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7. God’s Administrative Decrees and Disposition

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7. God’s Administrative Decrees and Disposition

All people should know that the significance of God’s work in the last days is primarily to reveal His inherent disposition. This is the work that has not yet been carried out since the creation of the world—it is only being revealed in the last days, and of course it has far-reaching significance. For each person who believes in God and pursues truth and life, understanding God’s inherent disposition is the most important part. This is critical element in whether or not one can gain salvation. In order to effectively avoid offending God’s disposition, we must first understand and gain clarity on His administrative decrees. This is absolutely critical. Regarding the relationship between God’s administrative decrees and His disposition, God has said: “I will make every single person see My wondrous deeds and hear My wise words. It must be every single person and it must be with regard to every single matter. This is My administrative decree and it is My wrath. I will involve every single person and every single matter so that all people from one end of the universe to the other will see with their own eyes, or else I shall never stop. My wrath has been poured out wholly and not a shred is withheld. It is directed at every single person who accepts this name (it will soon be turned upon all nations of the world). And what is My wrath? How severe is it? What kind of person does My wrath fall upon? Most people think that wrath is the most severe degree of anger, but this does not wholly explain it. My wrath and My administrative decrees are two inseparable parts; when I enact My administrative decrees, wrath follows in their wake. So what exactly is wrath? Wrath is a degree of judgment I mete out to people and it is the principle behind the enactment of any one of My administrative decrees. Whosoever offends one of My decrees, My wrath will be of an according degree, depending on which decree has been offended. With wrath come My administrative decrees, and with My administrative decrees comes wrath. My administrative decrees and wrath form an inseparable whole. It is the sternest of judgments and no one may offend it. All people must abide by it, or else they will find it hard to avoid being struck down by My hand. People never knew of it throughout the ages (although some people suffered the pain caused by great disasters, still they did not know of it; but this mainly begins to be enacted right now), but today I reveal it all to you, that you may avoid causing offense.” This is how God describes the relationship between His administrative decrees and His disposition. It can be seen that God’s disposition is no longer the mercy and love in the Age of Grace, but it is chastisement and wrath full of righteousness and majesty. This is God’s disposition that is primarily righteousness. Throughout all of God’s words expressed in His work in the last days it is apparent that in every word, every sentence, His disposition of majesty and righteousness can be tasted. People tremble with fear and are scared out of their wits. Because He loathes this evil age, loathes the great red dragon and its children, and thoroughly loathes all things that belong to Satan as well as the things that are incompatible with Him, this is the source of God’s expression of His righteous disposition. Those of us who have been so deeply corrupted by Satan, who are full of rebelliousness and resistance toward God, and full of all sorts of notions have become the classic representatives for Satan. Without exception, we are all the enemies of Christ, so how could God not emit the wrath of His judgment? Although His work is not what people would like it to be, it is the only way to conquer and gain this group of mankind who is hostile to Him. Who is able to understand this, to be clear on this? I can say that—it is God’s righteous disposition that He expresses that conquers me, and it is His wrathful judgment and chastisement that transform and perfect me. I have undergone God’s judgment and chastisement, and I have truly tasted His righteous disposition which does not allow for man’s offenses. I have come to understand many essential issues such as what resisting God is, what offending His disposition is, what obeying Him is, how a heart of reverence for God is developed, and how people should serve God. Without God’s judgment and chastisement, I would never be capable of understanding these essential truths. For corrupt human beings, if there were only the sin offering work from the Age of Grace, which was just one half of the work, it could absolutely not reach the standard for conquering, transforming, and gaining them. Only adding the work of judgment and chastisement of the last days can complete God’s management plan for mankind. While experiencing God’s work of judgment and chastisement, whether they can achieve salvation is based on the outcome of a person’s dispositional transformation. The key is to understand and grasp God’s administrative decrees, and to know His disposition which does not allow for mankind’s offenses. No one should overlook this—it relates to our very survival. Who has truly experienced and can understand God’s righteous disposition? God not only has mercy and love, but He particularly has judgment, chastisement, majesty, and wrath that do not allow for people’s offenses. This is why He refers to Himself as a lion. In the Age of Kingdom, God has repeatedly issued His administrative decrees and commandments for people to observe. The significance of this is that He is revealing His inherent disposition so that people may know it, thus concluding the old age and opening up a new age. God’s work in the last age reveals His inherent disposition. All of His words are an expression of His righteous disposition, and they form a sharp contrast with His work and words from the Age of Grace. What God revealed at that time was mercy and love, but what He reveals now is righteousness and majesty. His work then was the work of redemption, but His work now is the work of conquering and transformation. The disposition that He expresses will vary based on the stage of work, but they all achieve the aims of His work at the time. These are God’s wondrous deeds. But the disposition that God expressed in the Age of Grace does not represent all of Him. Understanding God’s inherent disposition in the Age of Kingdom is more important. What God in the Age of Kingdom expresses is His inherent disposition, giving us a wonderful opportunity to know Him. We must pay close attention to His every word as well as the deeper meaning that exists between the lines. We particularly must observe His intentions and His requirements of mankind, especially the significance and the essence of the content of constitution, the commandments and the administrative decrees He has set in place for the kingdom. This is what is critical in understanding God’s inherent disposition. Knowing God’s disposition is the primary part of knowing Him. Without that, there is no knowledge of God. His disposition and His administrative decrees are inextricably linked; people must begin by first gaining a grasp on, understanding, comprehending His administrative decrees. Only this way can we achieve knowledge of His disposition while also ensuring we do not offend His disposition. This is the way to effectively protect yourself.

Why is God promulgating His administrative decrees? His administrative decrees are targeted at mankind’s nature, arrogance, weak points, and deficiencies to restrain and limit people while also maintaining His own dignity and glory, and reveal His disposition which does not tolerate offense. Even more, it is to successfully complete His management plan—this was determined by God long ago. And without His administrative decrees, who would He punish? How would He reveal His disposition? You can take any commandment, any administrative decree, and you will see that it reveals His disposition which does not tolerate offense. If people don’t understand that, they will inevitably offend it. The consequences of offending God’s disposition are unthinkable, and regrets will be too late; if they do not know God’s administrative decrees and when push comes to shove they still don’t know what’s going on, then this is a muddled faith. God issued ten commandments in the Age of Law; they were the basic tenets for the Israelites to uphold. Breaking them meant death, and this was something that everyone knew. In the Age of Kingdom today, He has now promulgated ten administrative decrees, and they are also things that people must uphold. An offense against His administrative decrees will mean a loss in one’s life, and if it’s serious, they will be punished with destruction. We must have fellowship on and understand the ten administrative decrees. Every single person must bear them in mind and not only understand what an offense is, but also know how to practice and uphold His administrative decrees. Just a passive defense against offending them is not enough to meet His requirements. You must also enter in and practice in a positive manner—only this is in line with what He requires. Aside from the ten administrative decrees that mankind cannot offend, there are also the commandments and the constitutions in the Age of Kingdom that people must hold to. Although these are not entirely same as His administrative decrees, they are also God’s particular requirements. Violating these will bring harm to your life. People also need to understand that all things mentioning God’s administrative decrees relate to the kingdom. They will be preserved into eternity and are immutable—they were all defined by God long ago. All things marked as God’s administrative decrees are critical components of His management plan, and they are also the areas people’s rebellious natures are most likely to come into play as well as the areas we are most likely to offend God’s disposition. For example, God Himself, God in the flesh, God’s humanity, the man used by the Holy Spirit, and the fact that the firstborn sons will wield power—they are all essential parts of God’s administrative decrees. Here, God takes great care for people. He does not want to have us all perish under His wrath, so He is constantly warning us, saying: “I act with straightforwardness and agility, and I do not consider how faithful you have been to Me in the past. As long as you resist Me, My hand of judgment will swiftly unleash wrath upon you without any delay whatsoever, not even a second, and without a shred of mercy.” “Man must not act as My advisers. Beware being struck down by My hand and cast into Hades.” “Absolutely everything from here on out returns to My hand, and is beyond their own control. It is completely controlled by Me, arranged by Me. If a person participates in a small way, I will not let them go lightly.” “All people will see that My righteousness and My majesty allow no offense or resistance by anyone, and that anyone who offends will be punished severely.” “Every sentence I utter carries authority and judgment and no one can change them. Once My words issue forth, things will be accomplished in accordance with My words, and this is My disposition. My words are authority and whosoever amends them offends My chastisement and I must strike them down. In serious cases they bring ruination down on their own lives and they go to Hades, and go to the bottomless pit. This is the only way in which I deal with mankind and man has no way to change it—this is My administrative decree.” “What I have said must be counted, what is counted must be completed, and this cannot be changed by anyone; this is absolute. Whether it be what I have said in the past or what I say in the future, all will come to be, and all of mankind will see this. This is the principle behind the work of My words.” “I am not in essence a lamb but a lion. No one dares to offend Me and whosoever offends I will immediately punish with death, with no feeling at all! From this, one is well able to see My disposition.…” “My judgment comes to everyone, My administrative decrees touch everyone, and My words and My person are revealed to everyone. This is the time for the great work of My Spirit (at this time those who will be blessed and those who will suffer misfortune are distinguished).” “From this one can see the harshness of My administrative decrees, and one can see the principles of My administrative decrees, including two aspects: On the one hand I kill all who are not in line with My will and who offend My administrative decrees; on the other hand, in My wrath I curse all who offend My administrative decrees. These two aspects are indispensable and are the executive principles of My administrative decrees. Everyone is handled according to these two principles, with no emotion, no matter how loyal people are. This is sufficient to show My righteousness and sufficient to show My majesty and My wrath, which will incinerate all earthly things, all worldly things, and all things that are not in line with My will.” “But from today, all the disasters (these in relation to My administrative decrees) will befall one after another to punish all those who do not conform to My will. There must be the advent of facts, otherwise people would not be able to see My wrath but would be debauched over and over. This is a step of My management plan and it is the way in which I do the next step of My work. I say this to you in advance so that you can avoid committing offense and suffering perdition forever.” “This final age is also the age when all disasters arise again, and moreover the age when I reveal all My dispositions. When My holy trumpets all begin to blow, people will be truly afraid, and then nobody will dare to do evil, but they will instead prostrate before Me, appreciating My wisdom and My almightiness.”

We can see from these words that God’s disposition will not tolerate human offenses, and from this we know God’s principle in carrying out His administrative decrees. One part of it is to eliminate all things that are not in line with His will and are offenses to His administrative decrees, and another aspect is to curse all things that are offenses to His administrative decrees with His wrath. If we want to ensure that we do not offend God’s disposition, lacking understanding of His administrative decrees absolutely won’t do—we must clearly understand every one of His administrative decrees and hold them in our hearts.

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