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XI Classic Words on God’s Requirements, Exhortations, Warnings, and Consolations

Classic Words From Almighty God, Christ of the Last Days

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XI Classic Words on God’s Requirements, Exhortations, Warnings, and Consolations

86. No matter how pitiable he tries to appear before My eyes, I will never be merciful toward him, for man has no grasp of the difference between black and white, of the difference between truth and non-truth. Man’s sense is so benumbed, yet he still wishes to gain blessings; his humanity is so ignoble yet he still wishes to possess the sovereignty of a king. Who could he be the king of, with sense such as that? How could he with such a humanity sit atop a throne? Man truly has no shame! He is a conceited wretch! For those of you who wish to gain blessings, I suggest you first find a mirror and look at your own ugly reflection—do you have what it takes to be a king? Do you have the face of one who could gain blessings? There has not been the slightest change in your disposition and you have not put any of the truth into practice, yet you still wish for a wonderful tomorrow. You’re deluding yourself!

from “To Have an Unchanged Disposition Is to Be in Enmity to God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

87. Your lives have been determined by Me as lives of drinking the blood of those unclean spirits and eating the flesh of those unclean spirits because you take on their appearance in front of Me every day. Before Me your behavior was particularly bad, so how could I not feel disgusted? In what you say there are the impurities of unclean spirits: You deceive, conceal, and flatter just like those who carry out sorcery, like those who deceive and drink the blood of the unrighteous. All of mankind’s manifestations are very unrighteous, so how can all people be placed in the holy land where the righteous are? Do you think that that despicable behavior of yours can distinguish you as holy from those unrighteous ones? That serpent-like tongue of yours will eventually ruin the flesh of yours that wreaks destruction and carries out abominations, and those hands of yours that are covered with the blood of unclean spirits will also eventually pull your soul into hell, so why do you not leap on this opportunity to cleanse your hands that are covered with filth? And why do you not take advantage of this opportunity to cut out that tongue of yours that speaks unrighteous words? Could it be that you are willing to suffer under the flames of hell for your two hands and your tongue and lips? I keep watch over all people’s hearts with My two eyes because long before I created mankind, I had grasped their hearts within My hands. I long ago saw through man’s heart, so how could the thoughts in man’s heart escape My eyes? And how could they be in time to escape the burning of My Spirit?

from “Your Character Is So Lowly!” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

88. Many people feel restless and ill at ease because they have committed atrocious wrongs, and many feel ashamed of themselves because they have never performed a single good deed. Yet there are also many who, far from feeling disgraced by their sins, go from bad to worse, completely ripping off the mask concealing their hideous features—which had yet to be fully exposed—to test My disposition. I pay no mind to, nor do I take careful notice of, the actions of any person. Rather, I do the work that I ought to do, be it gathering information, or roaming the land, or doing something that interests Me. At key times, I will proceed with My work among men as originally planned, not a second too late or too soon, and with both ease and dispatch.

from “You Ought to Prepare a Sufficiency of Good Deeds for Your Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

89. However, with every step in My work some men are cast aside, for I despise their flattering ways and their feigned subservience. Those who are abhorrent to Me will certainly be forsaken, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In short, I want all those whom I despise to be far away from Me. Needless to say, I will not spare the wicked ones remaining in My house. Because the day of man’s punishment is near, I am not in a hurry to cast out all those despicable souls, for I have a plan of My own.

from “You Ought to Prepare a Sufficiency of Good Deeds for Your Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

90. When I am in My incarnate flesh, whosoever debates My work with My flesh will be loathed by Me. Many are the times that I have reminded all men that I am without kin on earth, and whosoever looks upon Me as an equal, and pulls Me to them so that they may reminisce about times past with Me, will be subject to destruction. This is what I command. In such matters I am not in the least bit lenient toward man. All those who interfere in My work and offer counsel to Me are chastised by Me, and will never be forgiven by Me.

from “The Twentieth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

91. Many people read the words of God yet secretly oppose Him in their hearts. After opposing Him like this, do you not feel like a knife has been twisted in your heart? If it is not family disharmony, it is physical discomfort, or the afflictions of sons and daughters. Although your flesh is spared death, the hand of God will never leave you. Do you think it could be that simple? In particular, it is even more necessary for the many who are near to God to focus on this. As time goes on, you will forget it, and, without realizing it, you will be plunged into temptation, you will become heedless of everything, and this will be the start of your sinning. Does this seem trivial to you? If you can do this well, then you have the chance to be made perfect—to receive the guidance from God’s own mouth before God. If you don’t consider this important, then you will be in trouble—you will be defiant of God, your words and actions will be dissolute, and sooner or later you will be carried away by great gales and mighty waves. These things should be noted by every one of you. The man who is testified to by God may not condemn you, but the Spirit of God is not finished with you, He will not spare you. Do you think you have what it takes to commit offense? Thus, no matter what God says, you must put His words into practice, and must adhere to them by any means you can. This is no simple matter!

from “The Commandments of the New Age” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

92. If you only ascribe to polytheism, then I say that you are the scum of the creatures, you are the true embodiment of Satan, and you are an absolute person of evil! … No matter what the time, place, or your background, you must not confuse God with any other person, thing, or object. Regardless of how unknowable and unapproachable you feel the authority of God and substance of God Himself is, regardless of how much the deeds and words of Satan agree with your conception and imagination, regardless of how satisfying they are to you, do not be foolish, do not confuse these concepts, do not deny the existence of God, do not deny the identity and status of God, do not push God out the door and bring in Satan to replace the God within your heart and be your God. I have no doubt that you are capable of imagining the consequences of doing so!

from “God Himself, the Unique I” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

93. After understanding God’s disposition and what He has and is, have you made any conclusions as to how you should treat God? In response to this question, in conclusion I’d like to give you three admonishments: First, do not test God. No matter how much you understand about God, no matter how much you know about His disposition, absolutely do not test Him. Second, do not contend for status with God. No matter what type of status God gives you or what kind of work He entrusts you with, no matter what kind of duty He raises you up to perform, and no matter how much you have spent and sacrificed for God, absolutely do not compete for status with Him. Third, do not compete with God. No matter whether you understand or if you can obey what God does with you, what He arranges for you, and the things He brings to you, absolutely do not compete with God. If you can carry out these three admonishments, then you will be relatively safe, and you will not anger God easily.

from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

94. Though part of God’s essence is love, and He extends mercy toward everyone, people overlook and forget the point that His essence is dignity as well. That He has love doesn’t mean that people can freely offend Him and He doesn’t have any feelings, or any reactions. That He has mercy doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have any principles in how He treats people. God is living; He really exists. He is not an imagined puppet or something else. Since He exists, we should carefully listen to His heart’s voice at all times, pay attention to His attitude, and understand His feelings. We shouldn’t use people’s imaginings to define God, and we shouldn’t impose the thoughts and wishes of people onto God, making God employ man’s style and thinking in how He treats mankind. If you do so, then you’re angering God, you’re tempting God’s wrath, and you’re challenging God’s dignity!

from “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

95. If the many years of association with Me have not changed you into a man who has humanity and the truth, and instead your evil ways become ingrained in your nature, if you are not only doubly arrogant but your misunderstandings of Me become even more grievous, such that you come to regard Me as your sidekick, then I say that your affliction is not skin deep, but has penetrated into your bones. And all you can do is wait and prepare for your funeral! You need not beseech Me then to be your God, for you have committed a sin deserving of death, an unforgivable sin. Even if I could have mercy on you, the God in heaven will insist on taking your life, for your offense against the disposition of God is no ordinary problem, but one very grave in nature.

from “How to Know the God on Earth” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

96. People bring their ways of serving officials and lords to the house of God, vainly thinking that such ways can be wielded here. Never did they think that God has not the disposition of a lamb but that of a lion. Therefore, those associating with God for the first time are unable to communicate with Him, for the heart of God is unlike that of man. Only after you understand many truths can you continuously know God. This knowledge is not letters or doctrines, but can be used as a treasure of your confidence with God and as proof that He delights in you. If you lack real knowledge and are not equipped with the truth, then your service with passion will only bring upon you the loathing and abhorrence of God.

from “Three Admonitions” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

97. The third thing is this: All believers in God have resisted and deceived God at some points along their path. Some misdeeds need not be recorded as an offense, but some are unforgivable; for many are that which transgresses the administrative decrees, which is an offense against the disposition of God. Many who are concerned about their own fates may ask what such deeds are. You must know that you are arrogant and haughty by nature, and unwilling to submit to the fact. Therefore, I shall tell you little by little after you have reflected upon yourselves. I exhort you to better understand the content of the administrative decrees and know the disposition of God. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to keep your lips sealed and your tongues from wagging too freely with high-sounding talk. Unknowingly you may offend the disposition of God and fall into the darkness, losing the presence of the Holy Spirit and the light. For you are unprincipled in your actions. If you do or say that which you should not, then you shall receive a fitting retribution. You must know that though you are unprincipled in your words and actions, God is very principled in both. The reason you receive retribution is because you have offended God, not a man. If, in your life, you commit many offenses against the disposition of God, then you are bound to be a child of hell. To man it may appear that you have only committed a few deeds not in accordance with the truth and nothing more. Are you aware, however, that in the eyes of God, you are already one for whom there is no more sin offering? For you have transgressed the administrative decrees of God more than once and show no sign of repentance, therefore you have no choice but to fall into hell where man is punished by God.

from “Three Admonitions” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

98. I still hope that when you go through the experiences to come, and the times to come, you can do what I’ve just told you. Don’t neglect God and regard Him as empty air, feeling like He exists at times when He is of use to you, but when He is of no use feeling like He does not exist. When you subconsciously hold this kind of understanding, you have already infuriated God.

from “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result of His Work” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

99. These words recorded in the Bible that the Lord Jesus spoke when He appeared to Thomas are a great help to all people in the Age of Grace. His appearance and His words to Thomas have had a profound impact on future generations, and they hold everlasting significance. Thomas represents a type of person who believes in God yet doubts God. They are of a suspicious nature, have sinister hearts, are treacherous, and do not believe in the things that God can complete. They do not believe in God’s omnipotence and His rule, and they don’t believe in God incarnate. However, the Lord Jesus’ resurrection was a slap in the face to them, and it also provided them with an opportunity to discover their own doubt, to recognize their own doubt, and to acknowledge their own treachery, thus truly believing in the existence and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. What happened with Thomas was a warning and a caution for later generations so that more people could warn themselves not to be doubting like Thomas, and if they were, they would sink into the darkness. If you follow God, but just like Thomas, you always want to touch the Lord’s rib and feel His nail marks to confirm, to verify, to speculate on whether or not God exists, God will forsake you. So, the Lord Jesus requires people to not be like Thomas, only believing what they can see with their own eyes, but to be a pure, honest person, to not harbor doubts toward God, but only believe in and follow Him. This type of person is blessed. This is a very small requirement the Lord Jesus has for people, and a warning for His followers.

from “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself III” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

100. It is often said of God’s disposition in His word: It doesn’t matter how many roads you’ve traveled, how much work you have done or how much you have endured for God, as soon as you offend God’s disposition, He will repay each of you based on what you have done. Have you seen it? (Yes, we have.) You have seen it, right? What this means is that God may view people as close to Him, but people must not treat God as a friend or a relative. Do not regard God as your pal. No matter how much love you have received from Him, no matter how much tolerance He has given you, you must never treat God as just a friend. This is God’s righteous disposition. … When people offend God, it might not be because of one instance, or one thing they said, but it is rather due to an attitude they hold and a state they are in. This is a very frightening thing.

from “God Himself, the Unique VII” in Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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