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God’s Righteous Nature Does not Tolerate Man’s Offense


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God’s Righteous Nature Does not Tolerate Man’s Offense

God says: “You all are running around and being busy for the sake of your destiny, so who would have the desire to know God’s substance? If you go on like this, you all will unconsciously do things that offend the administrative decrees, because you know too little about God’s nature. So isn’t what you are doing now laying a foundation for offending God’s nature?” In the past, I was not very clear about this passage of God’s word. Only after experiencing it have I understood its inner meaning. At the same time, I deeply feel that it is God’s chastisement and judgment that have kept me following up to today.

In October 1998, my wife and I fortunately accepted the end-time work of the Almighty God. We heard that God’s work would end at the end of 1999, so we, with selfish desires, dragged our two children into the church, thinking that our whole family could thus enter into the kingdom to enjoy the eternal blessings when the day of God arrived. At the end of 1999, however, the work of God didn’t end as we imagined, and a piece of fellowship came from above, which said: “The chosen people of China still need to undergo seven years’ trials.” So the pleasant dream of receiving blessings of our whole family, who expected God’s day, was shattered all at once by the wonderful and wise work of God. For this reason, my two children didn’t believe anymore; my family sister (my wife) even complained bitterly, and released passivity in the church, disrupting and disturbing the church life, so that the brothers and sisters could not eat and drink God’s word normally. I also intended to give up God’s commission and leave God. I thought, “There are still seven years. When can I get through them? My two children are so grown-up. I have to earn some money to build houses and get wives for them. If they can’t find a partner in marriage because of my belief in God, then won’t I be a delinquent father?” However, when we were about to leave God, God’s chastisement came upon my family—my elder son had a car accident in Xiao County and got killed on the spot. When I heard the news, I felt as if I were struck by thunderbolts. Anguish and grief gathered in my heart. But I immediately realized that it was the evil consequence brought by our sinning against God and offending God’s nature. Because our belief was with our own intents and motives, when our desires of receiving blessings were not satisfied, we rebelled against God and even disrupted and disturbed the work of God. And I always put my emotion for my children before the truth. How could these not be loathed by God? Facing the chastisement of God, we were completely awakened and realized that God’s righteous and majestic nature really does not tolerate anyone’s offense. At the same time, we deeply felt that God’s wrath contained his love, for God has long since told us: “God will not let off any rebel that runs away from his eyes. Such people will suffer a severer punishment.” God’s word is the expression of his nature, the manifestation of his substance, but we turned a deaf ear to God’s word and did not have a heart of fearing God at all. Eventually, we received God’s punishment.

From this event, I have seen that man’s life, death, misfortune, and happiness are all in God’s hand and man has no way to control himself. The chastisement of God was a great salvation for us. Although one of my sons died, it saved the lives of us three. If this chastisement of God hadn’t come upon us, our whole family would never wake up, and in the end, we would receive an even heavier punishment from God. It is God who has regained us from satan’s hand and pulled us back from the verge of death. From this, I have also realized that no matter what God does, it is for loving man and saving man. From now on, I will no longer expend for the day of God, and no longer plan and prepare for the future and destiny of my flesh. I will fulfill the duty of a created being and devote my lifelong energy to repaying God. No matter how God works, I will follow God to the end without turning back.

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