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718 How to Follow Well the Last Leg of the Path

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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718 How to Follow Well the Last Leg of the Path

1 You must remember that these words have now been spoken: Later on, you will undergo greater tribulation and greater suffering! To be perfected is not a simple or easy thing. At the very least you must possess the faith of Job or maybe even greater faith than his. You should know that the trials in the future will be greater than the trials of Job, and that you must still undergo long-term chastisement. Is this a simple thing? If your caliber can’t be improved, your capacity for understanding is lacking, and you know too little, then at that time you will not have any testimony, but you will become a joke, a plaything for Satan. If you can’t hold on to the visions now, then you have no foundation at all, and you will be discarded in the future!

2 Every part of the road is not easy to walk, so don’t take this lightly. Carefully weigh this now and make preparations for how to properly walk the very last leg of this path. This is the path that must be taken in the future and all people must take it. You can’t allow this current understanding to go in one ear and out the other, and do not think that what I say to you is all a waste of breath. The day will come when you will put it all to good use—words cannot be said in vain. This is the time to equip yourself; it is the time to pave the way for the future. You should prepare the path that you should later walk; you should be worried and anxious about how you will be able to stand firm later on and prepare well for your future path. Do not be gluttonous and lazy!

3 You must do absolutely everything you can to make the best use of your time to gain everything that you need. I am giving you everything so that you can understand. By undergoing greater tribulation, genuine understanding within all people will be achieved. This is a step of work. Once you fully understand the visions fellowshiped today and you achieve having genuine stature, whatever hardships you undergo in the future will not overcome you—you will be able to withstand them. When I’ve completed this last step of work and I’ve finished uttering the last words, in the future people will need to walk their own path. This will fulfill the words said before: The Holy Spirit has a commission for every single person, and work to do in every single person.

Adapted from “How You Should Walk the Final Stretch of the Path”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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