God’s Word Made Me Drop My Notion

After I accepted the work of the Almighty God, I seldom read the Fellowship of the Man, because I had a thought: The man used by the Holy Spirit is also a corrupt person. Can it be safe to listen to him? What if he leads us astray? Even though I had read Article 7 in “Ten Administrative Decrees God’s Chosen People Must Observe,” which says: “In the work or the church affairs, apart from obeying God, you should take orders from the man used by the Holy Spirit in everything and should not disobey any of them but should obey them absolutely. Do not analyze whether they are right or wrong. Whether they are right or wrong has nothing to do with you. You should just obey them absolutely,” the misgivings still remained in my heart.

One day, I read these words of God: “People do not at all have the ability to live independently, except the men specially instructed and guided by the Holy Spirit. Because all people need the men used by God to minister to and shepherd them, in each age God raises up different men to run and labor for his work to shepherd the churches. …God’s purpose in using this man is that all those who follow God can better understand God’s will and meet more of God’s requirements. Because all people cannot directly understand God’s word or God’s will, God raises up a man used by him to do such work. The man used by God can be said to be a go-between through whom God leads people and an ‘interpreter’ through whom God communicates with people. …he is directed and governed by the Holy Spirit especially in working. So, he will not deviate on the path of leading God’s chosen people because God will surely be responsible for his own work and he is doing his own work all the time.” Having read these words, I was enlightened all at once. Actually, the man used by the Holy Spirit is raised up by God and prepared by God for his own work. Because we, the numb and obtuse people, do not have the organ to receive the truth, God has raised up the man used by the Holy Spirit to water and shepherd us. Only thus can we receive God’s word in a purer way and be saved by God. God’s words dispelled the misgivings in my heart and made me realize that whatever God does is for the sake of man’s life, and whatever God does will never disrupt his own management. God trusts the man whom he has raised up, but I did not trust him, always measuring God’s work with my brain. I am really too arrogant and devoid of sense. At ordinary times I shouted that I believed in God and listened to the word of God, but in reality I did not believe God’s word. Only now have I seen that I was not at all a person who truly believes in God. O God! Your intention has been revealed to me, and I can’t persist in my error anymore. I am willing to drop my notion, obey everything that comes from you, and be a created being with sense.

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