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759 God Will Exact Retribution on Wrongdoers

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759 God Will Exact Retribution on Wrongdoers

1 I treasure the good deeds of men and abhor their evil deeds. Since I first began to lead mankind, I have been eagerly hoping to gain a group of men of the same mind with Me. I have never forgotten those who are not of the same mind with Me; I have held them with loathing in My heart, awaiting only the opportunity to visit My retribution on them, which will give Me relish to see. My day has finally come today, and I need no longer wait! As long as they are people who are capable of betraying Me, regardless of under what conditions, I will never forget and I will remember them in My heart while waiting for the opportunity to repay their evil deeds. The requirements I have raised are all issues on which you should inspect yourselves. I hope you can all consider them seriously and that you don’t deal with Me perfunctorily.

2 In the near future, I will check the answers you have given Me against My requirements. By that time, I will not require anything more from you and won’t give you any more earnest admonition. Instead, I shall exercise My authority. Those who should be kept will be kept, those who should be rewarded will be rewarded, those who should be given over to Satan will be given over to Satan, those who should receive heavy punishment will receive heavy punishment, and those who should perish will be destroyed. That way, there will no longer be anyone to disturb Me in My days. When that day arrives, can you imagine whether you will be living amidst cheers and laughter, or weeping and gnashing your teeth? What kind of ending do you hope you will have? Have you ever seriously considered how you should treat your own words and actions?

Adapted from “Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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