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16. Only by Fostering and Using People Who Pursue the Truth and Who Have Strong Ability to Work Can We Match God’s Will

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16. Only by Fostering and Using People Who Pursue the Truth and Who Have Strong Ability to Work Can We Match God’s Will

You could say that nowadays the work of the house of God has already begun to enter fully onto the right track. Note: The greater the work, “grasping the root and stressing the center,” the more important it will appear. God’s work is the work of saving people, changing people and perfecting people. If the majority of believers in the house of God are ultimately unable to have true knowledge of God and gain the truth, if they cannot attain true obedience and true worship, then attaining salvation and being perfected is out of the question. This would be a neglect of our duties. This is an unavoidable responsibility. We would disappoint God and we would disappoint our brothers and sisters. So, even if it means risking our lives, we must not dishonor our mission. We must be most willing to do this even if we are exhausted to the point of death. If this is how we treat what God has entrusted us with, then our heart will be free from worry, and we could even die without regret. People who serve God ought to be equipped with this kind of reason in regard to God’s elevation. I don’t know how many among those who serve as leaders and workers in the house of God are able to have this kind of resolve: In order to complete what God has entrusted you with, to offer your life and devote yourself entirely to the will of God, you would prefer to be faithful unto death in order to satisfy God; in order to gain the truth, you would be willing to pay any price, even your life. People who serve God in the house of God, if they are truly willing to devote their lifetime as well as their whole lives to God, then they can swear this oath: I shall serve God no matter what His arrangements shall be, regardless of how He treats me, and even if I cannot gain anything, I will have no regrets and no complaints. Even if it means my death, I will have no regrets, I shall be eternally grateful to God for lifting me up! If those who serve God are able to swear this kind of oath, the house of God may consider assigning them important duties. Every time that the house of God arranges important work, those who are entrusted with it ought to swear this oath, and then go on with their work. People without resolve, who dare not swear this oath, should not be forced to take on important work. Some other duty can be assigned to them. For people who do not have the resolve to be loyal to God, the house of God does not force this upon them. Such people can only serve as followers. Those who are determined and willing to swear this oath, even if for the time being they are not fit to carry out the three levels of leadership work in the church, ought to be fostered if they are worthy of fostering. First, they ought to serve as workers and perform whatever duties they are capable of performing. For people who are unable to sincerely swear this oath, they won’t be used even if their caliber and humanity are good, for this kind of person fails to appreciate kindness. If your caliber is good, if you pursue the truth, if you have strong ability to carry out work but you are unwilling to take on the work of the house of God, then you are a coward, you are a betrayer of God, and in the future when you are in good circumstances and want to carry out work we will have no need of you! These kinds of people are opportunists, they have no conscience!

As the work of the house of God begins to enter fully onto the right track, Satan will not suffer defeat gladly. All kinds of antichrists and false Christs will make more and more serious disturbances. The battle between God and Satan grows more intense with each passing day. So, choosing those with good humanity, with good caliber, who quickly accept the truth and who have resolve to serve as leaders at the various levels of the church is absolutely an important task. For those who have poor caliber and no strong work abilities, even if their humanity is good, they should not be fostered to serve as a leader at one of the various levels in the house of God, because fostering this kind of person delays work too much, it truly is not worth it. Can you not see this point clearly? If it’s just your humanity that is good, then you are just fit to receive people or safeguard money in the house of God. This is the most suitable role for this kind of person. The main responsibility for the three levels of leadership in the house of God is to guide people toward entry into the reality of the truth and the reality of the word of God, while at the same time waging battles with the various false Christs and antichrists that belong to Satan. This is the most fundamental and most crucial work to be carried out by the house of God. If your caliber is not that good and you are unable to equip yourself with the truth, then how could you defeat Satan? If someone can discern things in their heart but they cannot clearly explain the truth, then they will not be able to refute Satan, so how could they save others? So, people with good caliber who quickly accept the truth and have strong ability to work must be chosen to serve at the various levels of leadership and as the workers for the church. Even if these people have arrogant dispositions, are over-anxious for the status and have average humanity, so long as they are able to pursue the truth, so long as they are able to accept the dealing and pruning of the house of God, and so long as they are able to truly repent for their transgressions, then they are absolutely able to be fostered and gradually promoted into important positions. If the three levels of leadership of the church are chosen appropriately, then people will be able to be brought into the truth of the word of God within a short period of time, and those false Christs and antichrists will not be able to deceive so many people. The majority of people will be able to unconditionally obey God and worship God. This will be a time of great glory for God, this will be a time when the will of God is satisfied. That churches allow deceivers to get their way proves that those churches have issues with their leadership. It is certain that the leaders at those churches do not know the slightest bit about the truth or about reality, that they are spineless cowards, and that they ought to be dismissed and replaced. In the past, because new believers had relatively little experience, they still weren’t suited to do work in pastoral or regional decision-making team, so there was no choice but to choose old believers who had poorer caliber but who were relatively more reliable to become members of pastoral or regional decision-making team. But nowadays there are many new believers who have 7 or more years of experience, so they are already comparatively mature and experienced, and they absolutely are able to be promoted to important positions. Not only can these new believers carry out work in regional decision-making team, they are absolutely capable of carrying out work in pastoral decision-making team. So, with regards to those who are not well qualified to work in pastoral or regional decision-making team, it doesn’t matter if they’re old believers or new ones, they must have other work arranged for them, and be replaced by somebody with strong working ability and who can completely excel at their role. This is a major priority. Let me speak about another important issue: There is no age limit to carrying out the work of any leadership level within the house of God. To consider age and to set age limits would be a huge mistake. That’s because only people who are equipped with the truth and have strong ability to carry out work are fit to carry out the important work at any level of leadership in the house of God. However, it is usually when you are an adult that you truly have experience and understand the truth. One can say the age for adults starts at least over thirty, that is, a range of thirty to seventy or even eighty. If you are in this age group, so long as you possess the truth, are able to discern between true and false and right and wrong, and so long as you are able to speak words and arrange work, then you are absolutely qualified. It wasn’t until Moses was eighty years old that God started to use him. From this you can see that physical conditions are not the most important when it comes to serving God. The main requirements are possession of the truth and strong ability to carry out work. The physical conditions are that you are able to speak words, make arrangements, not be confused and not hold things up. If this is the case, then you are absolutely okay. Since work in the house of God primarily involves using the truth to solve problems, which is not the same as doing physical labor, there should not be an age limit based on its working conditions. This is a very important issue. Those in the house of God who are older in age and have good caliber, who possess the truth, who have strong ability to work, who were renounced in the past only because of their age, these people ought to be promoted to higher jobs right away. We cannot leave out a single person! Furthermore, we ought to examine those below thirty who are working in important leadership positions. If their age is too young, if they are immature, then they must be assigned to another job. As a matter of fact, to put it precisely, most people reach a level of comparative maturity in their forties. People in their thirties still lack insight, they still appear naive. The nature of work in the house of God is especially unique, those who are more mature are somewhat more dependable in the work that they take on, they look at things more accurately, and they don’t have as many problems. Older people have experienced more failures, so they are comparatively more cautious and experienced, they carry out work in a more pragmatic and reliable way, they are less reckless, and they don’t rush through the things that they do. Young people are comparatively much worse at this. This is something I believe everyone can recognize. I don’t need to say any more about this, you all already understand. The three levels of leadership in the church that I often speak of refers to regional decision-making team members, district leaders, and church leaders. Coordinators, sermon-givers and church deacons are all classified as workers in the house of God. The various levels of leaders in the house of God include pastoral decision-making team members, all of whom are in charge of important work, and it’s better if the age requirement is relatively older for these positions. For the various levels of workers in the houses of God, their age should be relatively younger. These positions can be held by young people who are worthy of nurturing. The various levels of leaders should be chosen from workers of various levels in the house of God, this is the reasonable and fair thing to do. The house of God can absolutely not be without principles in using people. Regardless of whether they are people being cultivated or people being used there is no age limit, one should just make a comprehensive consideration based on their qualifications, such as a mature humanity, being equipped with the truth, having strong ability to work, etc. If they pursue the truth all the same, and they all have strong ability to work, then just take a look at whether or not their humanity is mature. Those whose humanity has grown mature are comparatively more fit for mainly leadership roles. Those whose humanity has not yet grown mature and experienced are only fit to serve as workers. The latter should be given opportunities to be cultivated and tempered, and then once they are relatively mature they can go on with carrying out leadership work. If someone pursues the truth and has strong ability to work, with a relatively mature humanity, then they ought to be most deserving of being cultivated and selected for promotion. If someone has been cultivated for many years but still cannot shoulder their work, this means that they are of very low caliber, and that they are not born with the capability to do such work. The goodness of their humanity is not a major factor here. The conditions for choosing the leaders at the various levels of the house of God are: First, whether or not they possess the truth; second, whether or not they have strong ability to work; and, third, what the quality of their humanity and character is like. This is a logical order. If someone says that a person is not worthy of being cultivated because of their old age, this is a conception of man, and it is a grave mistake. People that are cultivated by the house of God can know their lot even after just three or five years. This is absolutely not the same as being knowledgeable and learned, which takes ten to twenty years, and which requires youthfulness. Since the nature of work within the house of God is different, those who are cultivated and used by the house of God are not decided by age. The only exception is if someone is in their seventies or older and they do not have energy, or if they start to be confused, but apart from this, anyone who is of excellent caliber, who pursues the truth, who has strong ability to work, and who has average humanity can be cultivated and used. This is the proper way to carry out things, this absolutely conforms to the will of God.

People selected by the house of God for cultivation must be of good caliber, pursue the truth, and have strong ability to work, and they must also have good humanity (or at the very least, average humanity). Only if they fit these conditions can they be nurtured. Possessing strong ability to work, this is an inborn ability, it is not something that can be acquired through cultivation. Pursuit of the truth can absolutely be accomplished through reliance upon one’s own pursuits, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the provision and watering provided by man. But to possess strong ability to work, that is leadership talent, this is bestowed by God, it absolutely is not something that can be acquired through cultivation. This is a point that you must understand. In the past some people who served as leaders made no progress after several years, and later on their workload grew to be quite large, making it difficult for them to deal with it. None of the guidance given to them worked, so there was nothing that could be done but to eliminate them. Originally when these people were used it was because new believers were not yet mature, so there was no better option but to use them for the time being and wait until new believers had seven years of experience, until they had a foundation and were comparatively stable, and had an understanding of some truths. Then, these new people could be promoted to higher jobs; then they could replace the older ones who are no longer useful. This is reasonable and fair, and everything else will fall into place. During the three peak periods in 1997, 1998, and 1999, there were many talented new believers who entered. By now, they have experienced for long enough, and a large number of them are absolutely able to be used and promoted to higher jobs. Since one has built a basic foundation after going through 7 years of experience, if they are someone who pursues the truth, after seven years of pursuing it they will certainly understand some truths. They will have some knowledge of God, they will possess some reality, and they absolutely will be able to be trained to serve as a leader. The requirements for being a member of pastoral or regional decision-making team are: You must have 7 or more years of experience of God’s work, your degree of culture must at least be at a middle school level, you must be of good caliber, you must pursue the truth, and you must be equipped with innate strong working abilities. Only after all this can you be chosen to be promoted to a higher job. This is a special rule, and it absolutely cannot be altered! If someone does not have strong ability to lead then they absolutely cannot be allowed to be promoted to a job as a member of pastoral or regional decision-making team. People whose working abilities are a bit poorer are only fit to serve at one of the various levels of workers. They cannot undertake leadership responsibilities. In the past people have frequently been biased against those who are of good caliber and have strong ability to work, for they believe that these people are arrogant and self-conceited, that they love status, and they use this as an excuse to exclude and attack them. But this is a grave mistake to make. I like to cultivate people who have strong ability to work, who are competent. Even if these people are arrogant and self-conceited and focus on their status, so long as they pursue the truth and are people who respect facts and speak with reason, then they can be fearlessly cultivated. Since all of corrupt humanity are arrogant and self-conceited, since everyone focuses on their status without a single exception, the only thing that is different from person to person is the way in which they express and reveal these things. When it comes to the business of cultivating and using people, one ought to be aware of God’s will. Let us take a look at Peter, who was perfected by God. Peter was born a person of high caliber and capability, and what’s more, he was an upright man who pursued the truth and spoke truthfully. He always followed Jesus to pursue the truth, and Jesus looked highly upon him. We ought to be aware of what people God loves and perfects. It is very ignorant to be unable to see what people God perfects and uses, for people like this will only interrupt God’s work, they will resist what God does. So how could they be fit to be used by God?

Disrupting God’s work in cultivating and using people is a very serious mistake to make in one’s service to God. Who will be cultivated and who will be used is the biggest matter in the house of God, it is prerequisite to all the work that will be carried out in the house of God. Only after the right people have been arranged can we speak of work. Before God carried out His work in mainland China, He first bore witness to the man used by the Holy Spirit, then, only after He saw that he has started his work did He start to speak, and only when His utterances reached their peak did the Holy Spirit bear witness to God incarnate. Look at this sequence of development. It’s absolutely reasonable and fair. First, He determined who the leader was, then, carried out the work step by step. People inevitably carry out work based on this principle. If there is no suitable leader, then there is no way to develop the work of the house of God. If a false Christ or an antichrist is used then people will run away. What work would there be to discuss? So, members of pastoral and regional decision-making teams must be adjusted to the most suitable person for the job. This task is of chief importance in the house of God. Immediately following this in importance is properly adjusting district and church leaderships, and making the right choices for the three levels of church leadership, and, once this is done, then properly adjusting all of the workers in the house of God. In this way, work in the house of God will naturally enter onto the right track, and church life will naturally become normal. If people who are not right for the job or who are not fit to lead are allowed to serve as leaders, then there will never be improvements to church life. This is absolute! Good-for-nothing people, crowd pleasers and people without a sense of justice must not be allowed to serve as leaders in the house of God. They must be dismissed and replaced! All must not be spared! Those who have a sense of justice, who pursue the truth and who bear the burden of the work in the church should be promoted, even if their disposition is arrogant and self-conceited and they love status it doesn’t matter. So long as they pursue the truth and have strong ability to work, and so long as they are without doubt not a wicked person, then they can be cultivated and promoted to a higher job. Only by carrying things out in this way will we be in harmony with God’s will, only in this way will we be doing the will of God.

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