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God’s Word Solved My Notion about God’s Work


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God’s Word Solved My Notion about God’s Work

On December 15, 2003, after I got a copy of the work arrangement, The Church Can Preach the Gospel to a Portion of Gentiles that Can Be Preached To, I gladly opened it and began to read carefully. When I read this: “Now, the gospel work can be spread to the gentiles. It can’t be limited to preaching only to the gentiles in the brothers’ and sisters’ families. If the gentiles really acknowledge in their heart that there is a God and are willing to seek the true way, the gospel can be preached to them…,” a string of questions welled up in my mind: What’s all this about? Doesn’t a former work arrangement say that the gospel can only be preached to those who are in the name of Jesus? Why are the gentiles to be preached to now? I hurriedly opened The Manual of the Principles for the Church Work and read these words: “As to the scope of preaching the gospel, stick to what was said before…. As long as one believes in Jesus and reads the Bible, he is an object of our preaching the gospel. … The gospel can only be preached to those who are in the name of Jesus, and the gentiles have no share in it at all. Some of our relatives or friends or some people whose background we know are brought in, and this is their benefit from association with us. Everyone should know this.” I read it several times, carefully pondering it over, and then compared the two arrangements, but I was still perplexed. The doubt in my heart distracted me and made me sleepless all night.

Early next morning, I went hurryingly to a sister with the questions. She opened the book of God’s word for me to read. God says: “If you can drop your religious notions, you will not measure God’s present word and work with your mind but will obey them directly, and even if God’s present work is obviously different from his former work, you will drop your past viewpoints and directly obey God’s work of today. If you can realize that you should pay your most attention to God’s present work no matter what work God did before, this means that you are a person who drops his notions, who obeys God, and who can obey God’s word and work and follow God’s footsteps. Such is a person who truly obeys God.” “God’s original intention in doing his work is to make man new and alive but not old and dead. What he asks man to keep is according to the age and according to the stage, but not everlasting or unchangeable, because he is a God who makes man alive and new, not the devil that makes man dead and old. Do you still not understand this?” After reading God’s words, I suddenly felt my mind cleared and my eyes polished, and the doubt in my mind vanished into a void. God’s work has mounted a new step again, but I still stuck to the former light, measuring God’s work of today with God’s previous work. Am I not one who rigidly observes the letters and regulations? God is the ruler of all things. When God works, he does not adhere to any form or apply any old formula, but gives prominence to newness, novelty, and liveliness. Whatever God does is right and meaningful. How can I, who am smaller than an ant or a bug, measure God’s work with my notions? I’m really too lacking in sense! O God, I really lack too much. In the future you will do more works that do not fit man’s notions; if I do not equip myself with enough truths and do not even have the most elementary vision, I will be devoured by my own notions sooner or later. This is really too terrible! O God, thank you that your timely inspiration and guidance has made me understand the truth of this aspect. In the future, no matter what you do, I will accept and obey everything from you, follow your footsteps closely, and experience your work more deeply and more detailedly.

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