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A Selection From the Four Passages of God’s Word on “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work”

Judgment Begins With the House of God

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A Selection From the Four Passages of God’s Word on “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work”

1. Mankind, too deeply corrupted by Satan, knows not that there is a God and has stopped worshiping God. In the beginning, when Adam and Eve were created, Jehovah’s glory and Jehovah’s testimony were ever present. But after being corrupted, man lost the glory and the testimony because everyone rebelled against God and stopped revering Him altogether. Today’s conquering work is to get back all the testimony and all the glory, and to have all men worship God, so that there is testimony among the created. This is what needs to be done in this stage of work. How exactly is mankind to be conquered? It will be done by using this work of words to fully convince man; by using disclosure, judgment, chastisement, and merciless curse to thoroughly subdue him; and by disclosing man’s rebelliousness and judging his resistance so he can know mankind’s unrighteousness and filth, which will be used to highlight God’s righteous disposition. Mainly, it will be the use of these words that conquers man and fully convinces him. Words are the means to the ultimate conquering of mankind, and all who accept conquering must accept the smiting and judgment of the words. The current process of speaking is the process of conquering. How exactly should people cooperate? By eating and drinking these words effectively and understanding them. People cannot become conquered by themselves. You must, from eating and drinking these words, come to know your corruption and filth, your rebelliousness and unrighteousness, and fall down before God. If you can understand God’s will and then put it into practice and, further, have the vision, and if you can completely obey these words and not exercise any of your own choices, then you will have been conquered. And it will be these words that have conquered you. Why did mankind lose the testimony? Because no one has faith in God or holds God in his heart at all anymore. Conquering mankind means having people restore this faith. People always tend toward the world, harboring too many hopes, wanting too much for their future, and having too many extravagant demands. They are always thinking about and planning for their flesh and never interested in seeking the way of belief in God. Their hearts have been captured by Satan, they have lost their reverence for God, and they are devoting their heart to Satan. But man was created by God. Thus, man has lost the testimony, meaning he has lost the glory of God. The purpose of conquering mankind is to seize back the glory of man’s reverence for God.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

2. The current conquering work is work intended to make it obvious what man’s end will be. Why do I say that today’s chastisement and judgment are the judgment in front of the great white throne of the last days? Do you not see this? Why is the conquering work the last stage? Is it not precisely to make manifest how each class of man will end up? Is it not to allow everyone, in the course of the conquering work of chastisement and judgment, to show his true colors and then to be classified according to kind afterward? Rather than saying this is conquering mankind, it might be better to say that this is showing how each class of man will end up. That is, this is judging their sins and then showing the various classes of man, thereby deciding whether they are evil or righteous. After the conquering work comes the work of rewarding good and punishing evil: People who obey completely, meaning the thoroughly conquered, will be placed in the next step of spreading the work to the entire universe; the unconquered will be placed in darkness and will meet with calamity. Thus, man will be classified according to kind, the evildoers grouped with evil, never again to see the sunlight, and the righteous grouped with good, to receive light and live forever in the light. The end is near for all things, man’s end has been clearly shown to his eyes, and all things will be classified according to kind. How then can people escape suffering this classifying? The revealing of the end for each class of man is done when the end is near for all things, and it is done during the work of conquering the entire universe (including all the conquering work starting with the current work). This revealing of the end of all mankind is done before the seat of judgment, in the course of the chastisement, and in the course of the conquering work of the last days. Classifying people according to kind is not returning people to their original classes. This is because when man was made at the creation of the world, there was only one kind of human, namely male and female. There were not many different kinds. It is only after several thousand years of corruption that different classes of humans have emerged, some coming under the domain of filthy devils, some under the domain of evil devils, and some, who pursue the way of life, under the dominion of the Almighty. Only in this way do classes gradually come into being among people and do people separate into classes within the large family of man. People all come to have different “fathers”; it is not the case that everyone is completely under the dominion of the Almighty, because people’s rebelliousness is too much. The righteous judgment discloses the true self of each type of person, leaving nothing hidden. Everyone shows his true face in the light. At this point, man is no longer the way he was originally and his ancestors’ original likeness has long vanished, because countless descendants of Adam and Eve have long been captured by Satan, never again to know the heavensun, and because people have been filled with all manner of Satan’s poisons. Thus, people have their appropriate destinations. Moreover, it is on the basis of their differing poisons that they are classified according to kind, meaning they are sorted by the extent to which they are conquered today. Man’s end is not something that has been predestined since the creation of the world. That is because in the beginning there was only one class, which was collectively called “mankind,” and man was not corrupted by Satan at first, and they all lived in God’s light, with no darkness befalling them. But after man was corrupted by Satan, all types and kinds of people spread out all over the earth—all types and kinds of people who came from the family collectively named “mankind” that was made up of male and female. They were all led by their ancestors to stray from their oldest ancestors—the mankind which consisted of male and female (that is, the original Adam and Eve, their oldest ancestors). At the time, the only people being led by Jehovah to live on earth were the Israelites. The various types of people who emerged from the whole of Israel (meaning from the original family clan) then lost Jehovah’s leadership. These early peoples, completely ignorant of the matters of the human world, then went along with their ancestors to live in the territories they claimed, all the way up to today. Thus, they are still in the dark about how they strayed from Jehovah and how they have been corrupted to this day by all kinds of filthy devils and evil spirits. Those who have been the most deeply corrupted and poisoned up to now, namely those who ultimately cannot be rescued, will have no choice but to go with their ancestors—the filthy devils who corrupted them. Those who can ultimately be rescued will go to mankind’s appropriate destination, meaning to the end reserved for the saved and conquered. Everything will be done to save all those who can be saved, but for those insensitive, incurable people, their only choice will be to follow their ancestors into the bottomless pit of chastisement. Do not think that your end was predestined in the beginning and has only now been revealed. If you think that way, then have you forgotten that during the initial creation of mankind, no separate Satanic class was created? Have you forgotten that only one mankind made up of Adam and Eve was created (meaning only male and female were created)? If you had been Satan’s descendant in the beginning, would that not mean that when Jehovah created man He included a Satanic group? Could He have done something like that? He created man for the sake of His testimony; He created man for the sake of His glory. Why would He have intentionally created a class of Satan’s posterity to deliberately resist Him? Could Jehovah have done this? If yes, who would be able to say that He is a righteous God? When I say now that some of you will go with Satan in the end, it does not mean you were with Satan from the beginning; rather, it means you have sunk so low that even if God has tried to save you, you have still failed to gain that salvation. There is no choice but to classify you with Satan. This is only because you are unrescuable, not because God is unrighteous to you, meaning not because God intentionally fixed your fate as an embodiment of Satan and then classifies you with Satan and purposely wants you to suffer. That is not the inside truth of the conquering work. If that is what you believe, then your understanding is very one-sided! The final stage of conquering is meant to save people and also to reveal people’s endings. It is to disclose people’s degeneration through judgment and thereby get them to repent, rise up, and pursue life and the right path of human life. It is to wake up the hearts of the numb and obtuse people and to show, through judgment, their inner rebelliousness. However, if people are still unable to repent, still unable to pursue the right path of human life and unable to cast off these corruptions, then they will become unrescuable objects for Satan to swallow up. This is the significance of conquering—to save people and also to show their endings. Good endings, bad endings—they are all revealed by the conquering work. Whether people will be saved or cursed is all revealed during the conquering work.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

3. When Moses struck the rock, and the water bestowed by Jehovah sprang forth, it was because of his faith. When David played the lyre in praise of Me, Jehovah—with his heart filled with joy—it was because of his faith. When Job lost his livestock that filled the mountains and untold masses of wealth, and his body became covered in sore boils, it was because of his faith. When he could hear the voice of Me, Jehovah, and see the glory of Me, Jehovah, it was because of his faith. That Peter could follow Jesus Christ, it was by his faith. That he could be nailed to the cross for My sake and give glorious testimony, it was also by his faith. When John saw the glorious image of the Son of man, it was by his faith. When he saw the vision of the last days, it was all the more by his faith. The reason why the so-called multitudes of the Gentile nations have obtained My revelation, and came to know that I have returned in the flesh to do My work among man, it is also because of their faith. All those who are smitten by My harsh words and yet are solaced by them, and who are saved—have they not done so because of their faith? People have received a lot of things through faith. What they receive is not always blessing—to feel the kind of happiness and joy that David felt, or to have water bestowed by Jehovah as Moses did. For example, in the case of Job, he received Jehovah’s blessing as well as a scourge through faith. Whether you receive a blessing or suffer a scourge, both are blessed events. Without faith, you would not be able to receive this conquering work, much less see Jehovah’s deeds displayed before your eyes today. You would not be able to see, and even less would you be able to receive. These scourges, these calamities, and all the judgments—if these did not befall you, would you be able to see Jehovah’s deeds today? Today it is faith that allows you to be conquered, and being conquered that allows you to believe Jehovah’s every deed. It is only because of faith that you receive this kind of chastisement and judgment. Through these chastisements and judgments, you are conquered and perfected. Without the kind of chastisement and judgment you are receiving today, your faith would be in vain, because you do not know God; no matter how much you believe in Him, your faith will still be but an empty expression ungrounded in reality. It is only after you receive this kind of conquering work which makes you completely obedient that your faith becomes true and reliable and your heart turns toward God. Even if you are judged or cursed a good deal because of this word “faith,” you have true faith, and you receive the most true, most real, and most precious thing. This is because it is only in the course of judgment that you see the final destination of God’s creations; it is in this judgment that you see that the Creator is to be loved; it is in such conquering work that you see God’s arm; it is in this conquering that you come to fully understand human life; it is in this conquering that you gain the right path of human life and come to understand the true meaning of “man”; it is only in this conquering that you see the righteous disposition of the Almighty and His beautiful, glorious countenance; it is in this conquering work that you learn of man’s origin and understand all mankind’s “immortal history”; it is in this conquering that you come to comprehend mankind’s ancestors and the origin of mankind’s corruption; it is in this conquering that you receive joy and comfort as well as endless chastening, discipline, and words of reprimand from the Creator to the mankind He created; in this conquering work you receive blessings, and you receive the calamities that man should receive…. Is not all of this due to that little bit of faith of yours? After gaining these things has not your faith grown? Have you not gained a tremendous amount? Not only have you heard God’s word and seen God’s wisdom, but you also have personally experienced each step of the work. Maybe you would say that if you did not have faith, then you would not suffer this kind of chastisement or this kind of judgment. But you should know that without faith, not only would you be unable to receive this kind of chastisement or this kind of care from the Almighty, but you would forever lose the opportunity to see the Creator. You would never know the origin of mankind and never comprehend the significance of human life. Even if your body dies and your soul departs, you still would not understand all the Creator’s deeds. Even less would you know that the Creator did such great work on earth after He made mankind. As a member of this mankind that He made, are you willing to fall uncomprehendingly like this into darkness and suffer eternal punishment? If you separate yourself from today’s chastisement and judgment, what is it that you will meet with? Do you think that once separated from the present judgment, you will be able to escape from this difficult life? Is it not true that if you leave “this place,” what you will encounter is painful torment or cruel injuries inflicted by the devil? Might you encounter unendurable days and nights? Do you think that just because you escape this judgment today, you can forever evade that future torture? What will it be that comes your way? Can it really be the Shangri-La that you hope for? Do you think you can escape that later eternal chastisement simply by running away from reality the way you are doing? After today, will you ever be able to find this kind of opportunity and this kind of blessing again? Will you be able to find them when disaster befalls you? Will you be able to find them when all of mankind enter into rest? Your present happy life and the harmonious little family of yours—can they substitute for your future eternal destination? If you have true faith, and if you gain a great deal because of your faith, then all of that is what you—a created being—should gain and also what you should have had. This kind of conquering is the most beneficial to your faith and the most beneficial to your life.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

4. Today, you should be aware of how to be conquered, and of how people conduct themselves after they have been conquered. You may say you have been conquered, but can you obey unto death? You must be able to follow to the very end regardless of whether there are any prospects, and you must not lose faith in God regardless of the environment. Ultimately, you must achieve two aspects of testimony: the testimony of Job—obedience unto death—and the testimony of Peter—the supreme love of God. In one respect, you must be like Job: He had no material possessions, and was beset by the pain of the flesh, yet he did not forsake the name of Jehovah. This was Job’s testimony. Peter was able to love God unto death. When he died—when he was put on the cross—he still loved God; he did not think of his own prospects or pursue glorious hopes or extravagant thoughts, and he sought only to love God and to obey all of God’s arrangements. Such is the standard you must achieve before you can be considered to have borne testimony, before you become someone who has been made perfect after having been conquered. Today, if people truly knew their own substance and status, would they still seek prospects and hopes? What you should know is this: Regardless of whether God makes me perfect, I must follow God; everything He does now is good, and for our sake, and so that our disposition can change and we can rid ourselves of Satan’s influence, to allow us to live in the land of filth and yet rid ourselves of impurity, shake off the filth and the influence of Satan, to enable us to leave behind the influence of Satan.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

5. In fact, perfection occurs at the same time as conquest: As you are conquered, the first effects of being made perfect are also achieved. Where there is a difference between being conquered and being made perfect, it is according to the degree of change in people. Being conquered is the first step of being made perfect, and does not mean that they have been completely made perfect, nor prove that they have been completely gained by God. After people have been conquered, there are some changes in their disposition, but such changes fall far short of those in people who have been completely gained by God. Today, what is done is the initial work of making people perfect—conquering them—and if you can’t achieve being conquered, then you will have no means of being made perfect and being completely gained by God. You will merely gain a few words of chastisement and judgment, but they will be incapable of completely changing your heart. Thus you will be one of those who are eliminated; it will be no different from looking at a sumptuous feast upon the table but not eating it. Isn’t that tragic? And so you must seek changes: Whether it is being conquered or being made perfect, both relate to whether there are changes in you, and whether or not you are obedient—and this determines whether or not you can be gained by God. Know that “being conquered” and “being made perfect” are simply based on the extent of change and obedience, as well as on how pure your love of God is. What is required today is that you can be completely made perfect, but in the beginning you must be conquered—you must have sufficient knowledge of God’s chastisement and judgment, must have the faith to follow, and be someone who seeks changes and for there to be effects. Only then will you be someone who seeks to be made perfect. You should understand that in the course of being made perfect you will be conquered, and in the course of being conquered you will be made perfect. Today, you can seek to be made perfect or seek changes in your external humanity and improvements in your caliber, but of principal importance is that you can understand that everything that God does today has meaning and is of benefit: It enables you who live in a land of filth to escape the filth and shake it off, it enables you to overcome the influence of Satan, and leave behind the dark influence of Satan—and by focusing on these things, you are protected in this land of filth. Ultimately, what testimony will you be asked to give? You live in a land of filth but are able to become holy, and no longer be filthy and impure, you live under the domain of Satan but divest yourself of Satan’s influence, and are not possessed or harassed by Satan, and you live in the hands of the Almighty. This is the testimony, and the proof of victory in the battle with Satan. You are able to forsake Satan, what you live out does not reveal Satan, but is that which God required that man attain when He created man: normal humanity, normal rationality, normal insight, normal resolve to love God, and loyalty to God. Such is the testimony borne by a creature of God.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

6. The work of the last days breaks with all rules, and regardless of whether you are cursed or punished, as long as you help My work, and are of benefit to the work of conquest of today, and regardless of whether you are a descendant of Moab or the progeny of the great red dragon, as long as you perform the duty of a creature of God in this stage of work, and do the best you can, then the due effect will be achieved. You are the progeny of the great red dragon, and you are a descendant of Moab; in sum, all who are of flesh and blood are the creatures of God, and were made by the Creator. You are a creature of God, you should not have any choice, and this is your duty. Of course, today the Creator’s work is directed at the entire universe. Regardless of who you are descended from, above all you are one of God’s creatures, you—the descendants of Moab—are part of God’s creatures, it’s just that you are of lower worth. Since, today, God’s work is carried out amongst all creatures, and aimed at the entire universe, the Creator is free to select any people, matters, or things in order to do His work. He cares not who you used to be descended from; as long as you are one of His creatures, and as long as you are beneficial to His work—the work of conquest and testimony—He will carry out His work in you without any scruples. This smashes people’s traditional conceptions, which are that God will never work among the Gentiles, especially not those who have been cursed and are lowly; for those who have been cursed, their later generations will forever also be cursed, they will never have the chance of salvation; God will never descend and work in a Gentile land, and will never set foot in a land of filth, for He is holy. All these conceptions have been smashed by God’s work in the last days. Know that God is the God of all creatures, He holds dominion over the heavens and earth and all things, and is not only the God of the people of Israel. Thus, this work in China is of the utmost significance, and will it not be spread among all nations? The great testimony of the future will not be limited to China; if God only conquered you, could the demons be convinced? They don’t understand being conquered, or the great power of God, and only when God’s chosen people throughout the whole universe behold the ultimate effects of this work will all creatures be conquered. None are more backward or corrupt than the descendants of Moab. Only if these people can be conquered—they who are the most corrupt, who did not acknowledge God or believe that there is a God have been conquered, and acknowledge God in their mouths, praise Him, and are able to love Him—will this be the testimony of conquest. Although you are not Peter, you live out the image of Peter, you are able to possess the testimony of Peter, and of Job, and this is the greatest testimony. Ultimately you will say: “We are not the Israelites, but the forsaken descendants of Moab, we are not Peter, whose caliber we are incapable of, nor Job, and we can’t even compare to Paul’s resolve to suffer for God and dedicate himself to God, and we are so backward, and thus, we are unqualified to enjoy God’s blessings. God has still lifted us up today; so we must satisfy God, and although we are of insufficient caliber or qualifications, we are willing to satisfy God—we have this resolve. We are the descendants of Moab, and we were cursed. This was decreed by God, and we are incapable of changing it, but our living out and our knowledge can change, and we are resolved to satisfy God.” When you have this resolve, it will prove that you have testified to being conquered.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

7. The result to be achieved from conquering work is primarily for man’s flesh to stop rebelling, that is, for man’s mind to gain a new understanding of God, his heart to thoroughly obey God, and for him to resolve to be for God. How man’s temperament or flesh changes does not determine whether he has been conquered. Rather, it is when man’s thinking, man’s consciousness, and man’s sense change—that is, when your whole mental attitude changes—that you have been conquered by God. When you have resolved to obey and have adopted a new mentality, when you no longer bring any of your own notions or intentions to God’s words and work, and when your brain can think normally, that is, when you can exert yourself for God with all your heart—this kind of person is someone who is fully conquered. In the realm of religion, many people suffer not insignificantly their whole lives, subduing their body or bearing their cross, even suffering and enduring until their last breath! Some are still fasting the morning of their death. All their lives they deny themselves nice food and nice clothing, stressing only suffering. They are able to subdue their body and forsake their flesh. Their spirit for enduring suffering is commendable. But their thinking, their notions, their mental attitude, and indeed their old nature—none of these have been dealt with at all. They have no true understanding of themselves. Their mental image of God is the traditional one of an abstract, vague God. Their resolve to suffer for God comes from their zeal and their positive natures. Even though they believe in God, they neither understand God nor know His will. They are only blindly working for and blindly suffering for God. They place no value whatsoever on being discerning and care little about how to ensure that their service actually fulfills God’s will. Even less do they know how to achieve an understanding of God. The God they serve is not God in His original image, but a God that they themselves conjured up, a God they heard of, or a legendary God found in writings. They then use their vivid imaginations and their godly hearts to suffer for God and to take on for God the work that God wants to do. Their service is too inexact, such that there is practically no one truly serving God in a way that fulfills His will. Regardless of how willing they are to suffer, their original perspective on service and their mental image of God remain unchanged because they have not gone through God’s judgment and chastisement and His refinement and perfection, and because no one has led them with the truth. Even if they believe in Jesus the Savior, none of them has ever seen the Savior. They only know of Him through legend and hearsay. Thus their service amounts to no more than serving randomly with eyes closed, like a blind man serving his own father. What ultimately can be achieved through this kind of service? And who would approve of it? From beginning to end, their service never changes at all. They receive only man-made lessons and base their service only on their naturalness and what they themselves are fond of. What reward could this reap? Not even Peter, who saw Jesus, knew how to serve in a way that fulfilled God’s will. It was not until the end, in his old age, that he came to understand. What does this say about those blind men who have not experienced any dealing or any pruning and who have had no one guiding them? Is not the service of many among you today like that of these blind people? All those who have not received judgment, not received pruning and dealing, and not changed—are they not the incompletely conquered? Of what use are such people? If your thinking, your understanding of life, and your understanding of God show no new change and result in not even a little real gain, you will never achieve anything remarkable in your service! Without a vision and without a new understanding of God’s work, you cannot be a conquered person. Your way of following God will then be like that of those who suffer and fast—it will be of little value! It is precisely because there is little testimony in what they do that I say their service is futile! Throughout their lives, those people suffer, spend time in prison, and at every moment, they endure, stress love and kindness, and bear their cross. They are slandered and rejected by the world and have experienced every hardship. They obey to the end, but still, they are not conquered and they can offer no testimony of being conquered. They have suffered in no small measure, but inside they do not know God at all. None of their old thinking, old notions, religious practices, man-made understandings, and human ideas have been dealt with. There is no new understanding in them at all. Not even a bit of their understanding of God is true or accurate. They have misunderstood God’s will. Can this be to serve God? However you understood God in the past, suppose you maintain it today and continue to base your understanding of God on your own notions and ideas no matter what God does. That is, suppose you possess no new, true understanding of God and you fail to know God’s true image and true disposition. Suppose your understanding of God is still guided by feudal, superstitious thinking and is still born of human imaginations and notions. If this is the case, then you have not been conquered. My goal in saying all these words to you now is to allow you to understand and to use this knowledge to lead you to an accurate and new understanding. They are also aimed at getting rid of those old notions and old knowledge that you carry in you so that you can possess a new understanding. If you truly eat and drink My words, then your understanding will change considerably. As long as you maintain an obedient heart as you eat and drink God’s words, your perspective will come around. As long as you are able to accept the repeated chastisements, your old mentality will gradually change. As long as your old mentality is thoroughly replaced with the new, your practice will also change accordingly. In this way, your service will become more and more on-target, more and more able to fulfill God’s will. If you can change your life, your understanding of life, and your many notions about God, then your naturalness will gradually diminish. This, and nothing short of this, is the result after God conquers man; this is the change that will be seen in man. If in believing in God, all you know about is subduing your body and enduring and suffering, and you are unclear on whether what you are doing is right or wrong, much less whom it is for, then how can this kind of practice lead to change?

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

8. You should understand that what I am demanding of you is not that your body be held in bondage or that your brain be controlled and prevented from thinking arbitrary thoughts. This is neither the goal of the work nor the work that needs to be done right now. Right now you need to have an understanding from the positive angle so you can change yourselves. What you most need to do is equip yourselves with God’s words, meaning fully equip yourselves with the truth and vision that are before you now, and then go forth and put them into practice. This is your responsibility. I am not asking you to seek and gain even greater illumination. Currently you simply do not have the stature for that. What is needed of you is to do all you can to eat and drink God’s words. You need to understand God’s work and know your nature, your substance, and that old life of yours. You especially need to know those past erroneous practices and human doings of yours. To change, you must start by changing your thinking. First replace your old thinking with the new, and let your new thinking govern your words and actions and your life. This is what is being asked of each of you now. Do not practice blindly or follow blindly. You should have a basis and a target. Do not fool yourselves. You should know what exactly your faith in God is for, what should be gained from it, and what you should enter into right now. It is imperative that you know all this.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

9. After God did His two stages of work in Israel, Israelites and all Gentiles alike came to harbor this notion: While it is true that God created all things, He is willing to be the God of Israelites only, not the God of Gentiles. Israelites believe the following: God can only be our God, not the God of you Gentiles, and because you do not revere Jehovah, Jehovah—our God—loathes you. Those Jews further believe this: The Lord Jesus assumed the image of us Jewish people and is a God who bears the mark of the Jewish people. It is among us that God works. God’s image and our image are similar; our image is close to God’s. The Lord Jesus is the King of us Jews; Gentiles are not qualified to receive such great salvation. The Lord Jesus is the sin offering for us Jews. It was merely on the basis of those two stages of work that Israelites and the Jewish people formed this many notions. They domineeringly claim God for themselves, not allowing that God is also the God of the Gentiles. In this way, God became a blank in the hearts of Gentiles. This is because everyone came to believe that God does not want to be the God of the Gentiles and that He only likes Israelites—His chosen people—and He likes Jews, especially the disciples who followed Him. Do you not know that the work that Jehovah and Jesus did is for the survival of all mankind? Do you now acknowledge that God is the God of all of you born outside of Israel? Is not God right here in your midst today? This cannot be a dream, can it? Do you not accept this reality? You dare not believe it or think about it. Regardless of how you see it, is not God right here in your midst? Are you still afraid to believe these words? From this day on, are not all conquered people and all who want to be God’s followers God’s chosen people? Are not all of you, who are followers today, the chosen people outside of Israel? Is your status not the same as that of Israelites? Is not all this what you should recognize? Is this not the goal of the work of conquering you? Since you can see God, then He will be your God forever, from the beginning and into the future. He will not abandon you, so long as all of you are willing to follow Him and be His loyal, obedient creations.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

10. What does it mean to be perfected? What does it mean to be conquered? What criteria must one meet in order to be conquered? And what criteria must one meet in order to be perfected? Conquering and perfecting are both for the purpose of working man so he can return to his original likeness and be free of his corrupt satanic disposition and Satan’s influence. This conquering comes early in the process of working man, meaning it is the first step of the work. Perfecting is the second step, or the concluding work. Every human being has to go through being conquered; otherwise he would not be able to know God and would not know there is a God, that is, he would not be able to acknowledge God. And if a person does not acknowledge God, it would be impossible for him to be made complete by God because he would not meet the criteria for this completion. If you do not even acknowledge God, how would you be able to know Him? And how would you seek after Him? You would also be unable to bear witness to Him, much less have the faith to satisfy Him. So, for anyone who wants to be made complete, the first step has to be to go through the conquering work. This is the first condition. But be it conquering or perfecting, each is for the goal of working man and changing him, and each is an item in the work of managing man. These two steps are what are required in turning someone into a complete person; neither step can be skipped. It is true that “being conquered” does not sound very nice, but in fact the process of conquering someone is the process of changing him. After being conquered, you may not have gotten rid of your corrupt disposition completely, but you will have known it. Through the conquering work you will have come to know the low humanity of yours and also to know much disobedience of yours. Although you will be unable to discard or to change them within the short period of the conquering work, you will come to know them. This lays the foundation for your perfection. So conquering and perfecting are both done to change man, both done to rid man of his corrupt satanic disposition so he can give himself fully to God. It is just that being conquered is the first step in changing the human disposition and also the first step in man fully giving himself to God, a step that is lower than being perfected. A conquered person’s life disposition changes far less than a perfected person’s. Being conquered and being perfected are conceptually different from each other because they are different phases of work and because they hold people to different standards, with conquest holding them to lower standards and perfection holding them to higher ones. The perfected are righteous people, people made holy and pure; they are crystallizations of the work of managing humanity, or end products. Although they are not perfect humans, they are people who seek to live meaningful lives. But the conquered only verbally acknowledge that God exists; they acknowledge that God has incarnated Himself, that the Word appears in the flesh, and that God has come to the earth to do the work of judgment and chastisement. They also acknowledge that God’s judgment and chastisement and His smiting and refinement are all beneficial to man. That is, they are just starting to have the human likeness, and they have some understanding of life but are still foggy about it. In other words, they are just starting to possess humanity. These are the results of being conquered. When people step onto the path of perfection, their old disposition can be changed. Further, their lives keep growing and they gradually enter more deeply into the truth. They are able to loathe the world and loathe all those who do not pursue the truth. They especially loathe themselves, but more than that, they clearly know themselves. They are willing to live by the truth and they make it their goal to pursue the truth. They are unwilling to live within the thoughts generated by their own brains, and they feel loathing for man’s self-rightness, haughtiness, and self-conceit. They speak with a strong sense of propriety, handle things with discernment and wisdom, and are loyal and obedient to God. If they experience an instance of chastisement and judgment, not only do they not become passive or weak, but they are grateful for the chastisement and judgment from God. They believe that they cannot do without God’s chastisement and judgment; they can receive His protection through it. They do not pursue a faith of peace and joy and of seeking bread to satisfy hunger. Neither do they go after temporary fleshly enjoyments. This is what the perfected have.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

11. The conquering work done on you people is of the deepest significance: On the one hand, the purpose of this work is to perfect a group of people, that is, to perfect them into a group of overcomers, as the first group of people made complete, meaning the firstfruits. On the other hand, it is to let created beings enjoy God’s love, receive God’s greatest salvation, and receive God’s full salvation, to let man enjoy not only mercy and lovingkindness, but more importantly chastisement and judgment. From the creation of the world until now, all that God has done in His work is love, without any hatred for man. Even the chastisement and judgment you have seen are also love, a truer and more real love; this love leads people onto the right way of human life. On the third hand, it is to bear testimony before Satan. And on the fourth hand, it is to lay a foundation for spreading future gospel work. All the work He has done is for the purpose of leading people to the right way of human life, so that they can have the normal life of mankind, because man does not know how to lead a life. Without such leading, you would only be able to live an empty life, would only be able to live a worthless and meaningless life, and would not know at all how to be a normal person. This is the deepest significance of conquering man.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

12. All of you are descended of Moab. To do conquering work on you is your great salvation. All of you live in a place of sin and licentiousness; you are all licentious and sinful people. Today you not only can see God, but more importantly, you have received chastisement and judgment, received such deepest salvation, that is, received God’s greatest love. All that He does is true love for you; He has no ill intention. It is because of your sins that He judges you, so that you will examine yourselves and receive this tremendous salvation. All this is done to work man. From beginning to end, God has been doing His utmost to save man, and He is certainly not willing to completely destroy the men He created with His own hands. Now He has come among you to work; isn’t this even more salvation? If He hated you, would He still do work of such magnitude to personally lead you? Why should He suffer so? God does not hate you or have any ill intention toward you. You should know that God’s love is the truest love. It is only because of people’s disobedience that He has to save them through judgment; otherwise, they would not be saved. As you do not know how to lead a life or how to live, and you live in this licentious and sinful place and are licentious and filthy devils, He does not have the heart to let you become even more depraved; neither has He the heart to see you living in the filthy place like this, being trampled by Satan at will, or the heart to let you fall into Hades. He only wants to gain this group of you and thoroughly save you. This is the main purpose of doing the conquering work on you—it is just for salvation.

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

13. Although chastisement and judgment are refinements and merciless disclosures to man, meant to punish his sins and punish his flesh, none of this work is intended to condemn and extinguish his flesh. The severe disclosures of the word are all for the purpose of leading you to the right path. You have personally experienced so much of this work and, clearly, it has not led you to an evil path! All of it is to enable you to live out a normal humanity; all of it is something your normal humanity can achieve. Every step of the work is done based on your needs, according to your weaknesses, and according to your actual stature, and no unbearable burden is placed on you. Although you are unable to see this clearly now and you feel as if I am being hard on you, although you keep thinking that the reason I chastise and judge you every day and reproach you every day is because I hate you, and although what you receive is chastisement and judgment, in reality it is all love for you, also a great protection for you. If you cannot grasp the deeper meaning of this work, then there is simply no way for you to go on in your experience. You should be comforted for such salvation. Do not refuse to come to your senses. Having come this far, you should see clearly the significance of this conquering work. You should no longer hold such and such a view!

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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