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God Led Me Out of My Notion


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God Led Me Out of My Notion

When I had just accepted the new work of the Almighty God, I thought: The leaders in God’s family surely are all ones who have quite good qualities, who are outstanding in their living out of humanity, and who receive God’s word accurately. But when I was in contact with them, what I saw was not like what I imaged. In working, sometimes they also expressed their corruptions, and expressed their personal preferences…. Seeing these, I had doubts in my mind: How could God use such people to lead the churches? Could this be arranged by God? So, every time a new leader was transferred to my place, I first carefully observed his or her appearance and words and deeds. If they were not to my liking, I would have resistance in my heart, and no matter what he or she fellowshipped about I could hardly accept it. My doubts accumulated day by day and month by month, and finally I raised doubts about this stage of God’s work and even had an idea to give up my belief. But I was unwilling to leave God. In awful ambivalence, I came before God and beseeched him in bitter tears: “O Almighty God! I do not want to leave you, but I can hardly accept all that has come upon me. May you inspire me so that I can understand your intention….” After the prayer, I opened The Summary of Christ’s Preachings and Conversations, and in the Fellowship of the Man attached to it I read these words: “How should we treat the workers? We should first know that man has been corrupted too deeply by satan and during the period when God does his work of salvation, everyone’s entering in the truth and transformation in nature are limited and cannot reach the height as people imagine. Since some people have been promoted to be workers, then of course these people are a little better than the ordinary. But, these people cannot possibly be perfect in every aspect. It is normal that they have some defects, which we should treat properly.” “In performing his duty, a worker probably has expressions of his corrupt nature and has mixtures. This is a very normal thing. As long as his working is helpful to the church work and beneficial and edifying to the brothers and sisters, anyone who has a conscience and sense should give him support and cooperation.” Having read these words, I saw the light all at once. I had prejudices against the leaders and resisted them in my heart because my requirements for them were too high, too unreasonable, and too unrealistic. The leaders are also people who have been deeply corrupted by satan, and their corrupt natures also need to be gradually transformed in the process of performing their duties before they can be finally perfected by God. It is normal that they express corruptions in doing their work. As long as they work according to the work arrangements and what they do is beneficial to the church and to the life entering in of the brothers and sisters, I should accept them and give them my support and cooperation. However, I could not treat the leaders properly and always measured them by my own standards. I even formed notions about God and wanted to leave God. I was really too arrogant and ignorant and too devoid of sense. O God! Thank you for your timely inspiration, which has led me out of my notion. Otherwise, I would die in my absurd viewpoint. O God! I will drop my notion and imagination, seek your intention in everything, view people and matters according to your word and treat the leaders properly, and be a person who has the truth and humanity.

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