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Why Did God Become Flesh to Do His Work in China in the Age of Kingdom?


Bible Verses for Reference:

For from the rising of the sun even to the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles” (Mal 1:11).

For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Mat 24:27).

Classic Words of God:

In many places, God has prophesied gaining a group of overcomers in the land of Sinim. It is in the world’s East that overcomers are gained, so the landing spot of God’s second incarnation is without a doubt the land of Sinim, exactly where the great red dragon lies coiled. There God will gain the descendants of the great red dragon so that it is thoroughly defeated and shamed. God wants to awaken these deeply suffering people, to awaken them completely, and to have them walk out of the fog and reject the great red dragon. God wants to awaken them from their dream, have them know the essence of the great red dragon, give all their heart to God, rise up out of the oppression of the dark forces, stand up in the East of the world, and become proof of God’s victory. Only then will God gain glory. For just this reason, God brought the work that came to an end in Israel to the land where the great red dragon lies coiled and, nearly two thousand years after departing, has come again into flesh to continue the work of the Age of Grace. To man’s naked eye, God is launching new work in the flesh. But to God, He is continuing the work of the Age of Grace, only with a time separation of a few thousand years, and only with a change in work location and work project. Although the flesh image that God has taken in today’s work is quite a different person than Jesus, They share the same substance and root, and They are from the same source.

from “Work and Entry (6)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The prophecies said that Jehovah’s name would be great in the Gentile nations and that Jehovah’s name would be spread to the Gentile nations—why would they say this? If God were only the God of the Israelites, then He would only be at work in Israel. Furthermore, He would not expand this work, and He would not make this prophecy. Since He made this prophecy, He would need to expand His work into Gentile nations and into every nation and place. Since He stated this, He would thus do so. This is His plan, for He is the Lord who created the heavens and earth and all things, and the God of all creation. Regardless of whether He is at work with the Israelites or in all Judea, the work He does is the work of the entire universe and the work of all humanity. The work He does today in the nation of the great red dragon—in a Gentile nation—is still the work of all humanity. Israel can be the base for His work on earth; likewise, China can also become the base for His work among the Gentile nations. Has He not now fulfilled the prophecy that “the name of Jehovah will be great in the Gentile nations”?

from “God Is the Lord of All Creation” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The work of Jehovah was the creation of the world, it was the beginning; this stage of work is the end of work, and it is the conclusion. At the start, God’s work was carried out among the chosen ones of Israel, and it was the dawn of a new epoch in the most holy of all places. The last stage of work is carried out in the most impure of all countries, to judge the world and bring the age to an end. In the first stage, God’s work was done in the brightest of all places, and the last stage is carried out in the darkest of all places, and this darkness will be driven out, the light brought forth, and all the people conquered. When the people of this most impure and darkest of all places have been conquered, and the entire population has acknowledged that there is a God, who is the true God, and every person has been utterly convinced, then this fact will be used to carry out the work of conquest throughout the entire universe. This stage of work is symbolic: Once the work of this age has been finished, the work of 6,000 years of management will come to a complete end. Once those in the darkest of all places have been conquered, it goes without saying that it will also be so everywhere else. As such, only the work of conquest in China carries meaningful symbolism. China embodies all forces of darkness, and the people of China represent all those who are of the flesh, of Satan, and of flesh and blood. It is the Chinese people who have been most corrupted by the great red dragon, who have the strongest opposition to God, whose humanity is most base and impure, and so they are the archetype of all corrupt humanity. … Why have I always said that you are an adjunct to My management plan? It is in the people of China that corruption, impurity, unrighteousness, opposition, and rebelliousness are manifested most completely and revealed in all their varied forms. On the one hand, they are of poor caliber, and on the other, their lives and mindset are backward, and their habits, social environment, family of birth—all are poor and the most backward. Their status, too, is low. The work in this place is symbolic, and after this test work has been carried out in its entirety, His subsequent work will go much better. If this step of work can be completed, then the subsequent work goes without saying. Once this step of work has been accomplished, great success will have been fully achieved, and the work of conquest throughout the entire universe will have come to a complete end. In fact, once the work among you has been successful, this will be equivalent to the success throughout the entire universe. This is the significance of why I have you act as a model and specimen.

from “The Vision of God’s Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Chinese people have never believed in God and have never served Jehovah, have never served Jesus. All they can do is kowtow, burn incense, burn joss paper, and worship Buddha. They just worship idols—they are all rebellious to an extreme, so the lower people’s position is, the more it shows that what God gains from you is even more glory. … If the descendants of Jacob had been born in China, on this piece of land, and they were all of you, then what would be the significance of work done in you? What would Satan say? Satan would say: “They used to fear You, but no one has passed it down for a long time. However, their ancestors feared You; they obeyed You from the beginning and they have no history of betraying You. It’s just that after a period of time that was no longer passed down. They are not the darkest, lowliest, or most backward of mankind. They acknowledged You from the start. There’s no significance in doing it that way! If it’s really done this way, who will be convinced by this work?” Out of the entire universe, the Chinese are the most backward of people. They are born lowly with low integrity, they are dull-witted and numb, and they are vulgar and decadent. They are soaked through with satanic dispositions, filthy and licentious. You have all of these. As for these corrupt dispositions, after this work is completed people will throw them off and will be able to completely obey and be made complete. Only the fruit from this kind of work is called testimony among creation!

from “The Significance of Saving the Descendants of Moab” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Working now on the descendants of Moab is saving those who have fallen into the most darkness. Although they were cursed, God is willing to gain glory from them. This is because initially, they were all people who lacked God in their hearts—only making them into those who obey and love Him is true conquest, and such fruit of work is the most valuable and the most convincing. Only this is gaining glory—this is the glory that God wants to gain in the last days. Although these people are of low position, they are now able to gain such great salvation, which truly is God’s elevation. This work is very meaningful, and it is through judgment that He gains these people. He is not intentionally punishing them, but He has come to save them. If He were carrying out the work of conquering in Israel during the last days it would be worthless; even if it bore fruit, it would not have any value or any great significance, and He would not be able to gain all glory. He is working on you, that is, those who have fallen into the darkest of places, those who are the most backward. These people do not acknowledge that there is a God and have never known that there is a God. These creatures have been corrupted by Satan to the point that they have forgotten God. They have been blinded by Satan and they do not know at all that there is a God in heaven. In your hearts you all worship idols, worship Satan—aren’t you the lowliest, the most backward of people? You are of the lowliest of the flesh, lacking any personal freedom, and you suffer hardships as well. You are also the people at the lowest level in this society, without even the freedom of faith. This is the significance of working on you.

from “The Significance of Saving the Descendants of Moab” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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