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How to Discern the Deception of a False Christ and an Antichrist

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How to Discern the Deception of a False Christ and an Antichrist

How to Discern a False Christ and an Antichrist

What on earth is the false Christ? Anyone who claims to be Christ, who pretends to be Christ, who bears witness that he is Christ, is categorized as a false Christ. The presence of evil spirits at work is more obvious with some false Christs, so people can see that they are often under the instruction of evil spirits or are often communicating with evil spirits as the means to impersonate Christ. There are some false Christs who show no discernible signs of evil spirit’s work. But people can see that they are particularly arrogant, domineering, manipulative, aspiring, supercilious, and ambitious to the point that they are driven to act so absurdly as to impersonate Christ. In various religious groups, people are unscrupulously competing for high positions, for control of all those who believe in God. Why do these people have so much desire and need for status? What is certain is that they are extremely arrogant, they seek status above all else, and they see loss of status as loss of their soul. This is enough to prove that such a person lacks a human spirit and belongs to Satan. If such a person finds a way to enter the house of God, they are likely to become an antichrist. If anyone with evil spirits at work on them infiltrates the house of God, they are likely to impersonate Christ and become a false Christ. Whether they are a false Christ or an antichrist, these people are the irredeemable ones who are destined to be punished because they don’t love the truth, don’t obey God’s work, yet they want to control the chosen people of God to nullify God’s work. Such people are the enemies of God. So it is perfectly appropriate to say that they are destined to be targets for punishment. How does one distinguish between a false Christ and an antichrist? A false Christ is easier to distinguish. As long as they dare to bear witness that they are Christ and dare to impersonate Christ, then they are surely a false Christ. But an antichrist is more cunning. They don’t claim that they are Christ, and they don’t bear witness that they are Christ. But they bear witness for themselves so others will esteem them, and they show off so others will worship them. They trap others into following them and keep them on a short leash. Such a person is an antichrist. If anyone does not bear witness for Christ, always bears witness for themselves, praises themselves, and requires others to obey, worship, follow, and stick close to them, they belong to the category of antichrists. A true servant of Christ will always bring the chosen people of God to Christ. The purpose of the words he or she communicates and the work that they serve is to bring God’s chosen people to God, so that they can know Christ, obey Christ, and worship Christ. Therefore, such a person doesn’t show off, or exalt themselves. They don’t care whether they have standing in the hearts of God’s chosen people, they don’t care about how they are treated by the people they water and lead. They don’t care who is good to them, who agrees with them, who opposes them, or who speaks negatively of them. They are only concerned about who pursues the truth, who can be made perfect, who is burdened with the work of the church, who is good enough to lead, who is worth training, and who should be promoted. These are the only things they care about. They are only concerned about the work of God’s house. The work they do is to maintain the work of God’s house, to provide for God’s chosen people and lead them into God’s words. They don’t care a whit about anything that is irrelevant to the work. Such a person is someone who really serves God, someone who really leads the chosen people of God. Only such a person can be commended by God for their work, and receive the work of the Holy Spirit. If someone is always exalting themselves and bearing witness for themselves, they aren’t concerned about the position of God in people’s hearts, let alone the effects of God’s words on His chosen people. If someone is steadfastly concerned about whether or not God’s chosen people know God, whether or not God’s chosen people can be saved by God, it proves that they are attentive to God’s wishes and truly obedient to God’s work. They are someone who serves God. Only those who are truly attentive to God’s intentions know that God’s greatest concern is whether or not His chosen people can enter His words, whether or not they can obtain the truth in His words, whether or not they can attain a real understanding of Him in experiencing His work. They know that this is God’s greatest concern. If those who serve God can let God’s will be their will, if they are attentive to God’s intentions, if they really can satisfy His heart by bringing His chosen people to Him, they are people who really serve God. This is not the case with an antichrist, who is not mindful of God’s intention. What is an antichrist most concerned about? Antichrists are most concerned about how many people look favorably on their sermons and work, about how many people have a good impression of them, about how many people worship them, about how many people will listen to them and absolutely obey them when they speak. These things are what antichrists are most concerned about. From what they emphasize the most we can see the nature of antichrists. What is the nature of someone who is always concerned about their status in other people’s minds, who is always concerned about who obeys them and who does not listen to them? They are arrogant and self-aggrandizing. They want to control God’s chosen people so that they will treat them as God. Isn’t such a person an antichrist? Yes, indeed. If someone always harbors ulterior motives and purposes for God’s chosen people, and always wants God’s chosen people to treat them as God for their own pleasure and satisfaction, such a person is a typical antichrist. Some people ask, “Corrupt human beings, when doing work, all want others to admire them and praise them, are they all antichrists?” Tell me, is anyone who wants others to praise them, admire them, and envy them an antichrist? Some people say “yes,” other people say “no.” Well, it seems like you don’t know how to distinguish them. Mankind is corrupt and vain. Which one of you is willing to smear dung on your face and then go out and meet others? Nobody. Before going out, you look in the mirror to make sure your face is clean, you want to dress up for others to see. If someone doesn’t pay attention to you, doesn’t even glance at you, you won’t be very pleased, right? But do any of you have the intention to make people treat you as God? No, you don’t. Do you have the ego to try and control God’s chosen people? Do you want to be on an equal footing with Christ? No, you don’t. If you have none of these desires, how can you be considered to be an antichrist? Whether someone is an antichrist or not needs to be distinguished from their nature. If you regard anyone with vanity as an antichrist, then who can be made perfect? Who can qualify for salvation? … Although the antichrists seem to overtly communicate God’s words, communicate the knowledge and experience of the truth, it does not mean that they have the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit does not work on them. But they can steal words from others, words that show experience and understanding, and use these words to gloss over themselves. They can use words that resemble understanding of the truth and usurp these words as their own to confuse people. When people hear these words, they think, “Well, what this person says is right and good. He really has the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit.” People will adore him. In fact, these are all stolen from others. Tell me, does corrupt mankind have these tricks? Corrupt mankind knows how to steal, how to feign, how to disguise. Stealing someone else’s words is just too easy. After listening to someone else’s fellowshiping, they secretly write down the most powerful and best words, and parroted them several times until they memorize them, and then they go to communicate with others. Sometimes they listen in one location and speak in another location. All so fast, they turn it around and make it their own in an instant. People are capable of this. That is common knowledge. Since the antichrists are on the wrong track, they do not have the work of the Holy Spirit. So it is impossible for them to have a real understanding of the truth. But when an antichrist communicates some words that are admirable, everybody thinks, “Wow, isn’t this the work of the Holy Spirit? Otherwise, how can he have such an understanding of God’s words and the truth?” Actually, you are wrong because such words can be stolen. He can mimic the words of others. Nowadays, there are many religious pastors who take the words of God and the fellowship of the house of God. After reading them, they preach them as their own sermon to believers on Sundays. When people hear them, they think, “Oh, this sermon is so well spoken. There is really the truth in it.” Then they all donate enthusiastically. You see, their livelihood is now guaranteed. Are there many preachers like that in the religious world? When you show them the true way, they don’t accept it. But they stealthily exploit the spiritual books they took from the house of God and use them for preaching. For what purpose? They use them to make money, confuse people and exalt themselves. They take what was originally God’s words and claim they are their own experience and knowledge. This is the despicable way of the antichrists to confuse others. There are many people like that. We read about the deeds of the Pharisees in the Bible. We also see that the Pharisees were most detested by God. If the Pharisees entered the house of God, they would definitely be antichrists. When you find the speech of someone very pleasing, the words they speak consistent with the truth and more informative than those of the ordinary people, then you assume that this person has the work of the Holy Spirit, that they are certainly being used by God. Tell me, is this way of reasoning right? It is not. You cannot go by someone’s words alone. You need to observe their behaviors and actual lifestyle. In addition, you need to see how practical are the things they say. Do they say things of diverse practicality or just those few things? If what they say was copied from others, it would be very limited, and they can only say that much, nothing more. If they were enlightened by the Holy Spirit and taught by experience, they would be eloquent and resourceful speakers. If they only have limited things to say, they will run out of topics in just a few sessions. This is a clear sign that they just copy from others. This is how you tell them apart. A person who really has experience and knowledge will not run out of topics in a few sessions. The more they communicate, the more they can draw upon. A person who has practicality and the Holy Spirit’s work can communicate prolifically with practical diversity and originality at any time, which is a far cry from the limited repertoires of someone who copies from others. They have nothing to offer when you ask for details or explanations. This proves that their messages come from someone else, not themselves. They are just copycats. That’s why I say, you need to know how to tell the difference. There are some brothers and sisters who pursue the truth. After they are edified from listening to the communication of the truth, they can talk a little bit about their understanding, but they cannot keep it up for long. However, they are people who pursue the truth. Their situation does not involve stealing, which is not the same as the practices of the antichrists. The antichrists aim to confuse people. They want people to treat them as God. They want to control God’s chosen people. That is their intention. For some people on all levels of leadership who pursue the truth, in order to bring God’s chosen people into the words of God, they communicate to the brothers and sisters some of the insight they have attained from my communication. This is not stealing because their intentions are different. You should tell them apart. Let’s say after gaining some experience and understanding from my communication, you try to repeat a few words when you communicate with others. This is not the same as what the antichrists practice. You cannot mix them up and equate them with each other. Do you understand? The antichrists learn to speak the words of others as a means to confuse people. They don’t pursue the truth. Nor do they have any intention to bring God’s chosen people to God. If someone were an antichrist, this is how they would think, “If I bring God’s chosen people to God and let them worship God instead of man, what will happen with me? Who will worship me? I won’t have any status in their minds.” You see, they always want to keep their status. They are afraid that God may have status with His chosen people. They are afraid of losing their status. So they cannot lead God’s chosen people to know God under any circumstances. They always want God’s chosen people to worship them, obey them and exalt them, so that they can feel satisfied. A person with this objective, intention and desire is an antichrist. Some people do not disclose that they are an antichrist, and you cannot identify them either. You just feel that they work and speak quite correctly and well. You are uncertain. After a long while, nothing has been accomplished with what they communicate, no positive effects have been attained on most of the people they lead and water. This proves that they are antichrists. What kinds of outcomes are brought about by the work of the antichrists? First, people will increasingly adore and obey them. Their position in people’s minds will become increasingly higher, even higher than that of Christ. In addition, people will become more and more arrogant when they listen to the words of doctrine they use in their work. For the antichrists have no truth. They are particularly arrogant and believe that they are talented, have a sharp intellect, and are smarter than others, so they understand more about theoretical reasoning and use this to confuse people. What they reveal is an arrogant disposition. They like to show off, to bear witness for themselves in a roundabout and disguised manner, and to praise themselves. This is how people are affected by their corrupt disposition and become increasingly arrogant and self-important. They will increasingly exalt themselves, bear witness for themselves and show off. It is so true that people imitate whoever they follow. Therefore, it often takes a whole stage of their work to discover an antichrist. Most ordinary people cannot directly discern them because the antichrists never testify that they themselves are Christ. They never claim that they are Christ. They overtly talk about God, communicate the words of God and communicate the truth. But they do not bear witness for Christ regardless of how they communicate the truth and God’s word.

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