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God’s Word Corrected My Erroneous Practice in Serving in Coordination


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God’s Word Corrected My Erroneous Practice in Serving in Coordination

I always thought that when brothers and sisters performed their duty together, if they could live in harmony, without quarrelling or disputing outwardly, it was serving in harmonious coordination. Thus, when performing duty in coordination with the brothers and sisters, I always “took harmony as valuable,” and did my utmost to maintain the outward harmony between us. Many times, when I disagreed with the brothers and sisters or I saw they did things improperly, I did not want to point it out to them for fear that our harmony might be hurt. Therefore, whatever happened, I just pressed it in my mind. After some time, though our coordination appeared very harmonious outwardly and there was no quarrel, yet I felt especially tired and suppressed inwardly; moreover, no results were achieved in our work.

One evening I ate and drunk God’s word together with two sisters, and we read these words of God: “For God’s work, for the interests of the church, and for helping all the brothers and sisters to be up, you should have a harmonious coordination, coordinating with each other and complementing each other, to achieve better results in the work, so as to care for God’s will. Only this can be called true coordination, and only such people are ones who truly enter in. In coordination, it doesn’t matter even if some words are spoken improperly. Fellowship again afterward, and get a clear understanding; do not neglect it. After such fellowship, make it up to the brothers and sisters. Your working should be constantly deepened like this, so that better results can be achieved. As one who serves, you must be able to safeguard the church’s interests in everything, and give no thought to your personal interests. …” Reading here, I suddenly saw the light. Actually, harmonious coordination is not, as I thought, that brothers and sisters have no quarrel with each other and keep on good terms outwardly. God requires that when serving in coordination we should not safeguard our fleshly interests but put first the interests of God’s family, and should drop ourselves and fellowship openly with each other and complement each other, so that the work can produce better results, by which to care for God’s will; and at the same time, we can enter in together in coordination and cause our life to grow. In my serving in coordination, however, I only considered my fleshly interests and maintained an outward harmony. Although I had no quarrel or dispute with the brothers and sisters outwardly, yet when we disagreed in the work, each of us stuck to his own view and held a secret in the depth of his heart. Consequently, we coordinated “sweatily” but achieved no results, and even less did we have any true entering in. Thank God! It is the inspiration of God’s words that has made me realize my erroneous viewpoint and understand that harmonious coordination in service is not outward harmony, but sincere fellowship, harmonious cooperation, and genuine coordination for achieving better results of the work. O God! I am willing to correct my past erroneous practice, no longer safeguarding my fleshly interests. I will care for your burden, and exercise to enter in in my serving in coordination, so as to attain a truly harmonious coordination with the brothers and sisters, and serve as you desire.

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