God’s Word Woke Me Up From My Reverie

A few days ago, I saw on the television news that Indonesia and some other countries that do not believe in God were struck by a rare tsunami. And in the book of God’s word, I read some prophecies concerning the steps of God’s work and the disasters. I realized that God’s word had begun to be fulfilled. Then I was very happy, thinking: The ones upon whom the great disasters come are those who do not believe in God. Today, we have accepted God’s end-time work and followed God’s footsteps, and we perform duties and expend ourselves for God every day. Though we live in the same world with those unbelievers, we have God’s care and keeping and the great disasters will never come upon us. As long as we can follow to the end, we are surely the ones to be left in the future.

One day, I read these words in the book of God’s word: “Can you imagine whether you will be living in joy and laughter or weeping and gnashing your teeth when that day comes? What outcome do you hope you will have? … Have you ever seriously considered what consequences and outcome your doings will bring you? … If you follow me for receiving blessings and escaping the future disasters, why don’t you worry about your doings? Why don’t you ask yourself whether you can satisfy my requirements? And why don’t you ask yourself whether you can be qualified to inherit the future blessings?” “You think that it is enough that you follow God running around every day, and you do not think about living out a meaningful life. You may say that you just believe that God is righteous and as you have suffered for him, run around for him, and devoted yourself for him, and have done hard work if not good work, he will surely remember you. … You just find a simplest and easiest way and pursue with the mind of being lucky. My righteous nature will only mean chastisement and judgment and righteous retribution to such a person as you and will mean righteous punishment to all those who do evil, and all those who do not walk in my ways will surely be punished even if they follow to the end. This is God’s righteousness.

God’s words made me suddenly wake up. Whether one can be left in the future does not completely depend on whether he can follow God to the end, nor depend on how much he has given up or expended. Rather, it depends on whether he can put the truth into practice, whether he gains transformation in his nature, and whether he can meet God’s requirements in his doings. However, I lived in my own notions and imaginations. I had the mentality of being lucky and thought that, as I performed my duty and ran around and expended myself for God every day, I would surely be left in the future. I had too little knowledge of God’s righteous nature. In retrospect, when I performed my duty, I either complained that the new believers had many notions and were hard to guide, or complained that they did not cooperate. But as to what notions and views they had, I was unwilling to inquire about that carefully. In my duty I was perfunctory and deceitful and was not serious. Every day I was content merely to run around outside without being idle, but I have never been faithful, much less paid attention to my life entering. As a result, even today I have not gained any transformation in my nature. What qualifications do I, such a natural person who has not gained the truth and life, have to enjoy God’s care and keeping? And what qualifications do I have to inherit the future blessings? If I continue to dream good dreams and desire pleasant things but do not pursue the truth and am not anxious to be transformed in my nature, in the end I will surely be one who will be eliminated by God, fall into the disasters which are rare throughout thousands of years, and suffer endless fear.

O God! I am grateful that your words have woken me up from my reverie in time. I realize that it is so dangerous to believe in and follow you according to my own notions and imaginations. From now on, I will make a fresh start and seize this last opportunity, and pursue strictly according to the standards you require of me. I will pursue the truth and life in a down-to-earth manner and perform my duty faithfully, so that I can soon be transformed in my nature and be saved by you.

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