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Knowing God’s Wisdom and Omnipotence From the Fact of His Dominion Over and Administration of the Spiritual World


Knowing God’s Wisdom and Omnipotence From the Fact of His Dominion Over and Administration of the Spiritual World

When it comes to the spiritual world, if the various beings in it do something wrong, if they do not do their job correctly, God also has corresponding heavenly edicts and decrees to deal with them—this is absolute. So during God’s several-thousand-year management work, some bailiffs who did wrong have been exterminated, some, today, are still being detained and punished. This is what must be faced by every being in the spiritual world. If they do something wrong or commit evil, they are punished—which is exactly the same as God’s approach to His chosen people and the service-doers. And so, whether it is in the spiritual world or the material world, the principles by which God acts do not change. Regardless of whether you can see God’s actions or not, their principles do not change. Throughout, God has had the same principles in His approach to all things and in His handling of all things. This is immutable. God will be kind toward those among the unbelievers who live relatively properly, and will save opportunities for those in each religion who behave well and do no evil, allowing them to play their role in all the things managed by God, and do that which they ought to do. Similarly, among those who follow God, His chosen people, God does not discriminate against any person according to these principles of His. He is kind toward everyone who is able to sincerely follow Him, and loves everyone who sincerely follows Him. It’s just that for these several types of people—the unbelievers, the various people of faith, and God’s chosen people—what He bestows upon them is different. Take the unbelievers: Although they don’t believe in God, and God sees them as livestock, among all things each of them has food to eat, a place of their own, and a normal cycle of life and death. Those who do evil are punished, and those who do good are blessed and receive God’s kindness. That’s how it is. For the people of faith, if they are able to strictly abide by the religious precepts rebirth after rebirth, then after all these rebirths God will ultimately make His proclamation to them. Similarly, for everyone sitting here today, whether they be one of God’s chosen people or a service-doer, God will also bring them into line and determine their end in accordance with the regulations and administrative decrees that He has set. Look, among these several types of people—the various types of people of faith, who belong to various religions—has God given them living space? Where is Judaism? Has God interfered in their faith? Not at all. And what about Christianity? He has not interfered in the least. He allows them to abide by their own procedures, and does not talk to them, or give them any enlightenment, and, moreover, does not reveal anything to them: “If you think it’s right, then believe in this way!” The Catholics believe in Mary, and that it was through Mary that the news was passed on to Jesus; such is their form of belief. And has God ever corrected their faith? God gives them free rein, He pays them no heed, and He gives them a certain space in which to live. And toward the Muslims and Buddhists, is He also like that? He has set boundaries for them, too, and allows them to live within their own living space, without interfering in their respective faiths. All is well-ordered. And what do you see in all this? That God is possessed of authority, but He does not abuse His authority. God arranges all things in perfect order, and is methodical, and in this lies His wisdom and omnipotence.

from “God Himself, the Unique X” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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