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God’s Word Guided Me into the Way of Knowing God


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God’s Word Guided Me into the Way of Knowing God

At a meeting, the leader fellowshipped: “Today, the Practical God has been incarnated and come to the earth, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to know God. We must treasure everything we have today, throw ourselves into the work of God body and soul, and pursue to know God when performing our duties.” I thought: You always fellowship about knowing God, but I have neither seen God nor contacted God, and I even don’t know whether God likes me, so how can I know God? Thus, I kept living in my empty imaginations, always expecting that some day I could see God face to face. In that case, how easy it would be to know God! As I always held that I had no way to know God unless I saw God face to face, I never paid attention to knowing God.

One day, I read these words in The Summary of Christ’s Preachings and Conversations: “To know God is by reading the word of God and knowing the word of God. Some say, ‘I have not seen the incarnated God. How should I know God?’ Actually, the word of God is the expression of God’s nature. From the word of God, one can see God’s love for mankind, salvation for mankind, and ways of saving man…. For the word is expressed by God, not written through man. It is expressed by God Godself. God Godself expresses his own word and expresses his heart-voice. Why is it called heart word? Because it comes from the bottom of his heart, expressing his nature, and expressing his will, his thoughts, his love for mankind, his salvation for mankind, and his expectations for mankind. … The truth of this aspect is the deepest mystery and is not easy to be fathomed. Sum up the words God has spoken concerning the mystery of the incarnation, look at it from various aspects, and then fellowship about these things together. And you can pray. Ponder and fellowship about these things as much as you can, and perhaps the Holy Spirit will inspire you and let you know. As you have no opportunity to contact God, you have to grope and enter in this way little by little through experiences, so that you will truly have the knowledge of God.” God’s words made me enlightened all at once and I saw that I was too blind and too ignorant. I did not pay the price in the word of God, and thus I had lost many good opportunities to know God. Today, if it weren’t for God’s words leading me to enter into the path of knowing God, I would still live in my empty imaginations. O God, thank you for your inspiration and enlightenment. In future, I will pay a great price in your word and pursue to know you. May you inspire me more!

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