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89 For Love


For love, God made mankind

and has always cared for and watched over them.

For love, God issued laws and commandments

to guide man’s lives on earth.

For love, God became flesh

and gave His life to redeem mankind.

For love, the salvation of the cross passed over the lands

and long ago spread throughout the world.

For love, God has expended Himself for mankind

without complaint or regret,

sprinkling His love over the world.

For love, God is always working to guide

and save deeply corrupted mankind.


For love, God returned in the flesh in the last days

and came to the nation of the great red dragon.

For love, God endures rejection and slander,

and suffers great persecution and tribulations.

For love, God lives humbly and hiddenly

with corrupt mankind.

For love, God expresses the truth

and brings the way of eternal life.

For love, God judges and exposes

mankind’s satanic nature with His words.

For love, God tries, refines, prunes and deals with us

to cleanse our corruption.


For love, God brings people,

matters and things into service,

so that we may gain truth and life.

For love, God’s judgment and chastisement

enables us to cast off Satan’s influence

and attain salvation.

Oh God! Everything revealed

in Your work and Your words is love.

Oh God! Your love is not just lovingkindness and mercy,

but is even more so chastisement and judgment.

Oh God! Your judgment and chastisement

are the truest love and the greatest salvation.

We will bear witness to Your holy and righteous love

and You deserve our eternal praise.

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