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God’s Words Corrected My Erroneous Viewpoint of Pursuing


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God’s Words Corrected My Erroneous Viewpoint of Pursuing

I had thought in my mind that, as long as I performed my duty all day without being idle and tried to do more works and run more miles, I could be perfected by God. Through an arrangement not to my liking, God’s word corrected my erroneous viewpoint of pursuing.

In October 2003, God’s family assigned me to perform the duty of hosting. This was very hard for me to adapt to who had been used to running around here and there outside. Every day, I had nothing else to do at home except cook the meals. I only perform so small a duty, I always thought, how can I be perfected? Especially when I saw the brothers and sisters all running around outside enthusiastically, my heart could much less keep still. I thought to myself, “If I go on staying at home, won’t I miss the opportunity to be perfected?” The more I thought about it, the more I became passive, even to the extent of not wanting to perform the hosting duty anymore. My state declined sharply. When the leader learned about my state, she fellowshipped with me and read me God’s words: “While believing in God, this kind of person just works continuously. To his mind, it seems that the more works he does, the more faithful it proves he is to God; and the more works he does, the more God will be satisfied…. This is precisely what Paul imagined and pursued. It is the very way Paul walked. …” “Now even if you are not a worker, you should be able to perform the duty of a created being, pursue to let God manipulate in everything, … and should be able to love God in your heart though you are weak. Those who are responsible for their life are the ones who are willing to fulfill the duty of a created being. The viewpoint of such people’s pursuit is right. What God needs are such people.” God’s words hit the core of my state and corrected my viewpoint of pursuing. My pursuit was the same as Paul’s. I held all along that only if I did many works and ran many miles outside could I be perfected, and that by doing hosting at home and spending little I could not be perfected. Now I know that that was a way to perfection devised by myself. I never pursued along the way God’s word pointed out to me, and never took pursuing life and the transformation of my nature as my primary task in believing in God. I was really too foolish and ignorant. Thank God that he has corrected my erroneous viewpoint of pursuing by his words. From now on, I will pursue along the way of God perfecting man and be faithful in my hosting duty, so as to be perfected by God.

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