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God’s Word Resolved My Notion


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God’s Word Resolved My Notion

In the winter of 1999, in God’s fellowship “One Will Have a True Faith Only If He Knows the Almightiness of God” I read this passage: “There was the archangel and this was arranged by God; the archangel rebelled against God and this was also allowed by God, was also arranged by God, and was surely within the management plan of God. God allowed the archangel to rebel against him and then corrupt the mankind created by him, and this does not mean that God failed to keep an watch on satan and thus mankind was enticed by the serpent and was corrupted by satan. Rather, it is that God allowed it to do so and then God had his management plan and had his work.

When I read these words, my mind suddenly seethed because God also had said, “Jehovah God did not create the serpent for beguiling the woman. That was not planned by him specially or predestined by him purposely. It can be said that it was something unexpected.” Why does God say here all this was arranged by him? He says the same thing this way at one time and that way at another time. Isn’t there a contradiction? God, you created men and then allowed satan to corrupt them, and then you save men and then cause men to appreciate your kindness. Aren’t you making a fool of men? I was full of complaints and critical views.

Not long afterward, a person from above came. I hurriedly showed her these two “contradictory” points in God’s word and said to her roughly, “Here God says it was ‘beyond expectation,’ but there he says it was ‘arranged.’ What actually is all this about? Isn’t this a contradiction?” The sister explained to me, “God said these different words according to man’s stature. This is God’s wisdom and we cannot fathom it….” Although she fellowshipped a lot, I was not convinced. My mind was always occupied with these two passages of God’s word.

Several years later, I read this passage of God’s word in “The Process of Peter’s Knowing ‘Jesus’”: “Peter asked Jesus a most childish question, ‘Lord! I have a question, which has existed for a long time. I want to ask you.’ Jesus said, ‘Say what you have!’ He said, ‘Was the work done in the Age of the Law done by you?’ Jesus laughed, and his laugh seemed to say, ‘This kid is too childish!’ Jesus purposely said, ‘It was not done by me. It was done by Jehovah and by Moses.’ When Peter heard that, he said, ‘Oh! So it was not done by you.’ After Peter said this, Jesus did not say anything more. Peter thought to himself, ‘It was not done by you. No wonder you abolished the laws after you came. So it was not done by you.’ So his heart rested ‘assured.’ After this thing, Jesus knew that Peter was too childish. As he had no knowledge at that time, Jesus did not say anything else and did not refute him directly.

Having read this, I got some understanding in my mind. At that time, Jesus was afraid that Peter could not accept the truth of the facts as he was too childish, and he also wanted Peter to walk the future path “steadily,” so Jesus did not say straight that the work was done by him; instead, he let Peter understand and know it little by little in his experiences. In the same way, today God said, “God did not create the serpent for beguiling the woman. …it was something unexpected,” because people’s stature was small and they could not understand the purpose and significance of God’s work nor accept the truth of his work. For this reason, God told people the mysteries of his work gradually and wisely according to their real stature, lest they be unable to go forward in their experiences. When people have some reason and understand some truths, God then reveals the whole truth and tells people that all this was arranged by him.

Suddenly, I saw clearly that every thing God did and every word God spoke had God’s love in it and none of them was not for mankind. If God had told people the truth at the start and said all had been “arranged,” people could not accept it at all. They would not only have had notions about God, but would also have thought that it was God who had fooled men into their present state but not satan that had corrupted men to such a state; and thus, men would have placed all the unrighteousness on God and then left God. Just because God knows people perfectly well, he does his works and speaks words according to their practical needs. In the past, I read these words of God many times: “In the steps and time of doing the work, such as how long each step will last, how many words will be spoken in each step, what tone and manner will be used to speak in each step and along with that, what truths will be supplied for you to know, there are his considerate intentions, precise arrangements, and detailed plans. With his wisdom, he has been guiding mankind, supplying men, and serving men, and bit by bit, bringing men up to such a stature and leading men until today.” Only today have I understood the deep meaning of these words.

When I had felt God’s wisdom, God’s love, and God’s considerate intention and then read again this piece of God’s word, I came to realize this: God allowed the archangel to entice mankind after its rebellion, and this has God’s wisdom in it and also contains God’s love and great salvation for mankind. God’s word says, “The mankind gained through the entire management plan is a group of men who are able to understand God’s intention, who have gained the truth from God, and who have the life and likeness of man required by God. The mankind created in the beginning only had man’s appearance and had man’s life, but within him he didn’t have the man’s image required and expected by God. The group of people gained finally are those who will survive in the end, and are the group of people whom God requires, whom God is pleased with, and whom God is satisfied with. … Such a group of people are even better than the mankind God created in the beginning. They were once corrupted but this is necessary and is a thing within the management plan, which fully shows God’s almightiness and wisdom and that all that God arranges and plans and God fulfills are the best.” God’s words made me understand that such a mankind deeply corrupted by satan, through being exposed and judged and chastised by God’s word and being conquered and perfected, will eventually be able to know God, obey God, fear God, love God, and satisfy God; and such a mankind is more valuable than the one created in the beginning.

O God! From your words I’ve realized that you work on people according to what they can accept and understand, neither ahead of the time nor behind the time. With your wisdom and great power, you have been leading us step by step until today. This is your true love for mankind. But instead of trying to understand your considerate intention, I even misunderstood you and had notions about you. I not only had no ability of understanding, but I even had no fear of you at all. O God, now I have finally understood your intention to save man and have also tasted your wisdom, wonder, and almightiness in your working, and known that your working and speaking in this way is in order for mankind to have the likeness of a real man and gain the pleasant destination. O God, I will no longer hold notions about you; I offer my thanks and praises to you for your wise work!

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