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God’s Word Changed My Viewpoint


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God’s Word Changed My Viewpoint

My home is for receiving people. One day, a sister came to my home. I found that she cared nothing about the circumstances. She spoke loudly and did things carelessly. Especially when she brushed her teeth and washed her face in the evening, she made big noises. Besides, she walked with heavy steps…. At that time, I wanted to speak to her about these things lest they bring insecurity, but then I thought: I can’t speak to her; if I do that, what views will other brothers and sisters have of me when they know it? Won’t they say that I’m timid and afraid of persecution and unwilling to do hosting? Moreover, it is not easy for the sister to be away from her home, and she suffers much in performing her duty outside. Won’t she feel even sadder if I speak to her? Just in this way, for quite a few times I smothered the words on my lips. Alas! Just put up with her, lest our relationship would be hurt.

A few days later, when eating and drinking the word of God, I read these words: “If you do not have a normal relationship with God, regardless of how you maintain your relationship with people, however hard you try and however much effort you make, it is practicing human philosophies of life, and you are maintaining your position among people according to human viewpoints and by human philosophies so that they will compliment you, but not building a normal relationship with them according to God’s word. If you do not pay attention to your relationship with people but maintain a normal relationship with God, being willing to give your heart to God and learning to obey God, naturally your relationship with all people will be normal.” Under the enlightenment of God’s words, I realized that my relationship with the brothers and sisters was not established on the basis of a normal relationship with God but was maintained by satan’s viewpoint of conduct. In order to gain others’ compliments and not to lose my place in the hearts of the brothers and sisters, when I found the sister behaved improperly I did not speak to her about it; instead, I acted as a nice person of no principle. Did I have any sense of justice? Did I have any intention to safeguard the interests of God’s family? Thank God that his inspiration has enabled me to understand the truth of this aspect. So, I determined to rebel against myself and not to maintain a fleshly relationship with others anymore.

Later, when the sister came to my home again, I said to her sincerely, “Sister, be cautious when you speak and do things, and maintain our security.” “Ok! In future, supervise me more; let’s together safeguard the interests of God’s family.” Hearing the sister’s response, I felt ashamed of myself and really hated myself for being selfish and base previously, without any sense of justice. From now on, I will change my viewpoint, practice the truth in everything, pay attention to maintaining a normal relationship with God, and properly perform my duty of receiving to satisfy God.

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