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God’s Chastening Saved Me


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God’s Chastening Saved Me

In December 1999, I accepted the Almighty God’s end-time work. Three months later, God’s family assigned me to be a small group leader in our church. At that time, I had great enthusiasm to have meetings eating and drinking God’s word with the brothers and sisters, and I was also willing to offer my body and mind to God. But since January 2002, because I had a girlfriend, my heart gradually stayed away from God. Unconsciously, I felt it too hard and too difficult and meaningless to believe in God. What I thought about all day was how to earn more money and how to win the heart of my girlfriend. I even couldn’t quiet my heart at the meetings and always treated them perfunctorily. Quite a few times the sister informed me of attending meeting, and I made excuses to refuse her. I thought it was good to gradually forget God in this way and leave God’s family to have enjoyment in the world for years.

I did not expect that God would not leave me falling but arrange various kinds of people, matters, and things to save me. I was a crane operator in a company. One day, when I was pressing the switch of the bridge crane to slowly lift up the power hammer to about one meter high, suddenly the steel sling of the bridge crane broke, and the power hammer dropped with a bang. I was nearly hit by it to death! Then and there, I was petrified with terror. The senior staff of the company said that it was for the first time in years that such an accident occurred. After I went home, I told the brothers and sisters about the matter. One sister said it was that God was warning me to wake up quickly and come back to God immediately. But I was dubious about her words, thinking that it might be just an accident. So I continued my own way. However, I was also afraid it was indeed the befalling of God’s chastisement and discipline. So, I was always very careful when at work. Every day I was in great fear. Just in this way, I had been wrestling with God inwardly.

One month later, one morning I suddenly felt unwell, and my private parts were so painful that it was very difficult for me even to walk. I had no choice but to go to the hospital. After an examination, the doctor told me that my illness was very serious and that I needed to prepare ten thousand yuan to be hospitalized for treatment. On hearing that, I was stunned: Is it a mistake? How come my healthy body suddenly got such a serious illness?” No way out, I had to go home to take the money. In the hospital, the doctor gave me infusions for twelve days and prescribed me many medicines, which cost me more than eight thousand yuan. However, the pain in my private parts hadn’t eased off at all. At the moment I realized that God was disciplining me. So, I knelt down and prayed to God: “O God! I was too disobedient. I always cared about money and my flesh, turned a deaf ear to your word, wrestled with you inwardly, and had no fear of you at all. O God! You had warned me many times, but I never woke up. According to my doings, even if you take my life now, I deserve it. O God! Not until today have I known that your nature is not to be offended by man, and at the same time, I have also seen your love and your painstaking consideration. O God! From now on, I will never again dare to wrestle with you. I am willing to give up my plans for the flesh and act according to your word. I know that man’s destiny is in your hand and I cannot change my destiny even if I run and bustle about for myself.” After my repentance, my illness turned better day by day. I truly felt that God had been loving me and saving me.

Through this experience, I have tasted God’s true love for man and even more realized that I, a deeply corrupted person, badly need God’s chastisement, judgment, chastening, and discipline. Without the chastening and discipline from the Almighty God, I would still be struggling bitterly in satan’s trap until now, and would eventually become satan’s captive and fall into the eternal punishment together with it. Thank you, Almighty God. Your love is so real!


Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province

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