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God’s Words Made Me Drop My Affections


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God’s Words Made Me Drop My Affections

Since I accepted the end-time work of the Almighty God, I have been performing my duty away from home. Yet, I never dropped my child and parents in my heart. My child is the apple of my eye, and he has never been separated from me since he was born. My parents have only me a daughter, and they love me dearly. But now, I cannot do the duty of a mother before my child and cannot perform the filial piety of a daughter before my parents. So, deep in my heart I always felt much indebted to them, expecting that someday I could return to them and fulfill my “obligations” with my best efforts.

Once, during my spiritual devotions, I read God’s words: “But you should know clearly that the Creator will restore created men to their original position, restoring them to the original image they had when they were created, … and take back all God’s possessions that belong to God but not to men….” I pray-read these words repeatedly and pondered them carefully. Then, I came to realize this: I was created by God, I belong to God, and I should live for God. God predestined me to be born in the end time and then experience the personal work of God incarnate. God has expended so much effort and price on me simply to save me from satan’s hand and restore me to my original position. But I have been so corrupted by satan that I did not know the meaning of my being created. I have been so poisoned by feudal ethics that I only knew to fulfill my obligations before my parents and child but did not know that my “original position” should be to perform the duty of a created being before the Creator. I could not perform what I should perform before God, so have I not lost the original function of a created being? I was not believing in God at all. I was obviously engaging in my own management. I was really foolish to the extreme! O God, only today have I seen that I followed you but did not have the substance of believing in you. I had no knowledge of your end-time work, and my thoughts and ideas were completely contrary to your intention. O God! From now on, I will drop my concern for my parents and child and give my body and heart fully to you, so that I can truly be restored to my “original position.”

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