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XI Classic Words on God’s Requirements, Exhortations, Warnings, and Consolations

Classic Words From Almighty God, Christ of the Last Days

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XI Classic Words on God’s Requirements, Exhortations, Warnings, and Consolations

101. Do not regard your transgressions as mistakes of an immature or foolish person, do not use the excuse that you did not practice truth because your poor caliber made it impossible to practice it, and even more, do not simply regard the transgressions you have committed as the acts of someone who did not know any better. If you are good at forgiving yourself and good at treating yourself with generosity, then I say you are a coward who will never gain the truth, and your transgressions will never cease haunting you, but keep you from ever meeting the demands of truth and make you forever a loyal companion of Satan. My advice to you is still: Do not pay attention only to your destination and overlook your hidden transgressions; take your transgressions seriously, and do not overlook all your transgressions out of concern for your destination.

from “Transgressions Will Take Man to Hell” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

102. The more your transgressions are, the fewer your chances to gain a good destination. Conversely, the fewer your transgressions are, the more your chances of being praised by God. If your transgressions increase to the point that it is impossible for Me to forgive you, then you will have utterly wasted your chances of being forgiven. In that case your destination will not be above but below. If you do not believe Me then be bold and do wrong, and then see what it gets you. If you are an earnest person who practices the truth then you surely have an opportunity for your transgressions to be forgiven, and the number of your disobediences will become fewer and fewer. If you are a person unwilling to practice truth then your transgressions before God will surely increase, the number of your disobediences will grow more and more, until the ultimate moment when you are completely destroyed, and that is the time when your pleasant dream of receiving blessings is ruined.

from “Transgressions Will Take Man to Hell” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

103. My work is the work of saving people’s souls. If your soul falls into Satan’s hands, then your body will not have peaceful days. If I am protecting your body, then your soul will surely be under My care. If I really loathe you, then your body and soul will immediately fall into Satan’s hands. Can you imagine what your situation will be like then? If one day My words are lost on you, then I shall hand you all over to Satan to doubly torture you until My anger has completely dissipated, or I shall personally punish you irredeemable humans, because your hearts of betraying Me have never changed.

from “A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

104. The requirements I have raised are all issues on which you should inspect yourselves. I hope you can all consider them seriously and that you don’t deal with Me perfunctorily. In the near future, I will check the answers you have given Me against My requirements. By that time, I will not require anything more from you and won’t give you any more earnest admonition. Instead, I shall exercise My authority. Those who should be kept will be kept, those who should be rewarded will be rewarded, those who should be given over to Satan will be given over to Satan, those who should receive heavy punishment will receive heavy punishment, and those who should perish will be destroyed. That way, there will no longer be anyone to disturb Me in My days.

from “A Very Serious Problem: Betrayal (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

105. Once all the salvation work has been done, there will be no more salvation work. What there will be is the start of the work of punishing the evil. You resist, you rebel, and you do things that you know are evil. Are you not the target of severe punishment? I am spelling this out for you today. If you choose not to listen, so that disaster befalls you later, will it not be too late if you only then start to feel regret and start to believe? I am giving you a chance to repent today, but you are unwilling to. How long do you want to wait? Until the day of chastisement? I do not remember your past transgressions today; I forgive you again and again, turning away from your negative side to look only at your positive side, because all My present words and work are meant to save you and I have no ill intention toward you. Yet you refuse to enter; you cannot tell good from bad and do not know how to appreciate kindness. Is not this kind of person simply bent on waiting for that punishment and that righteous retribution?

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

106. People do not in the least believe in My existence, nor do they welcome My arrival. Mankind only begrudgingly responds to My requests, temporarily agrees with them, and does not sincerely share in life’s joys and sorrows with Me. As people see Me as inscrutable, they begrudgingly pretend to smile at Me, betraying their manner of coddling up to power. This is because people have no knowledge of My work, much less of My intention today. I’ll be honest with all of you—when the day comes, the suffering of anyone who worships Me will be easier to bear than yours. The degree of your faith in Me does not, in actuality, exceed that of Job—and even the faith of the Jewish Pharisees surpasses yours—so in the impending days of fire, you will suffer more seriously than the Pharisees when rebuked by Jesus, more seriously than the 250 leaders that had resisted Moses, and more seriously than Sodom under the scorching flames of its destruction.

from “What a Real Man Means” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

107. People do not treasure My arrival, nor would they prize the days of My glory. They are not relishing the acceptance of My chastisement, much less being willing to restore My glory to Me. Nor are they willing to cast away the evil one’s poison. People are constantly playing tricks on Me, and they always wear their bright smiles and happy faces. They are unaware of the depths of gloom that mankind will face after My glory leaves them, and particularly unaware that when My day comes to the whole of mankind, they will have an even harder time than people in the times of Noah. For they do not know that when My glory parted from Israel how gloomy it had become, for man forgets on dawn’s arrival how hard it is to go through the pitch darkness of night. When the sun goes back into hiding again and darkness looms over man, he will again mourn and grind his teeth in darkness. Have you forgotten that when My glory parted from Israel, how difficult it was for its people to endure through such suffering?

from “What a Real Man Means” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

108. For a myriad of reasons—perhaps a scarcity of time or hectic schedule of work—My disposition has not enabled man to get to know Me in the slightest. Therefore I stride forward into My new plan, into My final work, to unfold a new page in My work so that all who see Me will beat upon their breast and weep and wail unceasingly on account of My existence. This is because I bring the end of mankind to the world, and from this point on, I lay bare My entire disposition before mankind, so that all who know Me and all those who do not may feast their eyes and see that I have indeed come to the human world, have come onto the earth where all things multiply. This is My plan, it is My sole “confession” since My creation of mankind. I wish that you could give your undivided attention to My every move, for My rod once again presses close to mankind, to all those who oppose Me.

from “You Ought to Prepare a Sufficiency of Good Deeds for Your Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

109. I speak one word and the entire universe trembles from one end to the other—who can hear My words and not tremble in fear? Who cannot develop a heart that reveres Me? Who cannot know My righteousness and majesty from My deeds! And who cannot see My almightiness and wisdom within My deeds! Whosoever does not take care will surely die. This is because those who do not take care are those who defy Me, who don’t know Me, and they are the archangel, the most savage. Check yourselves—whoever is savage, self-right, arrogant and self-conceited is certainly an object of My hatred and will perish!

from Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning

110. The work of God is like mightily surging waves. No one can detain Him, and no one can halt His footsteps. Only those who listen carefully to His words, and who seek and thirst for Him, can follow His footsteps and receive His promise. Those who do not shall be subjected to overwhelming disaster and deserved punishment.

from “God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

111. Do not worry! I cannot sink to the same level as a nameless maggot, and I will not compare the degree of skills with you. I loathe you, yet I am able to endure. You disobey Me, yet you cannot escape the day of My chastisement of you that My Father has promised to Me. Can a maggot that was created compare to the Lord of all creation? In autumn, falling leaves will return to their roots, you will return to the home of your father, and I will return to My Father’s side. I will be accompanied by My Father’s tender affection, and you will be followed by the trampling of your father. I will have the glory of My Father, and you will have the shame of your father. I will use the chastisement that I have long held back to accompany you, and you will meet My chastisement with your rancid flesh that has already been corrupt for tens of thousands of years. I will conclude My work of words in you, accompanied with tolerance, and you will begin to fulfill the role of suffering disaster from My words. I will greatly rejoice and work in Israel; you will weep and gnash your teeth, and exist and die in the mud. I will regain My original form and no longer remain in the filth with you, while you will regain your original ugliness and you will continue to burrow around in the dung heap. When My work and words are done, it will be a day of joy for Me. When your resistance and rebelliousness are done, it will be a day of your weeping. I will not have compassion for you, and you will not see Me again. I will no longer have dialogue with you, and you will no longer encounter Me. I will hate your rebelliousness, and you will miss My loveliness. I will strike you, and you will miss Me. I will gladly depart from you, and you will be aware of your debt to Me. I will never see you again, but you will always hope for Me. I will hate you because you currently resist Me, and you will miss Me, because I currently chastise you. I will be unwilling to live alongside you, but you will bitterly yearn for it and weep into eternity, because you will regret everything you have done to Me. You will regret your rebelliousness and your resistance, and you will even lay your face on the ground out of regret, and you will fall down in front of Me and swear to no longer disobey Me. But in your heart you just love Me and you will never be able to hear My voice, I must make you ashamed of yourself.

from “When Falling Leaves Return to Their Roots You Will Regret All the Evil You Have Done” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

112. When My day comes, I will rain down My scorching flames for all eternity upon the children of disobedience that once provoked My fierce wrath, I will impose My everlasting punishment upon those animals that once hurled invective at Me and forsook Me, I will burn for all time with the fires of My anger the sons of disobedience that once ate and lived together with Me but did not believe in Me, and insulted and betrayed Me. I will subject all those who provoked My anger to My punishment, I will rain down the entirety of My anger upon those beasts that once wished to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Me yet did not worship or obey Me, the rod with which I strike man will fall upon those animals who once enjoyed My care and the mysteries that I spoke, and who tried to take material enjoyments from Me. I will be forgiving of no person who tries to take My place; I will spare none of those who attempt to wrest food and clothes from Me. For now, you remain free from harm and continue to overreach yourselves in the demands you make of Me. When the day of wrath arrives you will not make any more demands of Me; at that time, I will let you “enjoy” yourselves to your heart’s content, I will force your face into the earth, and you will never be able to get up again! Sooner or later, I am going to “repay” this debt to you—and I hope you patiently await the arrival of this day.

from “To Have an Unchanged Disposition Is to Be in Enmity to God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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