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God Is Love


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God Is Love

Although I have accepted this stage of God’s work, I was always in an anxious state, feeling uneasy and terrified. That was because before I accepted God’s new work I had resisted God’s end-time work desperately. I remembered that during that period of time, whenever I met those who preached God’s end-time gospel, I either beat or abused them, and sometimes I tried every possible way to embarrass them. The most unforgettable occasion to me is that when we were having a meeting, a strange sister came to attend our meeting (her purpose was to contact us and preach God’s end-time gospel to us). At that time, I not only didn’t allow her to join our meeting, but I forcibly pulled her downstairs by seizing the scarf around her neck and drove her away. Not only so, I also sealed off the churches everywhere, and I spoke blasphemies and slanders against God at big or small meetings…. Now, whenever I thought of my various evil deeds of resisting God, I always became passive, thinking: As I have done so much evil, God will not let me off. When the brothers and sisters knew my thought, they fellowshipped with me about God’s intention, and they asked me to read this passage of God’s words: “No matter how people resisted God before, if they can make efforts to satisfy God after understanding the purpose of God’s work, God will blot out all their past sins. As long as people can seek the truth and practice the truth, God will not remember anything they did and will justify them because they can practice the truth. This is God’s righteousness. Before people saw God and experienced God’s work, regardless of how they treated God, God will not remember it. …” God’s words, like a warm current, flowed into my heart and made my heart greatly comforted. Actually, the Almighty God is so loving and merciful, yet I never realized that but misunderstood God’s heart. I resisted and disobeyed God like that in the past, but God doesn’t remember my past and hopes that I can mend my way and start a new life. God loves me so much! I, a son of disobedience who has done all kinds of evil and deserves death and destruction, never dreamed that I still can receive God’s salvation. This is really God’s exceptional uplifting of me, and even more, it is God’s infinite tolerance and patience for me. O God! Today, I have truly experienced the breadth and length and height and depth of your love and experienced your motherly broad heart. At this moment, I cannot find words to express my thanks and praises to you. O God! I will live up to your expectations, and in the rest of my life, I will use actual deeds to make up for my indebtedness to you, repay your great love, and satisfy your heart.

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