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12. A Look at the Essence of Corrupt Mankind from Man’s Conceptions

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12. A Look at the Essence of Corrupt Mankind from Man’s Conceptions

Leading people to enter into God’s word and gain the truth takes, on the one hand, eating, drinking and enjoying God’s word to attain knowledge of God’s word and understanding of the truth. On the other hand, it requires one to solve the problems that actually exist with the truth. The said problems pertain mainly to the corrupt dispositions that corrupt mankind reveal in all matters, which are man’s corruption, conceptions as well as words that judge arbitrarily. It is only through the prompt application of God’s word to resolving the revelations of people’s corruption that they are able to be cleansed and enter into the truth. Now is the critical period during which God is judging and chastising man as well as trying and refining him to cleanse him of his corruption so as to save man from the influence of Satan. Those who serve God must cooperate with the work of the Holy Spirit to dissect and expose the various revelations of people’s corruption of resisting and betraying God so that they may know and discern them to achieve the purpose of attaining cleansing. Only by doing this can people escape the influence of Satan and no longer be bound by their satanic nature and corrupted by Satan and live completely on the word of God. This is truly being saved. The process of God’s chosen people escaping corruption and being cleansed is one of entering into the truth and receiving salvation. It is of course also one of entering into God’s word and receiving life. The Holy Spirit is right now leading man to enter into all the truth expressed by God, and this is an opportunity of a lifetime in which God is saving and perfecting man. Only by completely resolving his conceptions and judgments with the truth can man enter onto the right track of belief in God more quickly. It is only this way that man will be able to truly turn to God and live before Him. I will now fellowship about some serious conceptions and judgments that exist in reality for people to know the essence of such conceptions and judgments and truly see that the essence and nature of corrupt mankind is that of Satan. This is also a critical step in resolving man’s nature of betraying God so that he may attain true salvation.

Corrupt mankind often has conceptions about God’s work mainly because man has Satan’s nature of betraying God, which leads to man not being able to obey God and instead resisting and betraying God. This is the root of corrupt mankind’s resistance of God. Some people always think that God’s work does not fit man’s notions mainly because God is unkind, unreasonable or runs counter to sensibilities in the way He works, thereby causing man to have conceptions. This is a great mistake. God’s work is most practical and fully conforms to the truth. He never does unreasonable things or things that tempt man. God’s work is the truth and is the most meaningful regardless of how little it fits man’s notions and imagination. His work is all for the love and salvation of man. This is without a doubt. It is because man’s corruption is too deep and man has Satan’s nature that he misunderstands God’s will and does not understand the truth, thinking that it is God who is wrong, not man. In man’s eyes, the work that does not conform to his own notions and imagination is certainly wrong and unreasonable and is therefore untenable regardless of whether it is God’s work or man’s. This is the logic of corrupt mankind as well as Satan’s philosophy. Conceptions are easily formed for the corrupt mankind because they are too deeply corrupted and filled with Satan’s poisons. In man’s corrupt nature, there are a variety of Satan’s dispositions such as arrogance and conceit, treachery and deceit, falsehood and pretension, selfishness and despicableness as well as lawlessness. Man shares the same points of view as Satan, treating all matters with only his notions and imagination. Man thinks only about his own interest, knows only to be considerate of his flesh and cares only about his own gains and losses as well as his own troubles and blessings. It is natural for such a corrupt mankind to have various conceptions about God’s work. Because man is not able to take the truth and tolerate God’s existence, how can he not have conceptions about God’s work? When God’s work goes against man’s notions and imagination as well as his thinking and viewpoints, man would oppose and convict it, and he would naturally have conceptions. When God’s word hurts man’s feelings and dignity, he would respond with aversion and disgust, and he would naturally have conceptions. When God’s work causes man to suffer pain and refinement, he would refuse to accept it, and he would naturally have conceptions. When God’s work impacts man’s flesh and the interest of his family, he would become negative and hateful, and he would naturally have conceptions. When God’s work reveals his corruption, hatred would arise in man due to embarrassment, and he would naturally have conceptions. When God’s work convicts man of being exactly the embodiment of Satan by his evil nature, man would fly into a rage from shame, and he would naturally have conceptions. When God’s work takes away and prohibits man’s hope of receiving blessings, man would turn against God and repay kindness with hatred or even betray Him, and he would naturally have conceptions. Conversely, if all God ever says to man are words of blessing, love and promises, man would surely say that God is great, that God is love, and he would not have any conceptions. Man likes flattery and blessings, seeks gains, lusts after empty glories and focuses on benefits. He likes to hear words that are sweet to the ears and dislikes words of judgment, chastisement, cursing and conviction. No matter how much love is contained in those words and how much good intentions are hidden in them, whatever real desire of God to heal and save man is contained in them and however evident their effects of cleansing man are, man just would not accept them and would resist, judge, convict and even betray God instead. Man is just so corrupt! This is a fact that nobody can deny.

The various conceptions corrupt mankind has about God’s work are in fact an open opposition and resistance against God. The consequence of having such conceptions is that man judges and betrays God. To live in the conceptions is to live in animosity with God, to be in opposition against Him. Man’s adherence to his conceptions is to oppose the truth and stand resolutely on Satan’s side. Therefore, man’s tight grip on conceptions is already the conviction and betrayal of God and being one with Satan. It can be seen from this that corrupt mankind’s nature and essence is that of Satan. Corrupt mankind is the embodiment of Satan! How could such a corrupt mankind not resist and judge God and not be full of conceptions against Him? It is no wonder that God says that man does not know what is good for him and is unreasonable! Not only does man not understand God’s word, he even says that God’s word is too strong and untrue. Facts have proven sufficiently from the way man treats God’s word and the way he judges God’s work that man is too deeply corrupted by Satan. How difficult it would be for God to heal and save mankind! It can be seen clearly from here that corrupt mankind has come to the point of rejecting the truth and being enemy with God. It is no wonder that man is seeking to kill God wherever He goes and is rejecting and banishing His coming. This is due completely to mankind being too deeply corrupted and having become evil beyond redemption. Based on such a scenario, we cannot say that it is God’s fault rather than man’s that His work does not conform to man’s notions. Facts have revealed that man’s conceptions and judgments about God’s work are due completely to mankind being too deeply corrupted and in possession of Satan’s evil nature and determined completely by man’s nature and essence that betray God. God is the truth and is righteous, and there is no doubt about this. God shall judge, chastise, cleanse and save mankind, but mankind does not know what is good for them and instead repays kindness with hatred and complains against and judges God. How unreasonable! Corrupt mankind is completely filthy and evil, sinister and deceitful, selfish and despicable. They have come almost to the point of being beyond redemption and salvation, thereby making God’s work even more difficult and making it hard for Him to save man. This is a fact that man cannot deny.

The people who have understood some truth in the course of experiencing God’s work have already come to a preliminary knowledge that: Man’s conceptions of right and wrong are indeed preposterous and ridiculous and are absolutely unreliable. It is indeed an improvement if people were able to know this. However, there remain many people who always assume that their conceptions of right and wrong and imagination are correct, as if they were the truth and always right. They thus measure God’s work based on their conceptions of right and wrong and imagination. They are presumptuous and think they are very smart, only to expose their satanic ugliness of resisting God. It can be said with certainty that people who still believe that their own conceptions of right and wrong and imagination are correct and reliable after having believed in God for a few years are people without the truth. They are people who have no knowledge about the corrupt essence of mankind, and they are definitely people who have not changed, a ridiculous lot who do not love the truth. As corrupt mankind do not have the truth and are filled with Satan’s poisons, their nature and essence are resistance to and betrayal of God. We can dissect and analyze the sources of corrupt mankind’s conceptions of right and wrong, and there are three main ones: Some among all of the conceptions are born out of man’s imagination and judgment, and they do not conform to the facts at all. This reveals the corrupt mankind’s ignorance and ridiculousness. Some conceptions are born completely out of man’s extravagant desires of the flesh, which represent man’s corruption and evilness. Such conceptions are not tenable at all. There are also some conceptions that are born out of man’s distorted concepts and heresies, which are the test of and attack on God. These conceptions completely represent Satan’s nature and essence and are part of satanic fallacies and lies to deceive people. Corrupt mankind’s conceptions about God and His work are mainly the three types described above. Actually these conceptions do not conform to the facts and are heresies and fallacies that resist God. They are born completely of corrupt mankind’s satanic nature. Thus, the fact that man is able to have conceptions about God, His work and the work of His family completely reveals the ignorance and ridiculousness of corrupt mankind as well as their crookedness and deceit and selfishness and despicableness. It also reveals the nature and essence of corrupt mankind being that of Satan, showing clearly to everyone corrupt mankind’s ugliness and evilness in it not having the truth, perverting reason, seeking after gains and being simply unreasonable. The more conceptions one has, the more it proves that he is evil by nature and has no humanity. A person who truly has conscience and sense and who is understanding and amenable to reason seldom has conceptions. Even if he has them, he would accept the truth easily and can be convinced through communication of the truth. This is normal.

Some people have strong conceptions about God and still remain insistent that their conceptions are right and correct in spite of how others try to convince them otherwise through communication of the truth. Such people are ridiculous beyond redemption. People who have conceptions particularly easily and those who have too many conceptions are those whose humanity is too corrupted and whose nature is extremely evil. They are people who cannot be saved easily. However, the main reason for some to have conceptions is that they have experienced God’s work for too short a period of time and have understood too little of the truth. They have conceptions because they look at things based on their notions and imagination. We should treat them in the correct way and communicate the truth to them in love to help them resolve these issues because most of these people are understanding and amenable to reason and are able to understand the truth and let go of their conceptions. It is harder to resolve those conceptions that are out of extravagant desires. Some people, for example, believe in God in order to receive blessings and always wish to enter His kingdom in a chariot, not willing to suffer even a little hardship. They always hope for the day of God to arrive so that they may escape the disasters and enjoy the blessings. The conceptions of such people cannot be resolved easily because they have extravagant desires that are too great and desires for blessings that are too strong. Some among them have some ridiculous concepts and heresies, and they even argue irrationally. How unreasonable! Such people are quite troublesome because they are not the right people. They believe in God in order to receive blessings. They do so as a transaction. If you ask them to suffer hardship in order to pursue the truth and receive salvation, they would think that they will suffer a loss and it is not something worth doing. It is evident their conceptions are ridiculous. It is useless no matter how much truth we communicate to them because they do not love the truth. We can only wait and see with such people and resolve the issue by elimination as the last resort. There is still another type of people who are especially arrogant and conceited and are full of conceptions. They submit to no one and always want to be in control of others as a leader. They behave as if they should be of a high status from the day they were born, that they should be of such a status among whichever group of people they go to. They cannot do without such a status and would wreak havoc in order to get it. Such people can spread their conceptions everywhere in order to achieve their purpose of being in control, spout nonsense and criticize wantonly about the work of God’s family, slander and judge the leaders of various levels in God’s family, and even do their best to extol and exalt themselves so that others can worship them. They would set up for themselves, create division, and be in opposition with God’s family if their purpose is not achieved. It is the most difficult for such people to attain salvation because they are so arrogant as to be irrational and completely perverted, and cannot accept the truth. They are not able to listen and submit to anybody. They behave as if they know everything and understand every truth there is. They have no need for other people’s leadership. They believe only in the God of their own imagination, and in fact, they are believing only in themselves. Such people are in greatest danger. Most of them are antichrists, and they cannot be saved. Such people can only be driven out of the church if they remain obstinate.

Whether it is easy for one to resolve his conceptions depends mainly on whether he loves the truth and whether he is understanding and amenable to reason. If he is really such a person, any conceptions that he may have can be resolved easily. God’s work and His word themselves are the truth and conform to the reality and fact. There is not a trace of error in them at all. It is because man has too much ridiculousness and demands in him and his heart is evil that he sees God’s work with a distorted view. A person who is able to receive the truth normally would not have conceptions about God’s work at all. Only a person who is arrogant and ridiculous and who harbors ill intentions and is unreasonable has conceptions easily. This is a fact that nobody can deny. For example, the family of God requires that the selection of the leaders be based on three principles. Some think that God’s family is asking too much, and the above is not aware of the actual situations. It seems to them that the above intentionally makes things difficult. Some people think that it is unreasonable and torturous that God’s family requires believers to have meetings according to classified groupings. Some think God’s family has no love and compassion when God’s family excommunicates and removes people who are beyond redemption. Some people even have conceptions about such good things as God’s family supporting the needy families whose members are performing their duties. They say, “What era are we living in now? Who is still starving these days?” Such people are so blinded by the great red dragon that they cannot see the truth and even sing praises to the great red dragon! Some say, “What’s the use of giving so little money? Give more if you have to give!” They are transacting with God. Some even say, “If God’s family is really able to assure me of food and accommodation, I will leave home to perform my duty too!” Look at the disposition of those with such conceptions! Is there anything wrong with God’s family to have requirements on the selection of leaders and workers? Is it wrong for God’s family to require that believers meet according to classified groupings? Ought God’s family not to excommunicate and remove people who are beyond redemption? Is it also wrong for God’s family to support the needy families whose members are performing their duties? Everything that God’s family does is in fact completely reasonable. So, why are people having conceptions about these? What is the problem here? What dispositions do the people with such conceptions about the work of God’s family have? There are foolish people who regard those with such conceptions as normal people with thinking of their own. They even take having conceptions as something understandable and insist that “it is wrong for God to not do His work according to man’s notions. God is to blame. Man is not at fault.” Not only do some of the leaders and workers not turn around the conceptions that attack and judge God, suspect and belittle the man used by the Holy Spirit through communication, they even express their understanding and sympathy and pay little attention to the matter. Some of the leaders and workers even chime in to stir trouble, watch from the sidelines or applaud Satan when they encounter satanic demons judging, disturbing and destroying God’s work. What kind of testimony do these people bear? Such leaders and workers are completely on Satan’s side and speaking for Satan. They are people who have neither the truth nor testimony. Are such people serving God? They are simply Satan’s accomplices!

Some people often have conceptions about God and have accumulated a lot of grievances against God. This is an exposure and revelation of their satanic nature and a mark that they are of Satan’s kind. It is not an ordinary display of corruption. A person with conscience and sense would not have conceptions about God’s work even if he does not understand it, but would instead seek the truth and pray to God in search of knowledge. He would definitely not have conceptions or judge arbitrarily. A person who truly loves God knows in his heart that God is too adorable, far beyond man’s imagination. There would thus be no hatred in his heart. Only a person who has hatred instead of love for God in his heart would often have conceptions and complaints. He would have hatred and animosity whenever things do not go his way even slightly. Are such people not the antichrists? God arouses and reveals all the grievances and hatred they originally have in their hearts, and they would naturally be exposed of their satanic ugliness of betraying God. God’s work has now revealed many antichrists. Not only do they judge God, they also attack the man used by the Holy Spirit in an attempt to destroy God’s work, saying things like, “The man used by the Holy Spirit also has corruption. We cannot obey him.” What they are implying is that God should use them instead and the others should obey them. It appears from the words of the antichrists that they are so sanctified to the point that there is no corruption in them. The Holy Spirit should use them instead. Such persons are too arrogant and irrational! Their arrogant nature shows that they are the antichrists. How are they able to obey God when they are not even able to obey the work of the Holy Spirit? Are the words that they said not nonsense meant to mislead people? Corrupt mankind is pitiful enough when they don’t have the truth. Are they not the devils then if they lose their sense along with it? Do you think that you are able to obey God when you are not even able to obey the man used by the Holy Spirit? Do you think that you are able to submit to God when you are not even able to submit to the Holy Spirit’s leading? Is God separate from the Holy Spirit? Do you think that you are able to obey God directly when you are not even able to obey the man testified to by God? Are you qualified or fit to be led directly by God? Are you not clear that you are one of Satan’s kind? You ought to know yourself somewhat—you are one of Satan’s kind filled with corruption and filth. What is so unfitting about God using a person who was corrupted by Satan but has attained salvation to lead you? You dare to demand of God and protest to Him? God leads people in a variety of ways, and whichever method He chooses to use to save man would surely be the most appropriate! Those who have doubts about and animosity toward the man used by the Holy Spirit are even more evil and treacherous than the Korah, Dathan and Abiram in the Age of Law. We shall see what destiny awaits them.

Corrupt mankind’s belief in God should be for receiving salvation. They should let go of their personal extravagant desires and submit absolutely to God’s work. The resolution of the issue of how they can receive salvation should be the fundamental. People who can do this are truly rational. Would a person who is in the face of death dare to have extravagant desires? You do not even care about such an important matter as receiving salvation in the critical moment of God working to save man, and instead you have conceptions about God and fight with Him, daring even to protest against Him; is this not the antichrists disturbing and destroying the work of God? Are you not able to see through to the essence of this problem? If someone is not able to see through to the essence of such conceptions, it means that he is one who is without the truth, a foolish person without the ability to discern. Certain relatively normal conceptions are understandable, because everyone would see things based on their notions and imagination before they have understood the truth. Such conceptions can be resolved through communicating the truth. This is a normal phenomenon. However, some people have conceptions that are of Satan’s test, conceptions that have animosity and hostility toward God as well as conceptions that profane God. We must be particularly cautious and should be more discerning to see through Satan’s deceptions and be firm in countering them so as to shame Satan. This is the principle and stance that the people who serve God must have. It is therefore completely necessary to be able to discern and distinguish the nature of the various conceptions. In this way we would know how we should treat the various kinds of people who have conceptions.

One must be able to discern the nature of problems in order to resolve them with the truth. One can only tackle a problem at its root with the right solution when he is able to see through to the nature of the problem. The first step to discerning conceptions is to distinguish the different backgrounds for the arising of such conceptions as well as people’s nature and essence. The first is the conceptions of a person who is able to submit to God’s work and willing to pursue the truth. Such conceptions are due completely to the fact that the person does not have the truth but is filled with corruption instead and sees things based on his notions and imagination. Such conceptions should be resolved through communicating the truth as long as they do not attack or judge God directly even if they do not conform to the truth. The second is the conceptions of people who do not pursue the truth and who believe in God but are not interested in experiencing the work of God and seek only to receive God’s blessings. Such people would judge arbitrarily and often begrudge and complain against God when they see that God’s work does not conform to their own notions and imagination. Discernment and dissection of such conceptions that judge, complain against and attack God must be carried out using God’s word and the truth so that people would know the corrupt essence of mankind and discover where the truth lies so as to know Satan’s schemes and harmfulness. Such ridiculous ideas that resist God are produced because such people harbor animosity and hatred toward God. We must take this seriously and retort and bring down such conceptions and ridiculous ideas with the truth. If the person is able to understand and regret his own conceptions, it proves that the person is still able to accept the truth, and there is hope for his salvation. We should treat him with love. The third is the conceptions of people who are arrogant and self-conceited, who submit to no one and who do not pursue the truth and even have animosity toward the incarnate God as well as the man used by the Holy Spirit. Such people are the antichrists. They often spread conceptions about God and the man used by the Holy Spirit. Such conceptions are treacherous and evil and are offensive and hostile against God. Their purpose is to make people doubt the work of God. They even urge people to reject the man used by the Holy Spirit so that these people would submit and listen to them. They do this to achieve their despicable objective of having personal control over God’s chosen people. Conceptions of this type are spread by antichrists, such as “The man used by the Holy Spirit also has corruption. We must not obey him,” “This is the work of man, not God” and “We submit only to God, not man.” Such conceptions are hostile, provocative and incendiary, and they are actually disturbing and destroying the work of God. Such are the actions of Satan. You need not hold back when dealing with such conceptions. You must counter such conceptions with power using the truth and retort them using the facts. You must also expose the schemes and deceptions behind them and shame Satan. This is the testimony of being truly faithful to God. People who spread such conceptions must be excommunicated if they do not confess and repent of their sins because such evil conceptions have seriously offended God’s administrative decrees and God’s disposition. These people must be dealt with severely.

There is difference in nature among the three kinds of conceptions described above, and so the ways to deal with and resolve them must be different as well. If you do not know how to discern the three kinds of conceptions with different natures, you would not know how to deal with them in accordance with the principles of the truth, and it will allow Satan to exploit the situation easily to achieve its purpose of disturbing and destroying the work of God’s family. The work of God is to save the people who sincerely believe in Him and who have conscience and sense. The conceptions of those without conscience and sense contain animosity and hostility toward God, and they have the effect of disturbing and destroying the work of God’s family. Though such people have feelings toward others and would forgive them of their transgressions, they have no feelings at all toward God and would only judge, malign and have animosity and hostility toward God. They have no guilt and reproach in their hearts for the evil they have done. Are they not precisely of Satan’s kind? Such people have no remorse in their hearts for their sins. Additionally, they do not pursue the truth and even oppose God in every way. How can they be saved? Such people treat God unkindly. So should God’s chosen people show kindness to them? Some people have love for this kind of people and would tolerate and forgive them and treat them with love no matter how they resist God and attack the man used by the Holy Spirit. Is this not indulging Satan? Are these people not precisely Satan’s accomplices? Satan’s kind and its minions attack God and disturb the work of God’s family under the protection of such people. Are such people serving God or Satan? Is such love not too ridiculous, and does it not seriously sadden God? One must have principle in showing love and must love what God loves and hate what God hates. This is the principle in showing love.

The most important thing for a person who serves God is to be equipped with the truth and be able to see through Satan’s deceptions. This is because Satan’s deceptive schemes are hidden in corrupt mankind’s conceptions. If you are able to discern clearly the various conceptions with different natures, you would know how to deal with them and how to treat the various kinds of people. This would then conform to God’s will. How a person who serves God witnesses and serves God in the face of the various conceptions that resist and judge God really reveals that person. In the struggle between God and Satan, whether you stand on the side of God or of Satan, whether you are faithful to God or to Satan and whether you serve God or Satan is a matter of principle and a matter of the way. Only a person who understands the truth knows who he believes in, follows and serves. Are those who show love to Satan, to people who attack and profane God not ones who resist and betray God? It is evident that a person who treats Satan with love is definitely not one who loves God! A person who is able to love antichrists that belong to Satan would definitely not be able to truly love God. It is definitely not possible for a person who truly loves God to love Satan. True love and hate is simply so clear. There must be true hatred when there is true love. Only a prostitute or a wanton woman shows love to everyone, has no principles and does not distinguish between her enemies and her friends. Only a person who knows God is able to truly know what to love and what to hate. A person who truly loves God must surely be one who hates the great red dragon, Satan and everything evil.

July 9, 2007

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