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How Christians Strike Back at the CCP’s Atheist Brainwashing


Yuan Hua (President of the Legal Education School): Xiao Jiang, please rest assured, we are not here to interrogate you. We only want to have a chat with you. Whatever difficulty you have, tell me by all means. I will do my best to help you.

Teacher Chen (A teacher of the Legal Education School): Yeah, if you have something to say, go ahead and say it. Our President Yuan is a warm-hearted person.

Jiang Xinyi (A Christian): I don’t have anything to say. You are atheists who have no common language with us believers of God. I am afraid we could not hold a conversation.

President Yuan: Xiao Jiang, you can’t say so. You are a journalist and I am the president of a school. We are both intellectuals. In some respects we can still talk. Speaking from the heart, I feel sympathy for you. You are a highly educated person who also used to engage in such a respected profession like journalists. It is so enviable! Journalists are called uncrowned kings who can wield great influences. Your pen can make a leader or an enterprise popular. It can make someone famous overnight. Journalists are favored by leaders at all levels. Is it the truth I am speaking? A journalist is in a very visible position with frequent contacts with leaders at all levels and rich opportunities for career advancement. It is what we called a “strategic vantage point.” If a journalist goes along with the Communist Party, the sky is the limit. He is in a much better position than us. Xiao Jiang, you are a knowledgeable and smart person. I just don’t understand, how could you give up such a good profession and choose to believe in God? Look at yourself right now, instead of being a respectable journalist, you are a prisoner for believing in God. Isn’t it demeaning? Getting locked up and ruining your own future for believing in God, isn’t it a pity? Don’t you say? Today, I am here to help you. All you need to do now is clearly explain your belief in God, sign a letter of repentance and guarantee that you won’t believe again, we will let you go home immediately. You will be free. In addition, I will take up the responsibility of talking to your unit to reinstate your status as a reporter and continue to groom you for a promising future. What do you think of this?

Teacher Chen: Xiao Jiang, our President Yuan is a favorite person with the leaders of the provincial government. It is your blessing that President Yuan is willing to help you. You need to seize the opportunity.

Jiang Xinyi: President Yuan, you are a government official, and I had been a reporter for a Party newspaper. We both have some life experience. In this dark and evil age, where is the light? Where is justice? How does a person lead a meaningful life? I often think about these questions. I used to naively think that being a reporter, I could work for the people and speak for them by doing some practical things and reflecting some actual social problems. But after being exposed to this industry, I could see it clearly in a country where the CCP is in power, the news media, especially the Party media, are merely the Party’s mouthpiece that has nothing to do with speaking and working for the people. Reporters can only fabricate lies against their conscience, sing praises for the Communist Party, and deceive the public. If any reporter dares to go against the wishes of the Party and reports the real situation by speaking fairly for the people, he will be sanctioned. He will lose his job at best, sit in jail or even lose his life at worst. This is an open secret in the journalist field. Those reporters with a conscience are indignant but dare not speak their minds. The cold harsh reality made me feel painful and confused. As the saying goes, “Good begets good, and evil begets evil.” There is bound to be divine retributions for those who follow the CCP to lie and do evil. Since I read the word of Almighty God, I have found that the word of Almighty God is the truth. I know that God’s incarnation in the last days is for the cleansing and salvation of mankind, to deliver mankind from sin. This is an excellent chance for mankind to be saved. If man does not accept the truth, but follows the worldly trends of sin, he will only end up being destroyed in the catastrophe. When I was a reporter, I used to do unconscientious things in order to pursue fame and status by framing and deceiving people for a living. I was indicted by my own conscience. My heart was particularly painful and without peace. If I continue to follow the Communist Party, my future will certainly be punishment in hell. So I decided to accept God’s work and give up this job. I chose to believe in God and take the proper path of life. President Yuan, if you don’t know the existence of God, don’t understand the meaning of faith in God, you can read the word of Almighty God, then you will recognize the existence of God and the truth. You can understand where man came from, and where he is going. You will know how to live in order to be praised by God and reach a good destination.

President Yuan: Xiao Jiang, you have only believed in God for a little more than a decade. You are still a rookie. I have lived the better part of my life and studied religions for decades. I can tell you responsibly, there is no God in this world, and there has never been any Savior. The whole affair of believing in God is too vague. It is completely impractical. We are both knowledgeable people; we should look at matters according to the facts and science. We should believe in scientific theories such as materialism and Darwinism. Don’t you agree? Why do you have to believe in God? We communists only believe in atheism and the theory of evolution. You need to know that Darwin’s theory of evolution is one of the most important scientific theories in the history of science for mankind. According to the theory of evolution, we can be sure that everything was created by the work of nature. Man is the accidental product of nature’s biological evolution process. Man had evolved from the ape. This has a sufficient theoretical basis. This shows that man was not created by God. The words written in the Bible are myths and legends that cannot be taken seriously. Xiao Jiang, I advise you to learn more about materialism and Darwinism. These are very practical theories that can resolve doubts. I believe that when you see it clearly, you will have a correct understanding of religious beliefs and come out from the illusory faith. Only by following the CCP will you have a future.

Jiang Xinyi: The CCP is an atheistic party. It naturally believes in materialism and Darwinism. But what is the result? Materialism and Darwinism have been denied and rejected by most people. More and more people are accepting God and returning to God. More and more people believe that God’s word is the truth. Now the world has reached the end of the last days. God’s work has come to the final step. God will show all His deeds, so that people in the last days will see that all things in heaven and on earth were created by God, and God rules over everything. Just as Almighty God says, “How many creatures are there living and reproducing in the vast expanse of the universe, following the law of life over and over, adhering to one constant rule. Those who die take with them the stories of the living, and those who are living repeat the same tragic history of those who have died. And so mankind can’t help but ask itself: Why do we live? And why do we have to die? Who is in command of this world? And who created this mankind? Was mankind really created by Mother Nature? Is mankind really in control of its own fate? … For thousands of years mankind has asked these questions, over and over again. Unfortunately, the more that mankind has become obsessed with these questions, the more of a thirst he has developed for science. Science offers brief gratification and temporary enjoyment of the flesh, but is far from sufficient to free mankind of the solitariness, loneliness, and barely-concealed terror and helplessness deep within his soul. Mankind merely uses scientific knowledge that the naked eye can see and the brain can comprehend to anesthetize his heart. Yet such scientific knowledge cannot stop mankind from exploring mysteries. Mankind does not know who is the Sovereign of all things in the universe, much less does he know the beginning and future of mankind. Mankind merely lives, perforce, amidst this law. None can escape it and none can change it, for among all things and in the heavens there is but One from everlasting to everlasting who holds sovereignty over everything. He is the One who has never been beheld by man, the One whom mankind has never known, in whose existence mankind has never believed, yet He is the One who breathed the breath into mankind’s ancestors and gave life to mankind. He is the One who supplies and nourishes mankind for its existence, and guides mankind up to the present day. Moreover, He and He alone is whom mankind depends on for its survival. He holds sovereignty over all things and rules all living beings beneath the universe. He commands the four seasons, and it is He who calls forth wind, frost, snow, and rain. He gives mankind sunshine and brings the coming of night. It was He who laid out the heavens and earth, providing man with mountains, lakes and rivers and all the living things within them. His deed is everywhere, His power is everywhere, His wisdom is everywhere, and His authority is everywhere. Each of these laws and rules is the embodiment of His deed, and every one of them reveals His wisdom and authority. Who can exempt themselves from His sovereignty? And who can discharge themselves from His designs? All things exist beneath His gaze, and moreover, all things live beneath His sovereignty. His deed and His power leave mankind with no choice but to acknowledge the fact that He really does exist and holds sovereignty over all things” (The Word Appears in the Flesh).

Xiao He (A teaching assistant of the Legal Education School): Jiang Xinyi, you are even witnessing the word of Almighty God here. Do you want to take the opportunity to preach the gospel to us? You don’t see what kind of a place this is.

Jiang Xinyi: Just now, President Yuan said that he is not here to interrogate me. He is here for a heart-to-heart talk with me. That’s why I communicated God’s word with you since I wanted to say something in mind. I took you as friends and said something in mind. Are you unhappy about it?

Xiao He: You …

President Yuan: Hey! Xiao Jiang, I am very happy that you can take us as friends. Please go on.

Jiang Xinyi: Since the creation of the world, God has done three stages of work. God has expressed many truths in every stage of His work. The whole Bible is the record of God’s work in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace. Then Almighty God came and has done judgment work in the last days, expressing all the truths for the cleansing and salvation of mankind, most of which are recorded in the book The Word Appears in the Flesh. Although we do not see the spiritual body of God, we can see all the words God expresses in every age when He appears to work. It fulfilled the words of the Bible: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). Since the corruption of mankind by Satan, God has been speaking and working to save mankind. In the Age of Law God worked in Israel and promulgated the law and commandments to guide mankind’s life on earth. In the Age of Grace, God became flesh as the Lord Jesus and did redemptive work in Judea. In the last days, Almighty God appears in the flesh and does His work in China. The word of God recorded in the Bible and the word of God expressed in The Word Appears in the Flesh in the last days are the fact that God speaks and works in the world to guide and save man. If it were not for God’s Spirit, who could speak such powerful and authoritative words? Man cannot see the Spirit of God, but he can hear the word expressed by God’s Spirit. This is enough to prove that the Spirit of God has been speaking and working to guide and save mankind. Man can only believe in God according to God’s word. When he prays to God with his heart, he can feel the work of the Holy Spirit and the existence of God. You have not believed in God, read the Bible and God’s word, or prayed to God, so you cannot feel the existence of God. In the last days, God became flesh as the Son of man to speak and work among people. All the words expressed by Almighty God are the truth with authority and power that no one can utter. This proves that it is the Spirit of God that speaks, and the Spirit of God that is realized in the flesh to appear and do His work. After reading The Word Appears in the Flesh expressed by Almighty God, I could clearly feel that these words originated from God. It was God speaking to mankind. So I accepted Almighty God. After experiencing God’s work for more than a decade, I have felt the authority and power of God’s word, and experienced the Holy Spirit’s enlightenment. I saw the wonderful deeds of God. In my heart, God’s authority, power, omnipotence, and dominance are too real! It can be said that all those with a heart and spirit can see the fact of God’s true existence and God’s dominance over everything from all the things God has created and from all the truths God has expressed. The Lord Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (Matthew 24:35). Almighty God says, “Heaven and earth may pass away but not one letter or one stroke of what I say will ever pass away” (Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning). From the fact that every prophecy and every word of God are being fulfilled and achieved, it can be seen that only the word of God is the truth. Mankind as a whole must see the omnipotence and dominance of God.

President Yuan: Xiao Jiang, what you said is really good and very reasonable indeed. But I haven’t seen God, haven’t seen how God works and how He dominates the world. It is hard for me to recognize God and accept God. From my study of religious beliefs for so many years, I think that religious belief is merely a spiritual sustenance and a means to fill the spiritual vacuity of mankind. Didn’t all those who believed in God finally die? No one saw which person went to heaven or hell. I see all religious beliefs as very vague and unrealistic. With scientific development and human progress, religious beliefs will likely be abandoned and eliminated. We still need to believe in science. Only science is the truth and reality, which no one can deny. Although science has not denied God, it has not witnessed the existence of God either. If science can really determine that there is God and witness that God dominates everything, then we will believe in God too. We communists just believe in science. Only by believing in science and developing science will human societies continue to progress. Science can solve many real problems of human societies. What can believing in God bring to people? Other than some temporary spiritual comfort, what else is it good for? It does not solve any practical problems. So, believing in science is more realistic than believing in God, much more realistic. We have to believe in science.

Jiang Xinyi: President Yuan, atheism advocates science above all else, even to the point of deeming science the truth and belief. If science were the truth, why had so many scientific theories been refuted and disproved after existing briefly? This shows that science is not the truth at all. Can science solve the most realistic problems of human societies? Can science solve human corruption? Can science solve the darkness and evil of the world? Can science make people know God? Can science bring happiness and peace to mankind? Now that science has been developed to its peak, what are the consequences? Science has not brought happiness and peace to mankind. Instead, it has brought wars and disasters that threaten to destroy mankind. The ecology has been destroyed. Green food and organic food have disappeared. Isn’t it true? With the development of science, human beings increasingly believe in science, deny and resist God, leading to the growing catastrophe of mankind. Just as Almighty God says, “From when man first had social sciences, the mind of man was occupied by science and knowledge. Then science and knowledge became tools for the ruling of mankind, and there was no longer sufficient room for man to worship God, and no more favorable conditions for the worship of God. The position of God sunk ever lower in the heart of man. A world in man’s heart with no place for God is dark, empty without hope. … Science, knowledge, freedom, democracy, leisure, comfort, these are but a temporary respite. Even with these things, man will inevitably sin and bemoan the injustices of society. These things cannot allay man’s craving and desire to explore. Because man was made by God and the senseless sacrifices and explorations of man can only lead to more distress. Man will exist in a constant state of fear, will not know how to face the future of mankind, or how to face the path that lies ahead. Man will even come to fear science and knowledge, and fear even more the feeling of emptiness within him. … If the people of a country or a nation are unable to receive the salvation and care of God, then such a country or nation will tread the road to ruin, toward darkness, and shall be annihilated by God” (The Word Appears in the Flesh).

Jiang Xinyi: When man advocates and believes in science, he will naturally deny the truth and deny God. What outcome will it bring? When man believes in science, he will naturally refuse to accept God’s work and salvation, and he might even resist God. When man has left God, there is no more room for God in his heart, so man will no longer receive God’s blessing. Now that mankind advocates science, advocates evil, and follows worldly trends, resulting in the widening gap between mankind and God. The whole world is becoming more and more dark and evil and increasingly more against God. The increasingly more frequent human struggles and wars have brought a variety of disasters to mankind. President Yuan, do you say science can save mankind from evil and sin? Can science let man escape the catastrophe in the last days? Can science bring mankind to a good destination? These are major issues related to the outcome and destination of mankind that science cannot solve. This is enough to prove that science is not the truth; it cannot save man. Almighty God’s expression of the truth in the last days is for the salvation of mankind. If mankind can receive the judgment and cleansing of Almighty God, it can get God’s protection amid the catastrophe and survive to be brought into God’s kingdom. This is the promise of God. Whether man can believe and accept God’s word or not, he will be able to see the fulfillment of God’s word after the end of the catastrophe. Then it will be too late for regret.

from the movie script of The Exchange: Account of an Interrogation

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