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Observing Regulations Cannot Transform One’s Nature


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Observing Regulations Cannot Transform One’s Nature

Whenever I saw that those forsakers of God lived in peace, I wondered, “Why does God not punish them? Hasn’t God said that he will not let off anyone who rebels against him? Why has nothing happened to those forsakers of God?” I could not help having doubt about God’s faithfulness and righteousness.

One day, I again pondered God’s word “God will not let off any rebel who runs away from his sight.” But after much thought I still remained unclear about it. Well, I’d better search for the answer in God’s word. So I opened the book of God’s word. A passage caught my eye: “he conquering work of today is a work to reveal men’s outcomes. Why do I say that the chastisement and judgment of today is the judgment of the last days before the great white throne? Can’t you see this clearly? Why is the work in the final stage a conquering work? Isn’t it for the purpose of revealing the outcomes of all kinds of men? Isn’t it for the purpose that all men will be divided into their kind after they show their true self in the conquering work of chastisement and judgment? It is for the purpose of revealing the outcomes of all kinds of men, that is, revealing all kinds of men after judging their sins, and thus deciding whether they are evil or righteous, rather than for the purpose of conquering men. After the conquering work, God will do the work of rewarding the good and punishing the evil: Those who have become completely obedient, that is, those who have been completely conquered, will be put in the work of spreading the work in the entire universe at the next step, and those who have not been conquered will be put in darkness and there will be disasters coming upon them. In this way, men will have been divided into their kind. The evildoers will be the evil and will no longer have the shining of the sun. The righteous will be the good and will receive the light and live in the eternal light.” God’s words are as clear as crystal. In the conquering work today, God’s work is mainly to reveal all kinds of people after judging their sins. The work of rewarding the good and punishing the evil will be done after the conquering work. In the end, the evildoers will return to evil and the righteous to good, without the exception of anyone, for God is forever righteous. Although now those forsakers of God around me have not been punished by God, aren’t they the ones revealed in the conquering work for punishment? God works step by step according to his own plan and in a practical way. How could I doubt God’s faithfulness and righteousness because God’s words have not been fulfilled now? I always measured God’s work by my own views. Was I not so arrogant as to be devoid of sense? Thank God that his words inspired and guided me in time and freed me from the shackles of my notion.

Afterward, I read another passage of God’s word: “Is God’s substance determined by whether his words are fulfilled? Why do some people always want to believe in God when his words have been fulfilled? Doesn’t this show that they do not know God? All those who have such a notion are the ones who deny God. They measure God according to their notions, believing in God if his words are fulfilled and not believing if his words are not fulfilled. They always seek signs and wonders. Aren’t they Pharisees of the present age? … Those who do not pursue to know God and to satisfy God are not ones who believe in God but ones who blaspheme God!” God’s words made me feel ashamed and tremble with fear. Am I not a fool who only pays attention to whether God’s word is fulfilled but does not pursue to know God? Today, God does the work of the word. I did not pursue to know God and have myself transformed in God’s word, but only cared about whether God’s word has been fulfilled, fixing my eyes on those rebels against God all day to see if they have suffered punishment. Am I not a “Pharisee of the present age” that God refers to? Thank God that his judgment and exposing has made me realize my erroneousness. I have known that since I believe in God, I should pursue to know God and satisfy God, and should not measure God by my notion and should not seek to see signs and wonders; otherwise, even if I keep my belief to the end I will still be condemned by God and suffer punishment.

O God, from now on, I will never again measure you by my notions. I will pursue the truth and pursue to know your work. No matter how contrary your work may be to my notions, I will seek the truth, seek your will, and solve all my notions with your word.

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