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God’s Word Removed My Misgiving


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God’s Word Removed My Misgiving

Recently, I saw that some of the brothers and sisters, who once performed duty together with me, were deceived by false christs, some were all right a few days ago but now suddenly showed their true colors, and still some others felt it too difficult to believe in God and so they left their home to get a job…. Then I felt very puzzled, and at the same time, I became somewhat passive: These people had followed God for years and some of them were even leaders, but now they had been deceived by false christs, and even some of them simply gave up their belief. What was the matter with them? Will I become like them one day? If so, won’t all that I have expended and all the hardships I have suffered be in vain? This misgiving, like a ball of cotton, blocked my chest and made me feel smothered. From then on, although I still bustled around outside performing my duty, I lost my strength and confidence inside.

Just when I was in confusion and was unable to extricate myself from it, I read these words of God: “Can’t you see through this? Why is the final stage of work a conquering work? Isn’t it for the purpose of revealing the outcomes of all kinds of men? Isn’t it for the purpose that all men can show their original image in the conquering work of chastisement and judgment and then be after their kind? It is not so much to conquer mankind as to reveal the outcomes of all kinds of men, that is, reveal all kinds of men after judging men’s sins, thus deciding whether they are evil or righteous. … The end of all things is near, and the outcomes of men are revealed before their eyes. All things will be after their kind, so how could men escape the pain of being after their kind?” Inspired and enlightened by God’s words, I seemed to see the sun after the clouds were dispelled, and understood that all this was just the trend of God’s work. Now God is revealing each kind of people and separating the good from the evil, so as to clean the church and make all people be divided into their kinds and return to their ancestors. But, it is not that God reveals and eliminates people intentionally. God says: “I am not willing to cast away any one of you or eliminate any one of you. If you do not strive hard, it will be that you ruin yourself, and it will not be that I eliminate you but that you eliminate yourself. … God’s wish is that everyone will be perfected and in the end be gained by him, be completely purified by him, and become one loved by him.” Yes! God’s heart is beautiful and kind. God wishes everyone to keep up with his work and be gained by him. The problem is that people themselves do not try to win honor and they eliminate themselves. Look back at those who have dropped out: They were either full of notions about God or obedient to no one and so arrogant that they lost their reason; still some, because of having lost their position, flew into anger with shame and then followed the false christs and became their accomplices; and still some always pursued for God’s day and seeing that God’s work still had not yet ended, they lost their faith to follow…. From this, it can be seen that these people had dropped out not because God intended to eliminate them, but because they themselves did not take the right way and did all kinds of evil. This is just God’s righteousness and also God’s wise and wonderful deeds.

Thank God that his word guided me in time and dispelled the misgiving in my heart. I have understood that now it is the time God does the work of dividing people into their kinds, and so I should do my utmost to cooperate with God, pursue the truth, and pursue the transformation of my nature. I can’t eliminate myself!

Through this matter, I have realized that I believed in God not for loving God and satisfying God, but rather, I cared about my own future and destiny all the time, so that when I saw those whom I knew were revealed and eliminated, I began to worry about myself, and I even became passive and weak, misunderstood God, and guarded against God. From this, I have also seen that I am so poor and pitiful that although I have followed God for many years, I have known God too little and misunderstood God too much.

From now on, I will pay attention to knowing the work of God and spend more time and effort on the word of God, because God’s word is the conqueror of all difficulties, the good medicine for illnesses, and the guide to actions.

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