Unlocking the Riddle of the Trinity

By Qiuzhi, Singapore I was converted to Christianity by an elder 20 years ago. He told me that out of everything in the universe, there’s one true Go…

Catholic Reading for Today: Free Yourself From Religious Rituals for a Closer Relationship With God

For two thousand years, everyone who believes in God has been adhering to certain religious practices such as liturgy, confession, attending Mass, saying prayers, and observing certain holidays. They have believed that observing these religious rites is the only way to please God. Gengxin, a fellow believer, never questioned whether this was in line with God’s will or not until he accepted God’s work of the last days. Only then did he gain a new understanding of these religious rituals. Let’s take a look at his experience.

I Have Been Raptured Before God

By Zhang Yue, Indonesia At the age of 20, I was baptized and turned to the Lord Jesus. The pastor’s sermons on the Lord Jesus’ love and teachings w…

How the Wise Virgins Welcomed the Lord

By Anick, France Almighty God says, “Wherever God appears, there the truth is expressed, and there the voice of God will be. Only those who can acc…

The Mystery of the Lord’s Return

The Lord Jesus prophesied that He would come again in the last days, and I’m sure that all brothers and sisters longing for the Lord’s return hope to be able to welcome His coming and gain God’s salvation of the last days.

The Light of Judgment

‘having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth’ ‘for he comes to judge the earth’ and ‘For judgment I am come into this world.’ From this we can see that in the last days, God must come in person to the world of human beings, and He will come to do the work of judgment and judge all peoples and all nations.

An Experience of Sharing the Gospel

By Fusu, South Korea I started sharing the gospel after accepting Almighty God’s work of the last days. I quietly resolved that I’d do my duty well n…

I Have Finally Welcomed the Lord

By Michael, Indonesia I went only to Catholic schools as a child until I finished high school. I was very active in saying prayers and attending fe…

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