s Admonitions to Man
137God Is Telling You Now in All Seriousness
138You Should Achieve the Testimony of Job and That of Peter
139Pursue to Have an Unbidden Love for God
140God Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit
141The Sighing of the Almighty
142The Serious Consequence of Corrupt Mankind Resisting God
143God Has Come Back in Triumph
144The Result Achieved by Knowing God
145Forsake Everything for the Truth
146God Is Saving Man in the Human World
147Man’s True Condition After Being Corrupted by Satan
148God Hopes for More People to Gain His Salvation
149Blessed Are Those Who Accept the New Work
150You Can Be Praised by God Only After Escaping From the Influence of Darkness
151The Message God Bequeaths to You
152All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God
153God Saves Men With the Best of Intentions
154Only by Rebelling Against the Flesh Can You Satisfy God
155There Is Meaning in Your Withstanding Such Suffering
156God Has Offered All of His Love to Mankind
157Won’t You Live in Vain if You Don’t Do Anything for God?
158It Is Only People Quiet Before God Who Pay Attention to Life
159The More Incompatible It Is With Man’s Notions, the More God’s Work Can Make Man Perfect
160The Importance of the Word of God
161Only in Real Life Can You Taste God’s Love
162Cherish the Blessings of Today
163The Pursuit Young People Should Have
164Only People in Whom the Holy Spirit Is Working Can Be Perfected
165Much Work of God Achieves Results Through His Words
166Do Not Give Up on Truth
167The Symbols of God’s Disposition
168Belief in God Is Principally the Acceptance of God’s Word as the Reality of Life
169May God Once Again Move Our Spirits
170God’s Open Administrative Decrees Throughout the Universe
171The Mankind in the Beginning Were Living Beings With a Spirit
172The Likeness of a Real Man
173All God’s People Await the Arrival of God’s Day
174Whoever Denies Christ of the Last Days Blasphemes the Holy Spirit
175Are These What Constitute Your Faith?
176The Only Way to Achieve an Understanding of God
177When Disaster Comes
178The Commandments of the New Age
179The Incarnate God Is of Vital Importance to Mankind
180The Substance of Christ Is God
181Fallen Is Babylon the Great
182Song of the Overcomers
183Every Nation Shall Worship the Practical God
184The Only Way to Have God With Man Is by Calling Out to Him
185Almighty God Sits Upon His Glorious Throne
186God Has Returned Victoriously
187Our God Reigns
188The Entirety of His Disposition That God Has Revealed to Man
189God’s Deeds Fill the Vast Expanse of the Universe
190Who Can Be Compatible With God
191God’s Wondrous Deeds of Governing All Things
192Put Aside Your Conceptions When You Seek the Appearance of God
193God’s Exhortations for Us
194Pay Attention to the Work of the Holy Spirit
195God’s Arrangements of the Ends of All Kinds of People
196Learn to Put Your Heart Into Your Performing Duty
197All Creation of God Must Come Under God’s Dominion
198God Become Flesh Is the Loveliest
199Offer Up Our Mind and Body for the Fulfillment of God’s Commission
200Human Beings Have Regained the Sanctity They Once Possessed
201The Life in Rest
202Created Beings Should Obey God’s Authority
204All Will Be Accomplished by God’s Words
205Uphold What Man Should Do
206God Has Taken Mankind Into a New Age
207Only Those Who Can Stand Testimony During the Tribulation Are the Overcomers
208I Only Ask That I Can Love God in My Heart
209Satan Cannot Change the Things Under God’s Authority
210I Am Determined to Love God With My Heart
211The Scene of God Emitting His Wrath
212Those Who Can Accept the Trials of God’s Words Are Blessed People
213God’s Aim in Arranging the People, Events, and Things Around You
214Failure and Falling Down Is the Best Opportunity for You to Get to Know Yourself
215The Greatest Blessing God Bestows Upon Man
216Rejoice, Zealous Farmers in the Good Land of Canaan
217The Standard for Evaluating Whether One Is Good or Evil
218Have You Ever Perceived God’s Hopes for You?
219The Incarnate God Is More Suitable Than the Spirit of God for the Work of Mankind’s Salvation
220The Essentiality of God’s Incarnation
221The Primary Purpose of God’s Work in the Flesh
222Only God Has the Way of Life
223How to Enter Into True Prayer
224The Path That Must Be Traversed in Order to Arrive at Fearing God and Shunning Evil
225Only by Turning Your Heart Toward God Can You Feel His Loveliness
226God Descends With Judgment
227How Could the Decadent Mankind Live in the Light of God
228Peter Knows God Best
229Success or Failure Depends on the Path That Man Walks
230God’s Hope in Man
231The Mankind Living Under God’s Authority
232Only Those Who Revere God Can Be Protected by Him
233God Quietly Arrives Among Us
234Such a Person Has His Disposition Transformed
235The Hallmark of a Change in Disposition
236Only He Who Reveres God Lives With Dignity
237God’s Will Toward Humans Will Never Change
238God Has Been Longing to Gain a Group of People Able to Bear Testimony to Him
239The Purpose of God’s Managing Mankind
240A River of Water of Life
241This Is the Mankind That God Intends to Save
242Practice of Being Quiet Before God
243The Principles by Which Believers in God Conduct Themselves
244The Secret in Your Heart
245God’s Final Aim Is to Save You Regardless of How He Works
246The Significance of God’s Two Incarnations
247God Is the Beginning and the End
248God Is He on Whom the Existence of All Mankind Rests
249Your Lusts Are Too Strong
250Are You Aware of Your Mission
251Only if One Knows God Can He Fear God and Shun Evil
252Only by Undergoing the Pain of Refinement Can Man’s Love Become Pure
253Those Who Love God Are Blessed by God
254Humanity’s Only Path to Enter Into Rest
255He Is Our God
256How to Know the Authority of God
257The Essence of God’s Incarnation
258People Who Are Gained by God Are Those Possessed of Reality
259All Men Live in God’s Light
260The Essence of God Is Both Almighty and Practical
261Christ Is in Essence Almighty, Holy, and Righteous
262Follow the Example of the Lord Jesus
263Pure Love Without Blemish
264Let’s All Pay Attention to the Fate of Mankind
265God’s Words Are the Forever Unchanging Truth
266God’s Kingdom Has Been Established Among Man
267How Hard God’s Work Is
268Man Must Not Detach Himself From Real Life if He Desires Transformation in His Disposition
269Only Those Who Follow the Latest Work of the Holy Spirit Can Receive God’s Praise
270God Has Made All the Sacrifices for You
271Only the Word of God Can Be the Life of Man
272How Could God Not Be Pained by This
273Seven Thunders Come Forth
274Follow God’s Words and You Won’t Be Lost
275You Have Gained a Tremendous Amount Through Faith
276Looking Up at God’s Smiling Face, Man Offers His Most Precious Sacrifice
277Why Has Man Never Engaged God With His Spirit
278Living This Way, You Are Living Most Confidently in Righteousness
279May We All Be Able to Know God’s Loveliness
280God’s Pity for Mankind
285God’s Love for Mankind Is Real
342Only God Loves Mankind the Most
357God Loves People With a Bruised Heart