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How to Gain True Discernment and Entry Amidst Disorder in the Church

Classic Selections From Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life

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How to Gain True Discernment and Entry Amidst Disorder in the Church

The Different Ends of Those Who Pursue Knowledge and Those Who Pursue Truth

Some ask whether, if someone has knowledge and then receives the work of the Holy Spirit, he will gain entry into the truth faster. People who have knowledge are not necessarily of high caliber. Are there not preposterous people among those with knowledge? Why is it that many people with knowledge lack spiritual understanding in matters of the truth, or cannot accept the truth? Why are there so few who believe in God and pursue the truth among the intellectuals? What problem does this indicate? Knowledge is the enemy of truth. People in the last days are always running about and busy. What busies them? The pursuit of knowledge. The closer we come to the end times, the more the world is in disorder and darkness. Is the increasing darkness related to the pursuit of knowledge? What is the consequence of having too much knowledge? The more knowledge a person has, the more his humanity becomes abnormal, corrupt, and insidious, and the more he is filled with satanic toxins. This is because knowledge informs his methods and allows him to see outward things clearly. He knows what methods to use to win, so he has many underhanded methods. Without knowledge, he would lack vision, but knowledge gives him vision. His reading of materials and books allows him to synthesize and summarize, and finally use schemes and tricks to defeat his opponents. Isn’t it the case that intellectuals hold all the power in the world? Chinese has a famous saying which is also satanic philosophy: “Those who labor with the mind rule, and those who labor with strength are ruled.” Doesn’t this phrase describe this problem? Throughout all of human history, those who labor with the mind have always ruled, and those who labor with strength have always been ruled. The world has always been ruled by intellectuals, and not one of them has had the truth. Even though some intellectuals have a little humanity, what end have the intellectuals brought the world to by their rule? Humanity is more and more evil and corrupt, and the world has become darker and darker. Isn’t this a fact? Does the rule of intellectuals over the world and mankind mean salvation or corruption for mankind? What is the end result of intellectuals ruling the world? The rule of intellectuals over mankind has failed, the failure is already inevitable. It has not succeeded. Knowledge cannot save mankind, and even less is capable of ruling mankind, but the truth can save mankind and change mankind. What mankind lacks is the truth, not knowledge. The more mankind pursues knowledge, the darker the world becomes and the more evil mankind becomes. The more knowledge mankind has, the more vicious conflicts become and the more brutal the slaughter becomes. Finally the atom bomb and nuclear weapons have been used. Knowledge cannot save mankind. Once people have the truth, we will never again use the atom bomb. They will be dismantled, because they pose too great a risk to mankind. Nuclear weapons, guns, and weapons will be scrapped, armies will be disbanded, and the slaughter will stop. The truth can resolve problems, so what should two factions in the church use to resolve their dispute? The truth. Nothing but the truth can resolve it. Using knowledge to resolve the disputes will lead to fiercer fighting. What precisely is knowledge? Something that harms people and brings them no benefit (of course this is not true of all knowledge). The more knowledge mankind gains, the more serious strife and conflict becomes, until in the end it escalates to nuclear war, and that’s a fact. What slogan do those with knowledge champion? “Use knowledge to save nations, use science to govern nations.” Isn’t this walking the path to self-destruction? Why don’t intellectuals propose using the truth to save nations when they rule? Because they don’t love or worship the truth. Intellectuals worship science above all. So, do you think learning knowledge serves any useful purpose? What exactly is knowledge? It harms humanity and brings almost no benefit. The disadvantages outweigh the advantages. But some knowledge is useful, which is not polluted by Satan’s toxin and is not harmful to man, such as the knowledge of how to live produced by normal humanity. Knowledge that is beneficial to the life of normal humanity and environment is useful, which has not been processed by Satan. Knowledge like language is useful to us. Knowledge of language allows you to speak in a more clear, orderly manner. It can help us write and exchange ideas and thoughts, and we can use it to speak and interact. This is useful knowledge, knowledge prepared by God. But, some knowledge is altered by Satan’s processing. Fallacies involving views on life, values, and satanic philosophies are knowledge that is most reactionary and opposed to the truth, and such knowledge absolutely must not be learned. For example, materialism and idealism are all absurd theories. … Knowledge is a gift. In and of itself, it is a tool with no great inherent significance. It is not the truth, nor does it represent a true human life or the true way. Devoting one’s life to it is meaningless. Who are the people who worship knowledge and science? The arrogant and ignorant people, the false leaders and antichrists. They worship knowledge. When they hear sermons and fellowship, they don’t listen first for the truth, they listen first for knowledge. If they hear knowledge, they continue to listen, but if they find no knowledge, no matter how much truth it contains, they stop listening. What does this imply? The voice of Satan. They listen for whether something is expressed with the words of knowledge, but how much value do the words of knowledge have in fellowshiping the truth? Of what use are they? What good are the words of knowledge in the eyes of God? They are useless, and not worth studying. The language of everyday life and the heart is the highest language. The niceties of language are false words, merely packaging and meaningless, pretended elegance. I despise the use of knowledge to package language. When you meet with a group of people, and they like you, how do you express yourself? Do you first speak the words of knowledge, or words of the heart? If you speak the words of knowledge, how do you speak? If you speak as if addressing an audience, that is false and meaningless. If you speak from the heart, when seeing your brothers and sisters welcoming you, you will say, “Brothers and sisters, hello,” and this is sincere! People will think, “This person has good humanity, he speaks from the heart. He speaks practically, without formulas, and is easy to approach.” It’s so much better to be honest! Speak the highest form of the language, the language of experience and the heart. This fulfills the words of Jesus, “Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Mat 18:3). The more knowledge one has, the more satanic he becomes. The more truth one has, the more pure, sincere, open, and wise one becomes. Those illuminated by truth are transparent and open, but those with knowledge hide things. They make others feel that they are shrewd, unpredictable, and they have become ambitious schemers. All that they speak is false and no one can make them say what’s in their heart and no one can see through them, which makes them kings of devils. Do you want to be a king of devils? If you do, pursue knowledge. The more profound knowledge you have, the more pretending, unpredictable and false you will become; the more knowledge you have, the more you are impenetrable to outsiders, no one will be able to get close to you, and everyone will be on guard against you. You will become old Satan, never attain salvation, and there will be no helping you. The more clearly you understand the truth, the more practical you become. Such people live practically, in reality, and sincerely. With clear understanding of truth, you become honest and wise. Such people are the best and most lovable, others desire to be near them, and everyone likes them. The final result of pursuing knowledge is to become a king of devils and be cursed, but if you pursue truth, you will become an honest person, someone with wisdom, who is fit for use by God, the kind of person God loves most, and you will gain eternal life. These are the different ends of those who pursue knowledge and those who pursue truth.

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