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God’s Words Corrected the Deviation in My Practice


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God’s Words Corrected the Deviation in My Practice

Not long ago, the church assigned me to care for two new believers. One of the sisters had a baby of only three months old, and she often had visitors in the house; the other had not yet been certain about God’s work, and she hankered after fleshly enjoyments and did not take the matter of belief in God seriously at all. Seeing this situation, I earnestly prayed before God many times, “O God, I am willing to cooperate with you and rely on you to bring them before you. May you work on them so that they can be certain about your work.” I expected that the situation would turn better. But each time I went to have a meeting with them, either they themselves were otherwise engaged or someone visited them; and sometimes I simply could not find them. Two weeks passed, but we had not had a complete meeting. Then I became worried and uttered complaints: God, didn’t you say that nothing is too difficult for one who relies on you? I go to care for them every day, and I have also relied on you, but why has no result been achieved? Could it be that they are not the ones selected by you? Ay! It seems that I’m not competent to care for them. Let the one who preached to them go and care for them.

Later, during my spiritual devotions, I read God’s words: “The Holy Spirit cannot work alone, and people cannot work alone. These two aspects are indispensable. The more people cooperate and strive toward the standard required by God, the more the Holy Spirit will work on them. … God does not do supernatural things. People have the notion that God is almighty and everything will be done by God. … But those who have pure understanding think this way: To what extent I cooperate, to that extent God will work on me. What results God’s work on me will produce depends on how I cooperate. …

Only then did I understand that, it was not that the Holy Spirit would not work but that because I did not cooperate truly and practically the Holy Spirit had no way to work. I held that “nothing is too difficult for God,” but I did not understand the principle of the Holy Spirit’s working. God does not do supernatural things. Although I prayed God and asked God to move them, I knew nothing about their notions and difficulties, and even less had I fellowshipped with them about the truths in light of their notions and difficulties. Rather, I only waited in vagueness for the Holy Spirit to inspire them. How could I achieve results by working in this way? And how could I receive God’s approval?

Thank God for the enlightenment of his words, which made me see the deviation in my practice. I was no longer passive, no longer complained that God did not work, and no longer judged that the new believers were not the ones predestined and selected by God. I began to pay attention to finding out their notions and difficulties from their talks and fellowshipping with them about God’s words in light of their states. Before long, under the leading of God’s words, they were completely certain about God’s work and also became active in attending meetings; even if someone called on them, they were willing to cooperate and preserve the meeting by wisdom. Thank God. All the glory be to the Almighty God!

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