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495 Everyone Cleaves to God Deep in Their Spirits

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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495 Everyone Cleaves to God Deep in Their Spirits

1 People have been continually corrupted by Satan for a number of years, and they lost perception of spiritual matters long ago. For this reason just one sentence of God’s words is like a feast for people’s eyes. Because of the distance between the Spirit and spirits, all those who believe in God have a sense of longing for Him, and are all willing to become closer and to pour out their hearts, yet they don’t dare to come into contact with Him, and they just remain in awe. This is the power of attraction of the Spirit. Because God is a God for people to love, and in Him there are infinite elements for them to love, people all love Him and they all want to confide in Him. In truth, everyone has a heart of love for God, it is just Satan’s disruption that has made numb, dull-witted, pitiful people unable to know God.

2 This is why God spoke out mankind’s true feelings toward God: Man has never despised Me in his heart’s innermost reaches; rather, he cleaves to Me in the depths of his spirit. … My reality renders man at a loss, dumbfounded and perplexed, and yet he is willing to accept it all. This is the actual condition deep in the hearts of those who believe in God. When people truly know God they will naturally have a different attitude toward Him, and they will be able to utter praises from deep in their hearts because of the role of the spirit. God is deep in the spirits of all people, but because of the corruption of Satan they have confused God with Satan. God today works from this very aspect, and this has been the focus of the battle of the spiritual world from start to finish.

Adapted from “Chapter 15” of Interpretations of the Mysteries

of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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