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God’s Word Led Me Out of the Harassment


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God’s Word Led Me Out of the Harassment

I performed the function of hosting. During SARS, I, like the worldly people, was panicked into buying lots of gauze masks, disinfectant, preventive medicines, and the like. And except to buy rice and vegetables, I seldom went out. I thought: As long as I don’t go out to contact others, I will be in no danger. If the brothers and sisters don’t come to my home during this period, won’t I be all the more safe? They often run around outside and come into contact with many people; what if they bring SARS here?

While I was in a panic about SARS every day, a sister came to my home and stayed here. I feared very much that the sister might bring SARS here, so I often reminded her to put on a gauze mask before going out, and every time she came back, I asked her to spray much disinfectant on herself. But I found that she went out early in the morning and came back in the evening every day, without being restrained by SARS. I couldn’t help thinking, “Is she not afraid of being infected with SARS? Why am I always afraid and worried?” I thought and thought, and then I remembered God’s words: “The disasters will be initiated by me, and of course they will be manipulated by me. If you cannot be good in my sight, you all will not be able to escape the suffering from the disasters.” Ah, yes! The disasters are initiated by God and are also manipulated by God. It is the Almighty God who rules over everything. Isn’t SARS a disaster initiated by God and manipulated by God? Isn’t my life or death in God’s hand? However, I thought that I wouldn’t be infected with SARS as long as I wore a gauze mask when I was out, sprayed my house with disinfectant, and took some preventive medicines. I was really too foolish and blind. I lived in the harassment by SARS, which shows that I only believed in God with my lips and had too little faith in God in my practical life. Under the inspiration of God, I understood this: I cannot completely keep myself from SARS merely by my own methods. Only by performing my duty properly and preparing good deeds can I escape the suffering from the disasters. Isn’t now a good opportunity for me to prepare good deeds? During this period I can host the brothers and sisters; isn’t this God’s blessing to me? God’s words gave me support and even more gave me the way of practice.

Thank the Almighty God for having led me out of the harassment by SARS!

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