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14. Only Those Equipped With Truth Can Overcome the Temptation and Confusion of Satan

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14. Only Those Equipped With Truth Can Overcome the Temptation and Confusion of Satan

The work of God in mainland China has entered the final phase. Perfection through various disasters and trials of God’s chosen people has officially begun. Only the people who can attain truth and bear witness in various disasters and trials can become people of the kingdom. The chosen people of God in the Age of Kingdom are none other than the ones who are perfected and produced from the disasters and trials of the last days. These disasters and trials of the final phase are the key to deciding whether a person will be perfected or eliminated. Whether a person’s belief in God is successful hinges on what course he takes during this stage. Does he ultimately pursue truth, and stand witness? This is so crucial. If a person pursues truth, can obey the work of the Holy Spirit, is serious about eating and drinking God’s word, pays attention to listening to the fellowship from the above, submits to all arrangements of God, does not deviate from God’s word, and does not depart from the stream of the work of the Holy Spirit, that person will embark upon the correct path to belief in God, and truly embark upon the path to being saved and to being perfected. If a person doesn’t love truth, always suspects the work of God, suspects the leadership of the man used by the Holy Spirit, then it is easy for him to lose the work of the Holy Spirit and be captured by the antichrist and confusion-mongers, becoming a person who betrays God. This is precisely what “a single slip causing lasting sorrow” means. It’s too late to repent. It is just so crucial whether or not a person authentically pursues truth, listens to God’s word, follows God, and submits to the work of God!

Various calamities all descend during the last phase of God’s work. God’s chosen people all must personally undergo the hardship of various disasters and trials. The process of a person undergoing various calamities and trials is one and the same as the process of the fight with Satan. It is also the process of the fight of God’s chosen people with the great red dragon, the process of the fight with various antichrists, and the process of the fight with Satan’s various forces. In various calamities and trials, the only way to stand witness is to possess authentic faith in God and authentic knowledge of God. Whether or not a person has authentic faith and knowledge of God determines everything. A person who does not have truth will certainly be unable to stand, and will fall. Have not all of those people confused by the antichrist already collapsed? Have not those people who betrayed God because of fear of the great red dragon, have they, too, not collapsed? Have not the people who do not love truth in the least and follow world trends not also collapsed? People must have firsthand experience and personally encounter various calamities and trials, and only if they can stand firm in them do they bear witness. Peter went through several hundred trials on his path to being perfected. If one desires to attain truth and achieve salvation and to be perfected, it is necessary to accept many hardships, it is necessary to undergo all manner of trials. Here are some of the main calamities and trials that God’s chosen people must undergo: People must personally experience confusion by the antichrist; people must personally experience pursuit, capture, and persecution by the great red dragon, as well as trouble and compulsion from various evil forces; people must personally experience the work of various evil spirits; people must personally experience all kinds of pestilence and disease; people must personally experience various calamities and dangers, pains of existence; they must personally experience many other calamities and trials, etc. Before experiencing various major calamities and trials, aside from the harassment and persecution of the great red dragon, what is experienced first is confusion by the antichrist and the work of various evil spirits. This is the most dangerous juncture in the experience of calamities and trials. The people who fall at this juncture are none other than the category of people whom the antichrist and various evil spirits have confused and who have departed from the stream of the work of the Holy Spirit. It has been made completely clear that this is a class of people who do not possess truth in the slightest degree. This is the first group that is eliminated. There are also some people who betray God because they fear capture and persecution by the great red dragon. Because these people also don’t have the slightest bit of truth, they have been revealed for elimination. Later there will be some more people revealed for elimination in various calamities and trials. Their ending will be the same as that of unbelievers; they will wait for God to subdue them with disasters and destruction.

The key to the success or failure of a person’s faith in God is determined by whether they authentically pursue truth in their experience of trials. If, in their trials, a person does not seek the truth, and is always harboring notions and suspicions toward God, and does not have authentic faith, the only thing left is to be taken prisoner by the antichrist, to fall dead in calamity. Those who can rely on their faith and their authentic knowledge of God are able to stand firm in the midst of trials. Their hearts are comforted. Because God is with them they see God’s blessing. God’s way of working is to utilize calamity and trials to perfect people and to reveal them, to test their work. Were no trials to come, success or failure would be out of the question, and it would be impossible to reveal people. The overcomers are the ones who emerge from calamity and trials. Experience of calamity and trials is God’s best way to perfect people and to reveal people. The ability to vanquish temptation and confusion by Satan is evidence of real understanding of truth, of authentic faith and knowledge of God. Then with that ability, undergoing various calamities and trials later will not be such a hindrance. If a person is clear about truth, they will be able to get through any calamity or trial. If a person has not attained truth, they will become the prisoner of Satan, and Satan will take them back to its home. The only way to completely defeat Satan is to attain truth. Whether or not a person has truth determines their ability or lack of ability to triumph over Satan’s temptation and confusion. A person’s ability to get through this juncture is so crucial to a person’s achievement of salvation and being perfected!

Now is the darkest hour, with Satan in its death throes, and the great red dragon madly counter-attacking. Various antichrists are turning out in full strength, launching wild counterattacks. It is said that there are antichrists in every province and place, confusing people. In most cases the people who are the subjects of the confusion are people whose faith is new and who don’t understand truth. There are more people subject to confusion in the border regions and desolate areas, as many people in such places have not been believers for long, and don’t have a foundation. As for all of those people who pursue truth and focus on eating and drinking God’s word, listening to the sermons and fellowship and who understand some truths and have basically entered the right path for belief in God, these people are not easily confused by Satan. The antichrist can only confuse those people who do not pursue truth and focus on signs and wonders, who let imagination run riot, eager for quick success and instant benefit, who want blessing immediately. The antichrist can confuse only those who expect blessing and close their ears to truth, who are fed up with truth, who are unwilling to endure hardship or pay a price to attain truth. These people enjoy most such nonsense and absurd theories as “faith brings immediate good fortune, perfection at first sight” that the antichrists spread. As birds of a feather, they flock together; by “destiny” they meet.

In order to ensure that all new believers and people who are not clear about truths concerning the visionary aspects of God’s work do not get confused, I hereby conduct the following simple analysis of the main categories of fallacies that antichrists use to confuse people:

Antichrist Fallacy Number One: “Now, God’s six-thousand-year management plan is finished, and the present age is the Millennial Kingdom. The work of the Age of Kingdom is already past. The current work is outside of the six thousand years. Entry into the Millennial Kingdom is group by group. Whoever is first perfected enters the Millennial Kingdom first.”

A short, explanatory note: All who have earnestly read the words of God know that God’s management plan comprises three stages of work and that the third stage of work in the last days is the work in the Age of Kingdom and that it is not yet complete. Though the work of God’s hidden arrival in mainland China is nearing its completion, it is not fully finished, because the great red dragon is still not destroyed. More fundamental is that God has not yet become publicly manifest to do the work that expands to the entire universe. This is the fact of the matter. Yet antichrists blather with open eyes “Now is the Millennial Kingdom,” and “Now is work that is outside of the six thousand years.” Isn’t this telling a bare-faced lie? God’s work of the last days is still not finished, Satan and various evil spirits are still confounding, disturbing, and corrupting the human race, and a world without justice remains. How could this be the Millennial Kingdom? Furthermore, the antichrists say “Entry into the Millennial Kingdom is group by group,” which is even farther from reality. The Millennial Kingdom refers to an age, to a realm. When the Millennial Kingdom becomes a reality, the world will no longer exist. How can entry into it be group by group? It is evident that the various fallacies concocted by various antichrists are absolutely ridiculous, give off an unbearable stench, and are not even worth refuting.

Antichrist Fallacy Number Two: “The words of God were not really uttered by Almighty God; rather, they were translated by the man used by the Holy Spirit.”

A short, explanatory note: All people who have experience and knowledge of the word of God have seen a fact that all words spoken by Almighty God are the mystery of truth, the words of life, and that if corrupt humanity is not enlightened and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, no person is truly qualified to understand. Even if the man used by the Holy Spirit received enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit, what was realized and understood would also be limited, and it would be out of the question that he could translate the word of God. The Word Appears in the Flesh was produced, examined, checked and approved, and finalized for production entirely by Christ Himself. No person dared to abridge or distort it. This is the truth. God’s family is ruled by Christ and by the Holy Spirit. If a person were to dare to tamper with the word of God, he would certainly meet with God’s curses and punishment. The Holy Spirit would definitely not forgive him. No member of corrupt humanity can interfere with the work of God’s word, because during the period of time in which God expressed words to work, God’s utterances were like a two-edged sword. At the time, the atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit worked was extremely solemn, with wrath in it. God’s righteous disposition of majesty and wrath was fully manifest, which made people tremble with fear. The man used by the Holy Spirit is a person who reveres God, who submits to God. Such a person is entirely devoted to protecting God’s work, and coordinates with Christ in completing the work of publishing the word of God. He absolutely would not do such evil crimes as abbreviating or distorting the word of God. Only antichrists would often brazenly falsify, suspect, distort, or go so far as to deny the word of God, taking an oppositional stance toward God. This is the reality that is obvious to all. Various false Christs and antichrists dare to start rumors saying, “The word of God was not spoken by Almighty God, rather it was translated by the man used by the Holy Spirit.” This is openly opposing God, with the goal of making people suspect the word of God, and depart from the word of God. This is precisely where Satan’s trickery lies, as it disturbs and dismantles God’s work. How venomous and contemptible the motive is! The true face of the devil Satan is completely revealed.

Antichrist Fallacy Number Three: “The man used by the Holy Spirit is, after all, a corrupted human. So there is deviation in his work, and even more human will mixed in it.”

A short, explanatory note: Though the man used by the Holy Spirit had been corrupted by Satan, yet he is a person who has been fully saved and perfected by God. He, like Peter, is a person who has undergone God’s judgment and chastisement, pruning and dealing, and trials of every nature. For this reason he is qualified to lead the chosen people of God to experience God’s work and achieve full salvation by God. From all of the work that he did, outcomes in God’s chosen people are evident: People have already begun to pursue the truth, focus on entering into reality, and have some discernment of Satan. There are enough facts to prove that only if corrupt humanity is fully saved by God and perfected by God, can they lead in a practical way the chosen people to experience God’s work to achieve full salvation. God’s way of working here is so wise and so practical. God’s work is judging, chastising, pruning, and dealing with people through word. All that the person does is cooperate with God’s work, and utilize true experience and the reality of life to lead God’s chosen people to enter into truth. It is true that the man used by the Holy Spirit was at one time corrupted by Satan; this is said in God’s word. Antichrists do not dare to acknowledge the most important fact that the man used by the Holy Spirit has been fully saved and perfected, however. This also has been clearly explained in God’s word. Why then do the false Christs and antichrists avoid the question? If the man used by the Holy Spirit was not once corrupted by Satan and then has been fully saved by God, how, then, would he be qualified to lead God’s chosen people to experience God’s work and the work of complete salvation by God? It is precisely because he was corrupted by Satan and then achieved God’s full salvation that he is able to be used by the Holy Spirit to lead God’s chosen people in experiencing God’s work, entering onto the correct path of belief in God, and achieving full salvation by God. This is something that has long been fully understood by all people who understand God’s work. God’s word says: “He who is used by God, on the other hand, is someone who has been prepared by God, and who possesses a certain caliber, and has humanity. He has been prepared and made perfect in advance by the Holy Spirit, and is completely led by the Holy Spirit, and, particularly when it comes to his work, he is directed and commanded by the Holy Spirit” (“Concerning God’s Use of Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). In attacking the man used by the Holy Spirit in this way, these antichrists believe they appear brilliant. In fact their stupidity only becomes more evident. Anyone who submits to the work of God knows from their own experience that the work done by the man used by the Holy Spirit is to lead God’s chosen people to enter onto the correct path of belief in God, making smooth the way to their being perfected through calamities and trials. This fact is obvious to all. If God’s chosen people followed an antichrist, or followed someone who is not being used by the Holy Spirit, would they really be able to get onto the correct path for belief in God? Because everyone knows the consequence, is there any need to explain it? It is clear that the purpose of false Christs and antichrists in disseminating such fallacies is to confuse God’s chosen people, and to get people to follow them on their path to perdition and destruction.

Antichrist Fallacy Number Four: “God is ever new, and God’s work is always moving forward. God’s disposition is always being expressed, so God’s work cannot be confined to three stages of work. God is still in the process of management in the Millennial Kingdom.”

A short, explanatory note: The aim of God’s management plan is to save corrupt humanity from Satan’s influence. The work of saving humanity consists of only three stages. God’s three stages of work have already completed the work of saving humanity, therefore, after God’s third stage of work is thoroughly finished, there is no longer any work of saving humanity to do. God’s word says: “In the beginning, before mankind was corrupted by Satan, mankind led a normal life on earth. Later, when he was corrupted by Satan, man lost this normal life, and so there began the work of God’s management, and the battle with Satan to recover the normal life of man” (“Restoring the Normal Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “In other words, God’s management of man began as a result of the work of saving mankind, and did not arise from the work of creating the world. There could be no work of managing mankind without the corrupt disposition of mankind, and so the work of managing mankind includes three parts, rather than four stages, or four ages. Only this is the correct way to refer to God’s management of mankind” (“Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “The stage of the last days, in which man is to be conquered, is the last stage in the battle with Satan, and also the work of man’s complete salvation from the domain of Satan. … And because man has been freed from the dark influence of Satan, man will become the spoils of all of this battle, and Satan will become the object that will be punished once this battle has finished, after which the entire work of mankind’s salvation will have been completed” (“Restoring the Normal Life of Man and Taking Him to a Wonderful Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Because the human race thereafter does not have Satan to corrupt it, starting from the Millennial Kingdom, God only will use word to continuously lead forward the entire human race. God did not say that there would still be management after the Millennial Kingdom. Only God knows how He will next lead the human race. How can people know something that God has not talked about? If a person is rational he will not study and judge what work God will do later. Rather a person should only focus on how to pursue the truth now, in order to be fully saved. Various antichrists truly are possessed by evil spirits. They always want to know what God is going to do next, and are forever studying and confining the work of God. This is the true nature of Satan, absolutely unrepentant. Is it not crazy for corrupt human race that has not yet achieved full salvation now to constantly want to study and participate in God’s work of the Millennial Kingdom? People now, due to shallow experience of God’s work of the last days, don’t have deep understanding of it. Not sure about whether they will get through various calamities and trials safely, they are certainly not qualified to discuss and draw conclusions about the matter of God’s next work. Clearly, various antichrists are demon-possessed cases of dementia. Regardless whether they live or die, they want to learn how they can get involved in and disturb God’s work. This is the true image of Satan’s wickedness.

Antichrist Fallacy Number Five: “The work of conquering and the work of perfecting are two stages of work. The work of China and the work of expanding to the cosmos are two stages of work. The work that God is doing now is the work of perfecting.”

A short, explanatory note: As revealed by the word of God, God’s complete management plan includes three stages, namely, the work of the Age of Law, the Age of Grace, and the Age of Kingdom. This could not be any clearer. The work of the Age of Kingdom is the work of the last days. It is the third stage of God’s work, the work that ends ages, in which God incarnate personally performs the work of salvation through judgment and chastisement, which is the work of conquering and perfecting. The work of conquering and perfecting is one integrated stage of work that cannot be cut into parts. Conquering is for the purpose of perfecting, and conquering contains perfecting within it. These are definitely not two stages of work. The word of God says: “In God’s plan of several thousand years, the work done in the flesh is in two parts: First is the work of the crucifixion, for which He is glorified; the other is the work of conquest and perfection in the last days, through which He will gain glory. This is the management of God” (“Is the Work of God So Simple As Man Imagines?” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “You should understand that in the course of being made perfect you will be conquered, and in the course of being conquered you will be made perfect” (“The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). The third stage of work of the Age of Kingdom is divided into only two periods or steps, which are the period in which God descends to the mainland to work in secret, and the period in which God becomes publicly manifest and works throughout the cosmos, all completed personally by God incarnate. This is work that no corrupt human race could do. Various antichrists always make an issue of the steps of God’s work, to confuse people. Their despicable goal is to pass themselves off as Christ to confuse and disturb people, controlling God’s chosen people in their own hands, trying to ban the work of Almighty God. The wild ambition of Satan is blatantly clear. The corrupt human race all belongs to Satan. They have not the slightest bit of truth. They cannot conquer people, much less can they perfect people. Various antichrists and false Christs hope to pass themselves off as Christ and do the work of perfecting. This is most extremely shameless. The experience of all of God’s chosen people has verified: If a person is not fully saved and is not a person who has been perfected by God, then they have no way to cooperate with God’s work and do their human duty. If a member of the corrupt human race does not have the Holy Spirit working, he can only be Satan’s accomplice, disturbing and dismantling God’s work. God’s chosen people know clearly that if a person has not truly been saved and been perfected, he or she is fundamentally unable to do the work of leading God’s chosen people to enter the correct path of belief in God. Though a person may be fully saved and perfected, they are still a human in essence, and contain nothing of the essence of God. How could such a person be able to do the work of gaining people and perfecting them? Various false Christs and antichrists always want to pass themselves off as Christ and do the work of saving the human race. They do not have the least bit of reality of the truth, nonetheless, they always hope to play the role of Christ and save the human race. Truly they are Satan’s running dogs, and their demon’s countenance is revealed. Just like a three-year-old child who plays at being a father or a mother. How ignorant and foolish they are!

Antichrist Fallacy Number Six: “Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and was God incarnate. Almighty God was not conceived by the Holy Spirit….”

A short, explanatory note: God’s two incarnations have fulfilled the significance of the incarnation. Precisely because of immaculate conception by Holy Spirit in the first incarnation was the work of redemption able to be done. There was therefore no need for conception by the Holy Spirit in the second incarnation, because the work of the second incarnation is done on the foundation of the work of the first incarnation. God’s word says: “This stage of work follows on from the stage of Jesus’ work. Jesus did the work of redemption, and this stage is the work that follows on; the redemption has been completed, and in this stage there is no need for conception by the Holy Spirit, because this stage of work is unlike the last stage, and, moreover, because China is unlike Israel” (“The Vision of God’s Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “However, God’s redemption work today is already of unprecedented magnificence, and Satan has no reason to make demands, so God’s incarnation does not require conception by the Holy Spirit, for God is inherently holy and innocent. So God incarnate this time is no longer the Jesus of the Age of Grace. But He is still for the sake of God the Father’s will and for the sake of fulfilling God the Father’s wishes. How can this be considered an unreasonable saying? Must God’s incarnation follow a set of rules?” (“Work and Entry (6)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). We have already seen in Christ of the last days that although Christ has normal humanity, Christ does not have any of Satan’s poison, and has even less of Satan’s worldly philosophy. From this the holiness, greatness, and honor of God’s disposition are even more evident. This is a fact that is known to all people who understand truth. Everything expressed by Christ is truth. It is all the word of God. The spoken word of Christ in communications and discussions is the reality of the truth. None of Satan’s poison can be seen within it. Essentially, corrupt humans and Christ are distinct. This completely verifies God’s words. Christ is the way and the truth and the life. It’s completely true! Though Christ of the last days was not conceived by the Holy Spirit, He is the incarnation of truth, and completely brings to fruition the Word’s appearance in the flesh. The appearance and work of Christ of the last days concluded the Age of Grace, and began the Age of Kingdom. The work of God is one link being connected with another, with no repetition. The three stages of work in the Age of Law, the Age of Grace, and the Age of Kingdom are managed as a whole. It certainly cannot be divided into parts. The word of God could not speak any more clearly about the significance of God becoming flesh. Various antichrists have ulterior motives in their rivalry with God, and they are not at all qualified to explain the word of God. The great red dragon is a sworn enemy of God. How could they be qualified to explain the word of God? The fact is that all people who belong to Satan are capable only of distorting, misrepresenting, and denying the word of God. Various false Christs and antichrists are able only to distort the word of God, and to misrepresent the word of God. Not only are they devoid of a speck of truth, they also hate truth and resist it. Thus their evil and ugly antichrist countenance is totally plain to see. Clearly, various false Christs and antichrists don’t understand truth at all, and they don’t understand at all what incarnation is. Whether He is God incarnate is not determined by whether He was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The question of conception by the Holy Spirit is not absolute. What is absolute is whether He has divine essence. As long as He has essence of deity and is able to do the work of God, He is God incarnate. There is no doubt about this. The first time that God became flesh was through conception by the Holy Spirit, and it was for the completion of the work of redemption. In the second coming of God in human form, there was no need for conception by the Holy Spirit. The only requirement was that the Spirit of God became flesh and was able to undertake the work of God. Hence the word of God says, “The two incarnations complete the significance of the incarnation.”

Antichrist Fallacy Number Seven: “False Christs and antichrists all come from leadership; they are all produced from high leadership who have been expelled from God’s family. The higher the level of leadership, the more dangerous they are.”

A short, explanatory note: False Christs and antichrists are the product of Satan’s corruption of the human race. All humans who have been corrupted by Satan have satanic nature. They resist God more and more, and they deny God’s existence more and more. If this kind of corrupt human goes into service of God, they can only act as an antichrist. The fact that all religious leaders resist God is enough to prove that if corrupt humanity does not undergo salvation by God, none of them will have normal humanity. Whether or not they have status, they all play the role of antichrists that resist God and betray God. This is fact. The distinction between having status and not having status is only a matter of the extent to which they are able to disturb, confuse, and demolish. No matter whether they have status or not, this antichrist category of evil people are evil people who resist God. All of God’s chosen people know clearly that various levels of leaders and workers within God’s family are not appointed directly by God. Other than the main responsible persons at top leadership positions being appointed as needed by the man used by the Holy Spirit temporarily, the rest are selected by voting among God’s chosen people, or put in place by various levels of leadership. This does not signify that they are appointed by God. It is hard to avoid that some people will be revealed and eliminated. This is caused by the limitations of the stature of leaders and workers at all levels. These people who are revealed and eliminated are simply evil people of the antichrist category. The real antichrists are the ones who openly confuse people, openly resist and blaspheme God, who attack and slander the man used by the Holy Spirit. There is a very clear distinction between the evil people of antichrist category who are revealed for elimination, and the real antichrists. Though in nature they are all antichrists, the two are distinct. It is necessary that clear distinction be made; the two cannot be placed on a par. No one in God’s family would ever promote those real antichrists to become high leadership. They are nothing other than Satan’s messengers who have infiltrated God’s family. Hence, to say that “false Christs and antichrists are all produced from leadership” does not match the real situation. It is only human prejudice and inference. It is not untrue that a person of higher leadership level and status is more likely to be revealed, but, though a person does not have status or a leadership role and does not pursue truth, the path they walk is still that of the antichrist, and, ultimately, all who do not recognize the practical God incarnate are of the antichrist category. This is fact. All evil people who have been expelled from God’s family in the past, though not being selected for leadership, are also genuine antichrists. This is a fact that nobody can deny.

It is evident from the above seven fallacies that various categories of antichrists really don’t understand any truth at all. They are simply telling bare-faced lies, saying exactly what people possessed by demons would say. It can be ascertained that they are possessed by evil spirits, and it’s no wonder that they savagely confuse people and resist God like this. In spreading rumors to confuse people, their purpose is completely to disturb and demolish God’s work, and to control God’s chosen people in their own hands, achieving their goal of tyranny. In fact, the word of God has already spoken very clearly about the seven aspects of issues, and there is little need for further explanation. In order to get everyone to follow them, false Christs and antichrists always want to garble the methods and steps of God’s work, using any excuse to prove that they are the messengers of God, that they are people who have come to do new work, getting everyone to follow them and believe in them. This is where Satan’s ruses lie. Antichrists confuse people by using methods such as quoting out of context and adding their own meaning to God’s word. This is insidious indeed. Even more contemptible is that antichrists actually fabricate falsehoods and spread rumors to attack and blaspheme God, to judge and slander the man used by the Holy Spirit. They really reach the pinnacle of evil. There is no way that God will pardon them! The chosen people of God should understand that these people are God’s enemy, and they are the enemy of God’s chosen people. Some people blithely believe the lies and rumors that they fabricate are the fact. What these people eat and drink is God’s word, and what they enjoy is God’s grace. Yet they turn around and betray God, giving allegiance to an invader. They truly are beasts.

People should, at the very least, understand one fact clearly: Among the human race only Christ in the flesh is holy, and only Christ is truth. Among the corrupt human race, only those who have been fully saved and possess truth are the best people, the people with whom God is satisfied. Are you still not sure about who a good person is? Do you believe the word of God or the word of a corrupt human? What credibility do the words of a corrupt human have? A person in whom an evil spirit is at work spews lies and deception, and words that are absurd. What credibility is in that? A person who does not have truth cannot see through this matter. He can only see things from the perspective of corrupt humanity: A corrupt person will commit misconduct if he has some status, so it’s likely that the man used by the Holy Spirit will act in a similar way after gaining status. A person who is being used by the Holy Spirit does things in the same way as corrupt humanity does. This is the logic of Satan. If this were the case, would there be any meaning in God’s salvation and perfection of people? How can a person who has truth be placed on a par with corrupt humanity? Like attracts like, and birds of a feather flock together. People who have been fully saved and who have been perfected belong to God, and corrupt humanity belongs to Satan. These two categories of people can be distinguished on the basis of whether or not they have humanity. How can the two be placed on a par? The man used by the Holy Spirit has been fully saved and possesses truth. He knows what duty he must fulfill in service to God. In getting along with others he never bears witness to himself, or shows off. Rather, he is amiable and approachable, and shares openly with others. He spares no effort in work for God’s chosen people, is willing to pay the price, and never covets pleasures. Regardless of where he is, he is always this way. After a person understands truth, his viewpoints, his outlook of life, and his value has fundamentally changed; a change occurs in life disposition as well. He therefore can see clearly the extent to which the world and the human race are corrupt, and he can discern clearly positive and negative things. Hence he is not interested in what worldly people pursue, and he does his duty and is utterly loyal to God regardless of the circumstances. How can a person who has no truth really understand such a person?

People all judge other people by their own standards, but they should have discernment and an ability to extend differential treatment. People who possess truth are of a category separate from those who do not. People who have been perfected are of a category separate from those who have not, and people who uphold justice are of a category separate from those who do evil. Why are some people able to pursue truth and answer the call of God, and would be rather die than quit following God? Why do some people dislike truth and why are they susceptible to confusion by antichrists? It is clear that among people who believe in God, there are categories, which cannot be treated in the same way. Only those who are clear about this matter are intelligent people, people who really understand truth, and who are unlikely to be confused by antichrists, to be duped and misled, to mistake an enemy for a friend, or to die out because they have betrayed God.

Of the various calamities and trials, there is none more dangerous than the temptation and confusion of Satan. The final stage of God’s work is to make manifest which people have truth and which don’t through confusion by various antichrists. That a person is knocked flat by the temptation and confusion of Satan illustrates that he does not have any truth. Such a person is the target for elimination. When a person is subject to Satan’s temptation and confusion, there are no influences of external factors. The person is not under duress, and the physical body undergoes no harm; it completely depends on the discernment of the person to make a free decision. Only this will reveal whether or not a person has truth. Though the persecution by the great red dragon is ruthless, and can destroy a person’s physical body, it can do nothing at all to change faith in God and knowledge of God within a human heart. This is fact. Though the flesh suffers when various famines, pestilence, earthquakes, or wars arrive, this cannot change the faith in and knowledge of God that a person has. If a person has no truth and meets with temptation and confusion of Satan, they may suspect God, deny God, and betray God, because Satan uses trickery and lies to confuse people. It wages tactics of psychological warfare, and if a person is not clear about truth, and does not have authentic confidence and knowledge of God, that person is most susceptible to believing Satan’s nonsense. In particular, various antichrists are most fond of implementing the trickery that Satan used to tempt Eve into sin: On the one hand they misinterpret the word of God and quote it out of context. On the other hand they fabricate lies, distort the facts, and spread rumors to confuse people. They utilize the contemptible tricks of personal attack to confuse God’s chosen people. As such it is easier for people to believe it and accept it, because corrupt humanity likes to receive rumors and news of scandals. They love to see and hear about it regardless whether or not the stories are true, and they consider it splendid and wise to disseminate news of scandals. Though they are proud of themselves, they do not know, however, that they have already fallen for Satan’s trickery, have boarded the pirate ship, and have betrayed God. In fact they have already offended God’s disposition, made God detest them, and set themselves up for elimination. As people are by nature rebellious, they are capable of doing anything that resists God and betrays God. This completely bears true the words of God: “The chance that you will betray Me remains at one hundred percent” (“A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). What is the problem with a person who believes the confusing talk of antichrists and suspects God, judges God, and betrays God? Why would a person who believes in God not believe the word of God? Why are they not able to submit to the work of the man used by the Holy Spirit? In fact this kind of person does not have authentic confidence and knowledge of God, and believes even less that God is truth.

Belief in God means believing that Christ is God, believing that the word of God is the way and the truth and the life. This is the real meaning of belief in God. If a person suspects the word of God and suspects Christ, this is already a betrayal of God. Belief in God requires submission to the work of the Holy Spirit. If you do not submit to the work of the man used by the Holy Spirit, then you have become suspicious of and have abandoned the work of the Holy Spirit. For this reason, all of those people who judge, slander, and attack the man used by the Holy Spirit have already offended God’s disposition and have been eliminated by the work of the Holy Spirit. This kind of person is like all those people in the Age of Law who blamed and attacked Moses. They all met an end of perdition and destruction. God’s way of working represents God’s administration. Whoever violates it also offends the disposition of God, and God will not let such a person off easily. Perhaps there are some people who believe that judging and attacking the man used by the Holy Spirit is not tantamount to judging or attacking God. They therefore brazenly fabricate lies and distort facts in an effort to attack the man used by the Holy Spirit. In fact this is nothing other than an offense of God’s disposition, because their purpose in doing this is to disturb and dismantle the work of God; it is directly opposing God. This is a fact that is obvious to all. We have already seen clearly that the work of God incarnate is the process of the battle with Satan, of doing battle with the great red dragon, and of doing battle with various antichrists and all enemy forces. Now this battle is extremely violent. Some leaders and workers have reported how aggressive the enemy is at the site of the battle, and how pitiable are the people who have been confused. It is unbearable to look at, making one bitterly disappointed and weep. The wicked conduct of the antichrists makes one bristle with anger. The spiritual battle is so real and so brutal! Evidently, in trials, the battle that humans fight in is one of truth. Without truth, and without prayer or seeking truth, defeat is guaranteed, and the consequences are unthinkable. No matter how many years a person has believed in God, all this work could be destroyed in a moment.

There is a required basic skill for achieving full salvation through belief in God, and that is being equipped with truth and seeking to know God. Only the person who achieves knowledge of God is someone who is successful in belief in God. These antichrist fallacies all have in them Satan’s tricks and plots, causing people to be always tangled up over the ways in which God works. Such sayings as “right now is the Millennial Kingdom,” and “the man used by the Holy Spirit is a corrupt human,” are all nonsense that Satan uses to confuse people. This allows us to see even more clearly: Given that antichrists suspect the words and the work of God, they certainly would not be able to accept the judgment and chastisement of God’s words, and would not be able to benefit from being illuminated and enlightened by the Holy Spirit. These fallacies that they utter show that they are stupid and ignorant, poor and pitiful, utterly without vision, and have not a whit of truth. They further show their arrogant presumptuousness and satanic natures. Their goal is none other than to prevent God’s chosen people from pursuing truth, because if God’s chosen people understand truth and know God, they will be completely won over by God, and God’s great work will be complete. Satan most fears God’s chosen people pursuing truth and achieving knowledge of God. This is why antichrists fabricate rumors like this. The implied meaning of “right now is the Millennial Kingdom,” is that human beings have already entered the Millennial Kingdom, and have no need to pursue truth. This is another place where Satan’s tricks abide. “The man used by the Holy Spirit is also corrupt, and is adulterated by human thought.” The insinuation is to tell you not to listen to the sermons and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit, don’t pursue truth, and don’t submit to the work arrangement of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Their purpose is precisely to prevent God’s chosen people from pursuing truth. It is not hard to discern that this gang of antichrists is just like Satan. Satan most fears that people will pursue truth and will be won over by God. One can imagine what the consequences might be if there were no fellowship, sermons, and leadership from the man used by the Holy Spirit. Only through understanding this point does it become easy to see clearly Satan’s tricks. The aim of God’s management plan is to save people, to perfect people, and to win people over. If the work of God really does win people over, then Satan is completely defeated.

The final period of calamities and trials is the key instant at which God’s chosen people enter the correct course of belief in God, when the spiritual battle becomes even more intense. Satan knows all too clearly, when people authentically know the work of God and embark on the correct path of belief in God, it no longer has any way to confuse God’s chosen people. Then Satan will thoroughly be defeated, and God’s great work will thoroughly complete. We see clearly that when the great red dragon and various antichrists see all of God’s chosen people eating and drinking the words of God and pursuing truth, they are like cornered beasts acting desperately, savagely appearing to fabricate rumors, and using all kinds of dirty tricks to confuse God’s chosen people. Their goal in this is to impede God’s chosen people from pursuing truth, to make them depart from the leadership and ministry of the man used by the Holy Spirit. Who they are and what they do is representative of Satan’s plots and trickery; it is completely the doing of Satan. Their actions and behavior help us to see how Satan resists God, attacks God, and betrays God. In their nature and substance, the truth of Satan being evil is evident. It is factually obvious that various antichrists are none other than Satan’s lackeys, and Satan’s accomplices. Like the great red dragon, these people are reincarnated demons who ruthlessly harm people, devour people, and specially oppose God. They are destined to end up being punished and sinking into perdition and destruction at the time of completion of God’s work.

Of most value in the experience of God’s work is the quest for truth and the pursuit of truth. Only the people who have truly entered the correct course of belief in God are those who have truly entered into reality, and who have attained the truth and have life. Only these people are the ones whom God wins over. Prior to obtaining truth, because corrupt humanity is full of Satan’s poison and philosophy, it is most likely for them to commit the mistake of studying God and suspecting God, and therefore going its own way. In fact, studying God will not get anywhere. The more research, the more doubt they will have. Further research brings one farther away from God, and thus farther away from truth. Only through peace in God’s presence, prayer, and questing can one receive the work of the Holy Spirit and understand truth, attaining the true light, and seeing God’s manifestation, and understanding the work of God. This has been verified by the experience of countless people. In the Age of Grace, studying Jesus would never have led one to know that Jesus is Lord, that He is Christ. Only submission to the work of the Holy Spirit and pursuit of truth will lead to being enlightened by the Holy Spirit, making you know that Jesus is the Lord and Christ. This has been verified by the experiences of Peter and all the other disciples. In our experience of God’s work, if we are unable to receive the illumination, enlightenment, and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will never be able to enter the correct path of belief in God, and will never be able to achieve knowledge of God, submission to God, and perfection by God. This is for certain.

God appearing as God incarnate is an image that is most incompatible with people’s concepts, because the form of God incarnate is completely an ordinary human, and has the life of normal humanity. A person who does not have truth would be unable to see that Christ is the life and the truth and the way. Only through eating and drinking the words of God, receiving God’s judgment and chastisement, and submitting to God’s work can one obtain illumination, enlightenment, and guidance from the Holy Spirit, ultimately making it possible to see the appearance of God, the actions of God, and the wisdom and omnipotence of God. This is the pathway leading to complete salvation by God and being perfected by God. Those people who always study God and always have conceptions about God become suspicious of God, deny Him, and betray Him because they have lost the work of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately they are eliminated. During God’s first appearance in the world, many people studied Jesus’ family class status, His appearance and looks, and His status and His level of education. They ultimately denied God. It is clear that God’s incarnation is a great mystery immeasurable to humans, and only with submission to God’s words, experience of God’s work, attainment of enlightenment and illumination from the Holy Spirit will a person be able to achieve the outcome of knowing God. Only when a person has attained truth and has life can he see that Christ is the way and the truth and the life, and can he genuinely know the substance of Christ. We have seen that the people who pursue truth, in their experience and submission to God’s work, as they pay attention to the fellowship and nourishment from the above, feel increasingly bright inside, and increasingly understand how practical God’s work is. They understand God is so wise and almighty, and God’s incarnation has such great significance. Only God’s judgment and chastisement of people in this practical way, leading people in their experience of various trials and refinements, can bring about the outcome of change in a person, of perfection of a person. The path becomes brighter the longer one walks upon it. People become ever more human, and unknowingly attain knowledge of God and submission to God. The disposition of life has undergone a change.

Currently, all people who authentically experience the last-days’ work are able to see that we are extremely fortunate and blessed to believe and follow this practical God incarnate. It truly is God’s elevation and deep love! It brings to fruition the words of God: “So the more wondrous God’s work in man is, the more valuable and significant it is. The more impenetrable it is to you and the more incompatible it is with your notions, the more God’s work is able to conquer you, gain you, and make you perfect” (“Those Who Are to Be Made Perfect Must Undergo Refinement” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Only through this work that does not match people’s notions is it possible to achieve the outcome of perfecting people, and to achieve the goal of revealing people, and eliminating people. Upon close inspection, we will discover what kind of thing and of which category are all those people who have layer upon layer of concepts about God, who blame God for not using them, who always want to hold power alone, and who make themselves king. For what reason did they embark upon the antichrist path? It is completely because their natures are so evil, and they are so ambitious. Their dispositions are extremely arrogant, and they have absolutely no sense or humanity. These people are the genuine servants of Satan, and are the lackeys of the great red dragon. They are evil demons who devour human beings. Now all of these people have been revealed. Everywhere they are confusing people, and ensnaring people. Wherever there are people who are new believers, of small spiritual stature, or who have no foundation, they go there to confuse, ensnare, and control them. In places such as Sichuan, Guizhou, and Yunnan where conditions are most serious, many have been confused by antichrists, and even leaders on various levels have been confused, among whom there are some people who have become tools of Satan. These antichrists and confounders rely on fabrication of lies, spreading rumors to defame others, and slander and judgment to deceive people and confuse people. Because most people do not possess truth, and are unable to discern things, they therefore enjoy taking in all kinds of lies and rumors, thinking that hearing the rumor and news of scandal, they know everything, and that they have grasped the truth. They don’t believe the truth fellowshiped by the above, however, and the result is that they fall into darkness. Only when God becomes publicly manifest do they discover that they have been confused by antichrists, and are meeting an end that consists of weeping and gnashing of teeth. This is reaping what they have sown, and inviting destruction. Do those antichrists have truth? Do they have reality? Do they have a good humanity that you would admire? Is there any basis for the rumors and lies that they spread? Have they seen Christ or the man used by the Holy Spirit? Is having seen Christ or having seen the man used by the Holy Spirit equivalent to knowing God? Have they become people who submit to God? Are they being used by the Holy Spirit in their work? Is their work confirmed by the Holy Spirit? Can they fellowship about the truth to lead you on the correct path of belief in God? A person may believe in God to the end, but, without authentic knowledge of God’s disposition or substance, such a person doesn’t pursue truth. They are all eliminated by the work of the Holy Spirit. In some people there is no humanity. These people always ensnare and control people with their wild ambition. Such people may easily become antichrists. How much credibility is in the speech of a person who does not have truth? How much credibility is in the speech of corrupt humanity? If you are unable to understand these issues, and just follow along, believing blindly, are you not utterly muddle-headed? They actually dare to judge God, deny God, and even fabricate all kinds of rumors and lies about the man used by the Holy Spirit, in order to attack and cast judgment. This matter in itself is enough to prove that they are guilty of the most heinous crimes, monstrous crimes that reach the high heavens. Are you still unable to assess this matter fully?

All of the words expressed by Christ are truth; there is no doubt whatever. All of the sermons and fellowship of the man used by the Holy Spirit is the result and witness of experience of God’s word. The man used by the Holy Spirit never attacks or judges people. He always deals with problems according to God’s word and based on facts, in just the right measure. He has never said anything without grounds or without significance. He always treats everyone fairly, and never does base things like using lies or rumors to judge people. People who understand truth can see this clearly. Some people are unable to distinguish between positive things and negative things, between the correct way of doing things and contemptible behavior. Such people truly have no weight or value. They are even unable to see which people are good and which are bad. How far such people’s ignorance reaches! It should be easy to distinguish between those whose fellowship of truth is practical and can bring people before God, and those whose fellowship is just doctrines and fallacies, which sink people into darkness. If a person really pursues truth, he should be able to achieve this. The fellowship of a person who really has truth is practical and authentic. The more he experiences it, the clearer his way becomes. The nourishment of such a fellowship is inexhaustible. He is able to furnish God’s chosen people with what they need. Whatever difficulty God’s chosen people have, he can solve it, and give them a path to follow. People need simply to read or listen to his fellowship often, and they will have enjoyment inside. Their inner state will get better and better, and unknowingly they will enter onto the correct path for belief in God. If a person does not have truth, he is not able to fellowship about truth and reality, and is even less able to fulfill people’s needs. What he talks of is rote learning and rules. The more a person listens to it, the more fed up the listener becomes, and feels at a dead end. This kind of person can bring people into darkness only, and out of synch with the work of the Holy Spirit, sunk in circumstances of danger. This all can be verified by persons who have experience. In fact, most people have this kind of experience and have learned these lessons. Therefore, many new believers of small stature may easily be confused by antichrists, because antichrists are most adept at concocting rumors and lies. They distort the truth of the matter and disseminate gossip to satisfy the curiosity of their listeners. People who have no truth enjoy receiving gossip, and think that the more gossip they know, the more capable, talented, and astute they are. They have been struck by Satan’s tricks and don’t know it; they even feel proud of themselves, as if they have received a treasure. How extremely foolish! It is no different from taking drugs. These people reap the confusion that they sow. They are people who don’t pursue truth at all. It truly is fish looking for fish, shrimp looking for shrimp, and scoundrels looking for blind people, each falling into their own category.

The more that various antichrists judge and resist God, and attack the man used by the Holy Spirit, it becomes all the more evident that the majority of God’s chosen people have already come to understand God’s work, have become clear about truth, and have begun to enter the correct path of belief in God. It shows that Satan is not willing to lose the fight and sink into oblivion. This makes the antichrist’s viciousness, treachery, and meanness of their satanic features all the more evident. In this way people can distinguish clearly between who serves God and who is God’s enemy; who is the wheat and who is the tare; who has life and who does not have life; who recognizes the voice of God and who doesn’t; and who is saved and who is eliminated. Is this not a sign that God’s work is finally coming to completion? This soul-stirring spiritual battle really reveals people! Various antichrists don’t have truth; all they have is the presumptuous nature and schemes and intrigues of Satan. They don’t have a speck of humanity, and they are not able to water and nourish God’s chosen people with truth in an open and aboveboard way, unable to help them enter into the correct path of belief in God at all. In fact it shows that they do not have this ability; all they can do is fabricate falsehood, manufacture fallacies, start rumors to attack, and slander and judge, all for the purpose of disturbing and pulling down God’s work, in order to achieve their goal of acting tyrannically entrapping and controlling God’s chosen people. I have heard some leaders report that in the Chuangui region there are some leaders and workers who fellowship about nothing but antichrist fallacies. Every one of them has a copy of the book Guide to the Millennial Kingdom in his hands. At the time, I thought: these people are finished; they have been poisoned to death. They hold a cult book in their hands, and their hands are turning black and their bodies are turning purple. They have already fallen dead in catastrophe, and certainly have not gotten into the Millennial Kingdom! What a pity! This book Guide to the Millennial Kingdom is not much use; you fall down even before getting in the door of the kingdom. Antichrists really are ruthless killers who do people great harm! The only shortcut for believers in God to achieve salvation is pursuit of truth. The great red dragon and various antichrists most fear God’s chosen people pursuing truth and being won over by God. There is only one purpose in what they say and do, and that is to obstruct God’s chosen people from entering into truth and from attaining truth and achieving salvation. This is where Satan’s schemes lie. God’s chosen people must see clearly that only through pursuit of truth can the temptations and confusions of Satan be conquered, and can they survive various calamities and trials, and achieve salvation. All people who listen to and believe the nonsense of Satan and abandon pursuit of truth have already surrendered to Satan. They are people who have betrayed God, and it is already clear that they are people to be eliminated.

God’s last days’ work in mainland China has reached its climax, and the spiritual battle is extremely violent. Do you know why God still has not returned to Zion? God said: “The work of God is done by God Himself. It is He who sets His work in motion, and also He who concludes it. It is He who plans the work, and also He who manages it, and even more, it is He who brings the work to fruition.” From beginning to end, God’s work is continually being done by God. It would certainly not do for God to launch the work and then give it up and depart. Because now is the crucial time in which God completes the management plan and does decisive battle with Satan in the last days. God desires to make a group of overcomers in the land of Sinim, and gain a group of people who are of one heart and mind with God. God therefore wants to watch over, stand sentry, and guide the final perfection of God’s chosen people in order to gain them. It will not do for people to be guided only by the work of the Holy Spirit. It is necessary to have explicit words of God to guide the way and blaze the trail. Only in this way can God’s chosen people completely defeat Satan, and thereby be made complete by God and fully gained by God. Thus the words of God come true completely: “I am the Beginning and the End; I am the Sower and the Reaper.” Various satanic antichrists truly persist in their evil designs, and always want to fight with God over God’s chosen people. They want to fight God for power, and pass themselves off as God’s messenger, striving to take possession of God’s chosen people, and control God’s chosen people. This completely reveals the evil and betrayal of Satan’s ugly features.

In this spiritual battle, God’s chosen people see clearly the true face of Satan and various evil spirits. They have come to know God’s righteous disposition, and have seen how vast God’s omnipotence and wisdom is, how vast is His saving love. Is this not God’s perfection of His chosen people? The people who are perfected in the final calamities and trials are people who understand truth and who have real knowledge of God. They are able to recognize God’s voice, and can discern what Satan’s schemes and intrigues are. They are people whom Satan will never again confuse or corrupt, because they have stood firm witness in this battle with Satan and with the great red dragon. They have met the standard of being fully saved, which means that they have real confidence in God and have authentic knowledge of Him. No matter what the circumstances, they are able to recognize God’s voice, and can always accept and submit to the work of God. No matter what the trial, they are able to stand witness, and satisfy the desire of God. All people who are fully saved are people who possess truth and have a humanity. These people at the very least meet two criteria: First, they will never be confused or corrupted by Satan again. No category of antichrist can confuse them because they have genuinely attained truth; second, when God returns, they recognize God, welcome God, and praise God. They absolutely would not deny God or betray God, and would not do anything to oppose God. Only people who meet these two criteria are people who are fully saved. Only when people truly recognize God’s voice and know God’s work will they never resist God or betray God. God’s salvation of people brings people to this level. Only when a person can recognize the voice of God can God acknowledge that that person belongs to Him. All people who follow antichrists are people who don’t know God. If people give allegiance to an invader, they are degenerates who betray God. No matter how this kind of person prays to God, God will not acknowledge them, because God sees into human hearts, and is a righteous God.

June 15, 2009

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