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God’s Word Led Me Out of the “Difficulties”


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God’s Word Led Me Out of the “Difficulties”

Once, I went to have a gospel meeting, with the confidence that I must arouse the enthusiasm of the brothers and sisters to satisfy God. At the meeting, when I had just begun to talk about the gospel clues, the brothers and sisters cried out about the difficulties: Now, all sects and denominations are really resistant and are hard to preach to. Some gospel friends do not allow us to enter their yards, abusing us out; some dial “110” to call the police as soon as they see us. Most of the gospel friends in the surrounding villages belong to the Three-Self Church. There is indeed nobody to preach to…. Hearing these “real difficulties,” I compromised in my heart and thought that they were indeed practical difficulties. The confidence and resolution I had when I came disappeared completely, and I had nothing more to fellowship about. From then on, I lived in the “real difficulties,” ceased to stress the gospel work, and even felt it was unnecessary to have the gospel meetings. Every time my leader fellowshipped about preaching the gospel, I shouted in my heart that it was difficult, and I presented the “real difficulties” reported by the brothers and sisters to refute and resist the leader. Thus, I fell into darkness, and the church work was in a paralyzed state.

However, God did not leave me. Once, I opened the book of God’s word and read these words: “Because God carries out his work in the place that resists God, all God’s work is greatly hindered, and many of God’s words cannot be accomplished in due time. Thus people suffer refining because of God’s word. This is also an element of the ‘affliction.’ It is very difficult for God to carry out his work in the place of the great red dragon, but through this ‘difficulty’ God does a stage of his work and manifests his wisdom and his wonderful deeds, and through this opportunity he makes this group of people perfect.” As I read God’s words, ripples were created in my heart. Yes, God, when incarnated this time, faces too many difficulties: the inhuman persecution from the great red dragon; the desperate resistance, hindrance, and condemnation from all sects and denominations; and we are so filthy, fallen, poor in quality, numb and obtuse…. But, all these practical difficulties have not hindered the will of God from being carried out, and the gospel work has been spread throughout Mainland China all the same. Isn’t this the practicalness and almightiness of God? I am really too blind and have no true faith in God! When there were no adverse circumstances, I was full of confidence and was willing to offer up my whole being for the spread of the gospel work. But when facing the practical difficulties in preaching the gospel and the brothers’ and sisters’ complaints about the difficulties, I stood on the side of the brothers and sisters and followed them to cry out about the difficulties and did not care for God’s will, so that God’s work has been hindered by us. Wasn’t such a service of mine resisting God? O Almighty God, thank you for your inspiration. It has made me realize that nothing is too difficult to you and that you will never put an unbearable burden upon man. We always complained about the difficulties, because we did not have the true faith in you or the will to suffer for the truth. O God, today I am willing to correct my viewpoint and cooperate with you to correct the viewpoints of the brothers and sisters. In the rest of the time, I will, together with the brothers and sisters, suffer and cooperate with you in a practical way, and exert all our strength in the gospel work, so as to make up for our indebtedness to you.

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