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Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life

Collection of Sermons—Supply for Life


A. Early Sermons and Fellowship From the Above

B. Sermons and Fellowship on Entering Into the Right Track of Belief in God to Achieve Salvation

1Only Knowing God’s Work Enables One to Follow to the End
2Only Those Who Gain the Truth and Enter Into Reality Are Truly Saved
3The Hardships That Must Be Suffered in Believing in God
4The Four Stages of Life Experience for Being Saved and Perfected
5Four Indicators That Must Be Grasped in Pursuing the Truth to Achieve Dispositional Change
6Only Being an Honest Person Is True Repentance
7A Fundamental Change in Viewpoints Is a Sign of Truly Understanding the Truth
8The Correct Pursuit and Principles of Practice for Believing in God
9How to Pursue the Truth to Become Truly Obedient to God
10Only by Knowing Their Own Corrupt Essence Can a Person Enter Onto the Right Track of Believing in God
11Results That Can Be Achieved Through a Genuine Understanding of the Truth
12A Look at the Essence of Corrupt Mankind from Man’s Conceptions
13How to Discern the Essence of People’s Various Notions About God
14Only Those Equipped With Truth Can Overcome the Temptation and Confusion of Satan
15Only Those Who Can Recognize the Voice of God Are Truly Saved
16If One Is to Enter Reality, One Must Resolve the Problem of Adhering to Rules
17One Will Not Be Truly Saved Unless He Escapes From Satan’s Influence
18See Through the Nature and Essence of Antichrists to Penetrate Satan’s Trickeries and Schemes
19The Twelve Problems that Must Be Resolved to Enter Onto the Right Track of Having Faith in God
20How Someone Treats the Truth Is How They Treat God
21Only When One Has Accepted and Obeyed God’s Judgment and Chastisement Can They Attain Salvation and Perfection
22The One Hundred Truths That Must Be Practiced to Bring God’s Words Into Real Life
23Satan’s Philosophies and Rules and the Great Red Dragon’s Toxins Must Be Resolved in Order to Receive Salvation and Attain the Transformation of Disposition
24Know the Value and Significance of Receiving the Holy Spirit’s Work and the Principles of Practice for Receiving It
25Only Practicing the Exaltation of and Testimony to God Is Truly Serving Him
26Only People Who Really Accept and Obey God’s Judgment and Chastisement Are Truly Pursuing the Truth
27How to Eat and Drink God’s Words and Practice the Truth in Order to Understand the Truth and Enter Reality
28The Principles Needed and the Problems One Must Solve to Achieve Salvation and Perfection
29The Reality of Truth You Must Enter in Order to Handle Matters With Principle
30Several Practical Problems Relating to the Necessity of Escaping the Influence of Satan to Attain Salvation:
31How to View Success or Failure of Man’s Belief in God
32A Person Who Can Truly Love God in the Battle Against Satan Is One Perfected by God
33One Must Know the Practical God Incarnate to Truly Love and Serve God
34Achieving Compatibility With Christ Is the Sole Criterion for Attaining Salvation and Being Perfected
35How to Know God’s Work of Judgment and Chastisement in the Last Days
36Only Those People Who Pursue the Truth and Come to Know God Are Able to Obtain True Life
37Why the Religious World Has Always Resisted God While Serving Him
38You Must Experience and Enter the Reality of Truth of God’s Word in Order to Obtain God’s Perfection
39Those Who Are Unable to Know Christ as the Truth, the Way and the Life Will Never Enter the Kingdom of Heaven
40Only God’s Three Stages of Work Are His Complete Work for Saving Mankind
41How God’s Chosen Ones Should Stand Firm in Their Testimony During the Last Days