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Facts Countered My Imaginations


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Facts Countered My Imaginations

One day, my leader phoned and asked me to promote a certain church leader to be the small-district assistant. I reluctantly agreed, but in my heart I could not accept it at all. As soon as I hung up, I began to complain, “You simply ask me to promote talent, but you, the leader, know too little about our concrete conditions here. There’s no talent in the churches at all! As for this church leader, her family circumstances do not permit: Her husband has been bedridden for almost two years; he has to be given an infusion every day, otherwise he will have a heart attack. And in their living, they are faced with straitened circumstances. With such a family, how can she come out to work? Even if she can come out, no one else in that church is competent to be the leader. The life deacon lives in the flesh; she always complains about the hardships and difficulties, and is even unwilling to do her own duty. Not to mention others….” I lived completely in my excuses and difficulties, full of complaints and resistance within. Then, God’s words rang in my ears: “Man’s mind especially hinders the work of the Holy Spirit. Man has rich imagination, logical reasoning, and old experience in handling things. If these are not pruned and corrected, they all are hindrances in the work.” Oh, yes! Was I not treating the matter with my mental imagination and logical reasoning? I am a maggot; what can I think? And what things can I see through? When this matter comes to me, am I not needed to drop myself and seek God’s intention? Then I came before God and prayed, “O God! That this matter has come upon me today is under your manipulation, and I should not measure it with my mental thinking. Though I cannot see it through, I am willing to obey….” After praying, I felt much assured in my heart.

That afternoon, I went to fellowship with that church leader. I did not expect that she should agree readily without speaking of any difficulty of hers. I was very excited in my heart, “O God, this is really done by you! I was really too blind!” What was more gratifying was that, the next day when electing the church leader, the brothers and sisters all chose the life deacon; she did not mention any difficulty of hers either. She merely said in tears, “This is God’s uplifting of me….” All this amazed me, much more made me cover my mouth. What God did countered my imagination once again and made me feel ashamed and disgraced. Not until then did I have some understanding of this truth, “God’s work is done by God Godself.”

I came before God in tears: O God, by my mental imagination I nearly held up your work and ruined the opportunity for the brothers and sisters to be perfected. O God! I will never again dare to measure anything done by you with my mental imagination, much less dare to judge anyone. O God, thank you for the inspiration and guidance of your words, which has made me see everything is under your manipulation. I am willing to drop my imaginations and notions, learn to seek your will in everything, submit to your every arrangement, and perform my duty properly.

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