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137 Fall of That Year

1 Fall of that year, that nightmarish day, that was when my mom and dad were taken away. A gentle rain was falling steadily when the CCP police suddenly burst into my home. Seeing their malicious and ferocious faces, in fear I kept calling on God in my heart. May God give us faith. I didn’t want my mom and dad to be arrested and persecuted. The police handcuffed my mom and dad and I saw them being forcefully led away. My tears intermingled with the rain and my heart couldn’t stop from crying out: Why break my happy family? Why take away my happiness? In grief, I called out: Devils! Don’t take my mom and dad!

2 I stood alone by the window, never again to see my parents’ smiling faces. I don’t know how many times I’ve stood watching the road into the village, hoping to see their figures approach. I don’t know how much torture my dad has suffered in prison. Is my mom still well? How I wish to see you both soon. Oh, when can you come home? Tears of yearning blurred my eyes, there are so many things I wanted to say to them: I often pray and read God’s word and in the black of night I am no longer alone and afraid. Now the church is my home, I fellowship on God’s words with brothers and sisters. I experience the warmth of God’s love. Mom, Dad—don’t worry about me.

3 Stars are twinkling in the night sky at this Autumn Festival, and I count 7 years since Mom and Dad left me. I give thanks to God’s word for leading me through to today. Now understanding the truth, I have some discernment. I see that the CCP in power is Satan in power, and this is the source of all darkness in the world. I hate the demonic CCP to the core, I am resolved to follow God till the end! Though I lost my parents’ love, I will rely on God and live steadfastly. I am not alone and not lonely, for I have God’s word and God is with me. God has watched over me all my life, His word leads me to grow and mature. I’ve enjoyed so much of God’s love, I wish to fulfill my duty to repay His love.

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