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Chapter 45. Confused People Cannot Be Saved

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Chapter 45. Confused People Cannot Be Saved

It has been said “He that follows to the end shall be saved,” but is this easy to put into practice? It is not, and some people are unable to follow to the end. Perhaps when they encounter a time of trial, or pain, or a temptation, then they may fall, and not be able to move forward anymore. The things that happen each day, whether big or small, can shake your resolution, occupy your heart, restrict your ability to do your duty, or control your forward progression—these things all need to be treated seriously, should be carefully examined to seek out the truth, and are all things that happen within the realm of experience. Some people quit when negativity befalls them, and are unable to get up after each setback. These people are fools and mediocre people, who spend a lifetime without obtaining truth, so how could they follow to the end? If the same thing happens ten times to you but you gain nothing from it, then you are a mediocre and a useless person. Astute people and those who truly have the inner quality to understand spiritual matters are seekers of the truth, and eight times out of ten they are perhaps able to gain some inspiration, lesson, enlightenment and progress. When the same thing happens to a mediocre person ten times, not once will they gain any life benefit, not once will they make any change and not once will they understand their nature before it is over. They fall each time it happens, each time they need another person to drag or pull them along, and others have to humor them. If no one humors, pulls, hits or drags them then it is game over and they don’t get up. Each time it happens, there is the danger of falling, and each time there is the danger of them degenerating. Isn’t this the end for them? Are there still any grounds for them to be saved? To save someone is to save the part of them that is their will and their resolution, and the part of them within their heart that is their yearning for truth and righteousness. To say someone has resolution means that they yearn for righteousness, goodness and truth, and that they have conscience. God saves this part of you, and through this He changes the aspect of your corrupt disposition. If you don’t have these things, then you cannot be saved. If you don’t yearn for righteousness or rejoice in truth, don’t have the will to cast off evil things or the resolution to suffer hardship, and if your conscience is numb, your faculty for receiving truth is also numb, you aren’t sensitive to truth or the things that happen, aren’t able to distinguish anything, and you have no independent ability to handle or resolve things, then there is no way to be saved. This kind of person has nothing to recommend them, has nothing worth working with. Their conscience is numb, their mind is muddied, they don’t rejoice in truth or yearn for righteousness deep within their heart, and they don’t respond no matter how clearly or transparently God speaks about the truth, as if they are already dead. Isn’t it over for them? Anyone with a breath can be saved by artificial respiration, and their breath can be revived. But if they have already died and their soul has left, then artificial respiration will do nothing. Once something befalls you, you shrink, and you bear no witness, so you can never be saved and you are completely done for. When you encounter things, you need to make a choice, you need to approach them correctly, you need to calm down and you need to use the truth to resolve the problem. What is the use of your ordinarily understanding some truths? They are not there just to fill your belly and they are not there to merely be spoken and nothing more, nor are they to resolve the problems of others; instead they are to resolve your own difficulties, and only after you resolve your own problems can you resolve others’ problems. Why is it said that Peter is a fruit? Because he has something of worth, or something worth perfecting, he has a resolution to seek truth and has a firm will; he has reason, is willing to suffer hardship, and he rejoices in truth in his heart, and when he encounters something he will not let it go. These are all strong points. If you don’t have any of these strong points, then it forebodes trouble and is a bad thing. You don’t know how to experience anything, you have no experience, and won’t be able to resolve the difficulties of those below you. This is because you do not know how to enter, you are confused when things befall you, you feel distressed, you weep, you become negative, you run away, and are unable to correctly approach them in any way. Providing truth to people is providing a principle to them in fellowship, and if you have that tacit sensitivity, then you will experience a meeting of minds. But if you’re numb and don’t accept truth, then pointing things out will be of no use and you will not understand by using examples. By always being taught hand over hand, once you are let go of the hand, you are finished. Whether big or small matters befall, you are always negative, weak, and you bear no witness. What you should do or cooperate with, you fail to do, proving that you don’t have God or truth in your heart. Apart from how the work of the Holy Spirit moves people, people can still achieve the lowest standards by relying on the many years of their experience, the many truths they’ve heard, a bit of conscience, and relying on their will to exercise restraint; yet it’s still better than how numb and weak you are now. This is inconceivable. Maybe you have come carelessly these two years, otherwise how could you be as numb and sluggish as you are now? In actuality you have negated yourself, saying “I’m not okay, I’m corrupt, that’s just how it is, and I’ll just be corrupt!” You have shut the door on yourself, and have not exerted yourself, even saying “This is my difficulty. You may as well just send me home!” Are you not speaking nonsense? You are simply avoiding and shirking responsibility. If you have a tiny bit of conscience and reason you should properly complete your mission; being a deserter is a terrible thing and it is betraying God. Pursuing truth requires a firm will, and people that are too negative or weak will accomplish nothing. They won’t be able to believe in God until the end, and obtaining truth and achieving a change of disposition will be even more hopeless. Only those who seek truth with resolution will obtain truth and be perfected by God.

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