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The Real Goal Behind the CCP Denying and Condemning Christ


Pan Long (Deputy director of the brainwashing base): You claim that Almighty God is the appearance of God during the last days, the truth. You also claim God created this world and rules over it, that God has been humanity’s sole Savior throughout history. Tell me, what factual basis do you have? The Communist Party we are atheists. We don’t recognize God’s rule or His existence in the slightest. Even less do we recognize the incarnate God you believe in. The Jesus in whom Christians believe is clearly a man. He had parents and siblings. Christianity, however, insists He be worshiped as the one true God. Complete nonsense. Almighty God is just another Jesus, a normal person like you or me. What led you to believe that He is God incarnate? And why must you bear witness to Him as Christ Savior of the last days in person? It’s so foolish and ignorant. It’s all fiction. There is no God. And moreover there’s no God incarnate. I reiterate: You claim that God has now taken the form of an ordinary human being. Where’s your proof? Is there anyone who can tell me?

Xu Xiangguang (A Christian): I’d like to speak. God is a Spirit, who you can’t see or touch. But the Spirit of God does things and speaks, and can be heard by those who listen. This is true. From the facts recorded in the Bible, we can see that much. He can speak to us through thunder. He can speak to us through a raging fire. He can be incarnated as a person to speak to us directly. These are facts that no one can deny. God has guided man for thousands of years through the Age of Law, the Age of Grace, and the Age of Kingdom. Throughout all of these stages, God has communicated with us. During the Age of Grace, God was incarnated as the Lord Jesus to speak truth, and was nailed to the cross for man’s sins, doing the work of redemption. During the Age of Kingdom, God has become incarnate again as Almighty God, has spoken the truth to do the judgment work, has come to purify man and take us into a good destination. Thereafter the age of evil and darkness will come to an end. Every word that God spoke during both of his incarnations has allowed people to hear His voice and to see His work, one by one they’ve turned toward Him. Henceforth, the human race has understood His omnipotence, wisdom, His righteous disposition, and seen His words accomplish everything. This is the most obvious outcome achieved by the work of God incarnate. None of this could have been accomplished by any humans, because we as people do not possess truth, let alone express the truth to save our own kind. Regardless of the method in which God works or speaks, regardless of how great His work, how many turn to Him, those that work against God will try their best to condemn His appearance. They also find reasons to deceive people, causing denial and suspicion of God. The CCP will try to deny and condemn Christ, and calls Lord Jesus and Almighty God just ordinary people. This is due to the demonic essence of the Communist Party that hates truth and resists God. The Communist Party is an atheist party that would deny God’s existence, even in heaven. How would it ever recognize an incarnate God? Am I correct?

The Real Goal Behind the CCP Denying and Condemning Christ

Li Chunyi (A Christian): Director Pan, I’ll tell you that the existence of God incarnate is plainly evident given His ability to express the truth in every case; He does the work of God Himself. He might seem like a regular person on the outside, but He’s the flesh of God’s Spirit. Everything He does is an expression of God’s Spirit. He can redeem and save man. He can open up new eras, bring others to an end, and ultimately bring us into His kingdom. Without a doubt, the work of the incarnate Christ is that of God Himself; Christ is God’s manifestation. Just like Lord Jesus, though on the outside He may seem like an ordinary person, He taught us: “Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” and He did indeed redeem us. He performed numerous miracles. He fed thousands with only five loaves and two fish. With a single utterance, He calmed the wind and sea. He raised a man from the dead, the list goes on. The truth He spoke and the miracles He performed could not have been done by any ordinary man. This makes God’s power more than evident, it certainly proves that the Lord Jesus was God incarnate, and that He was our Redemption. The leaders of Judaism at the time, they were familiar with the work of the Lord Jesus, and they knew He possessed power unattainable by any human. And yet they condemned the Lord Jesus, saying that He was a human, that He was speaking blasphemy, and cast out demons with the demon ruler. They deceived people, causing them to deny the Lord Jesus. Their satanic nature is clear a resistance to God and a hatred of truth. At the moment, religious circles generally acknowledge that the Lord Jesus was Christ, God incarnate. Only devils belonging to Satan deny and condemn Him. The Communist Party tries its best to do the same, calls the incarnate Christ an ordinary person, labels Christian churches as cults, outright suppressing and banning them. Doesn’t this make the Chinese Community Party evil? Are they not satanic, godless demons?

Wang Xuebin (A brainwashing teacher): I’m warning you! If anyone dares bear witness for Christ of the last days again, going against Marxism-Leninism atheism, they’ll be locked up immediately!

Pan Long: It is alright for you to express your viewpoints, but whatever you say, I still think that the One in whom you believe is a human being. In believing in such an ordinary person, what are you ultimately hoping to gain? Let me hear your thoughts.

Dong Wei (A Christian): Director, God’s incarnation as Christ serves mainly to speak truth and bring man salvation. You do not acknowledge that the words of Christ are the truth, of course you would deny Him, and even condemn Him. Only those who acknowledge and submit to Christ will attain truth and salvation from God. Almighty God of the last days has expressed the truth that can purify and save the human race. Almighty God is no different than the Lord Jesus; He might appear ordinary on the outside, yet He is really the Spirit of God in human form. In essence, He is God. He can speak the truth and do the work that God Himself would do. Almighty God has revealed the truth of man’s corruption, has explained in a clear manner how Satan has corrupted the human race, and has even told us what God requires of man and the truth they ought to have. Almighty God is leading us down a bright path, asking us to be honest and live by His word, God’s word. Only like this can God’s blessing be attained. After we accepted Almighty God, experienced His work, and came to understand so many truths, casting aside much unrighteousness and shedding much wickedness, we have all experienced varying degrees of purification. We’ve been given a foundation for how we should live and what to strive for in life. This is the effect the words of Almighty God have had on us. This proves that the words of Almighty God are absolute truth, capable of purifying and saving the human race. They cause people to stop their satanic ways and elude Satan’s influence, and can bring them a wonderful destination. Tell me, aside from God, who could accomplish this? Who else could solve the root cause of our sinning and save us from the fetters of sin? Who else could bring us into a good destination? Other than God Himself, there is no one who possesses such power. Other than the incarnate Christ, there is no person who can express truth. This is a fact. The truths revealed by Almighty God are proof that Almighty God is God incarnate. Almighty God is God revealing Himself as the Savior Christ of the last days.

Zhang Mingdao (A Christian): Director Pan, Mr. Wang, you’re so determined to deny the incarnate God like you are now, but have you ever read the words of Almighty God? Have you ever even investigated Almighty God’s work? If you haven’t, I recommend you best not deny Christ like you do, even less declare Him guilty. If you’d allow me, I’d like to read a few passages written by Almighty God.

Almighty God says, “He who is God’s incarnation shall hold the substance of God, and He who is God’s incarnation shall hold the expression of God. Since God becomes flesh, He shall bring forth the work He must do, and since God becomes flesh, He shall express what He is, and shall be able to bring the truth to man, bestow life upon man, and show man the way. Flesh that does not contain the substance of God is surely not the incarnate God; of this there is no doubt. To investigate whether it is God’s incarnate flesh, man must determine this from the disposition He expresses and the words He speaks. Which is to say, whether or not it is God’s incarnate flesh, and whether or not it is the true way, must be judged from His substance. And so, in determining[a] whether it is the flesh of God incarnate, the key is to pay attention to His substance (His work, His words, His disposition, and many more), rather than external appearance.

Christ comes during the last days so that all those who truly believe in Him may be provided with life. His work is for the sake of concluding the old age and entering the new one, and is the path that must be taken by all those who would enter the new age. If you are incapable of acknowledging Him, and instead condemn, blaspheme or even persecute Him, then you are bound to burn for eternity, and shall never enter the kingdom of God. For this Christ is Himself the expression of the Holy Spirit, the expression of God, the One whom God has entrusted to do His work on earth. And so I say that if you cannot accept all that is done by Christ of the last days, then you blaspheme the Holy Spirit. The retribution that should be suffered by those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit is self-evident to all. I also tell you that if you oppose Christ of the last days, and deny Him, then there is no one who can bear the consequences on your behalf. Furthermore, from this day onward you will not have another chance to gain the approval of God; even if you try to redeem yourself, you will never again behold the face of God. For what you oppose is not a man, what you deny is not some puny being, but Christ. Are you aware of this consequence? You have not made a small mistake, but committed a heinous crime. And so I advise everyone not to bare your fangs before the truth, or make careless criticisms, for only the truth can bring you life, and nothing except the truth can allow you to be reborn and behold the face of God” (The Word Appears in the Flesh).

Zhang Mingdao: The words of Almighty God explain Christ’s substance very clearly. We who believe have read a great deal of the words of Almighty God. This is why we’re able to understand the truth and the last-days work of Almighty God. Without an understanding of truth, it’s easy to misunderstand the work of God and even condemn it. The pursuit of truth and a knowledge of the words of Almighty God will assure that you say nothing against God. Director Pan, Mr. Wang, we hope that you’ll think twice before denying God or God incarnate for that matter, lest you offend Him.

from the movie script of The Lies of Communism


a. The original text reads “as for.”

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