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What Is a Good Religion, and What Is an Evil Cult?


Pan Long (Deputy director of the brainwashing base): You have all just seen a legal-education movie on what cults are. The central government has given us this definition, and present us with five main characteristics. Discussing these characteristics however is challenging. They are a bit difficult to understand. I will try to explain them plainly and thoroughly. National leaders have labeled Christianity and Catholicism as cults, and labeled the Holy Bible as a cult book. These are generally acknowledged facts. As for why the central government has labeled Christian house churches, and in particular The Church of Almighty God cults, my research leads me to believe it is like this: All who testify that God created everything, who testify that God is the Creator, and created mankind, who testify that God rules over all, and testify that God controls and is the Lord of the universe, and would have us revere God and worship God, all of these are cults. All who testify that God is righteous and holy, who bear witness to God’s love and salvation, condemn Satan as an evil ruling force, corrupting the human race, especially who attack and condemn the Communist Party, all these are cults. All who testify that the Lord Jesus has returned, who bear witness for Christ incarnate, and talk about the work of an ordinary human as if it were the work of their Savior, and also publicize and testify that all words from Christ are the absolute truth, calling upon people to accept God, turn to Him, submit to Him, instead of the Communist Party, these are cults. All who testify that God’s word is truth above all, who testify that the Holy Bible is God’s word and that The Word Appears in the Flesh is truth, and condemn Marxism-Leninism the ideology of the Communist Party, these are cults. All who bear witness for Christ of the last days, preaching that God has returned, letting all of mankind to accept God’s salvation, who call upon people to follow God as the only way into the kingdom of heaven, these are cults. To my knowledge, this is why the government labels all Christian churches, The Church of Almighty God in particular, as cults. Do all of you understand what a cult is now? In China, the Communist Party is in control. The Communist Party is a Marxist-Leninist atheist party that opposes all theism. The Communist Party declares all groups that believe in God guilty as cults. This demonstrates their absolute authority. Only the Communist Party is great, glorious, and correct. Anything that goes against Marxism-Leninism is wrong; the Communist Party wants to ban all this. In China, you must see the Communist Party as great. Is there anything wrong with this? Whatever it is your views are, I want you to speak freely discuss it.

What Is a Good Religion, and What Is an Evil Cult

Wang Xuebin (A brainwashing teacher): Director Pan explained the characteristics of cults very clearly. Everyone should have understood, but I will also say. Your church claims that Jesus has returned as Almighty God, and is Christ of the last days. You also claim that Almighty God expresses truth to purify and save people, and the kingdom of heaven has arrived. This has caused religious circles to divide, and millions turn toward Almighty God. This has impacted China, and has brought unrest to society. You are disturbing public order. The government declares The Church of Almighty God to be a cult, and cracks down on it. You’ve all been deceived, gone astray. Ideally, you will repent quickly, leave The Church of Almighty God for the Three-Self Church. So then, you will not be criminally responsible. How does this sound?

Zhang Mingdao (A Christian): Director Pan, Mr. Wang, you have explained how the Communist Party labels things cults. But I feel, the condemnation by the government is unjustified. In the end what is righteous, and what is evil, must be based on whether it’s in line with truth, and whether the words of God are followed. First of all we should know, that only the one true God who created all things is the truth. God is the Most High, and we all must worship Him. There are sayings like: “There is a spirit watching above you,” “Humans act, and Heaven watches,” “Heaven’s will cannot be violated,” “Justice is in man’s heart,” “Good begets good, evil begets evil,” “No prayer can save offense of Heaven.” All of these prove God is the Ruler of all things and observes all. God is truth, and all positive things come from God. Laws and moral standards in society all come from God’s work and words. Ever since creation, God has expressed truth, guiding us, redeeming us, and saving us. God is therefore man’s great Redeemer. Our belief, submission, and worship of God, following God, all these are good things, and our correct path, and are blessed by God. On the other hand, all things negative and evil come from Satan. All that denies, resists, and is hostile towards God, these are evil things. So now, what is a cult? You could say all that goes against God, all that opposes truths God expressed, all that denies, resists, or condemns God, and leads us into darkness, causing us to be distant from God, and become wicked as we fall into evil, leading God to express His wrath. This kind of evil is what a cult is. Since the CCP came to power, it has spread atheism and evolution to deceive and corrupt all of us, and has caused us to deny God, resist God, and betray God, thereby offending the disposition of God, meeting the curses of God. In resisting God, the CCP has brought about calamity. The people constantly suffer in pain, and many flee abroad. For too many years now, the Chinese Communist Party has opposed God, and has caused so much evil more than we could ever measure. The only real cult is the CCP. In saying that Christian churches are cults, the CCP are simply distorting the facts.

Wang Xuebin: Zhang Mingdao, you dare refute our words, and you dare say our Party is a cult. You have some nerve!

Han Dongmei (A Christian): Director, Mr. Wang, the principles used as a basis in order to distinguish a cult, this really requires deep thought. For thousands of years, Satan has spread heresies and fallacies to corrupt the human race, causing us to deny, resist, and betray God. This makes our world to be more dark, evil, and chaotic. Since the Communist Party has come to power, it has been preaching atheism and evolution, saying things like “This world has no God, and there’s never been a savior,” and “I’m my own lord on heaven and earth,” “Man can conquer nature and fight heaven and earth,” as well as the saying, “Destiny is in your own hands,” and “Every man for himself,” and “Money makes the world go round,” and other similar heresies that corrupt the Chinese people, causing us to be more arrogant and conceited, self-centered, greedy, and wicked. People’s conscience and humanity have disappeared. Like foul devils, there is no evil people won’t do, even commit murder. In China, the most evil place in the world, where the great red dragon lies, God has appeared and expressed truth to purify and save the human race, helping us escape the darkness of Satan’s power, to turn towards God, and turn to light. These in fact are very good things. However, they are met with condemnation, suppression, and persecution. In doing so, isn’t the CCP acting against Heaven? People with a conscience acknowledge that belief in God is right, and that only God’s work and God’s truth can save the human race. Therefore, the one true way is the One that expresses truth and saves us. All that deceives us, corrupts us, and causes us to walk a path of darkness, that is an evil cult. These are the things that separate the right path from a cult. If a church that receives the work of God and accepts truth is labeled a cult, this distorts the truth, which is unacceptable.

Su Zhiqing (A Christian): Yes. Only God is the way, the truth, and the life. Only God’s appearance and work can bring truth and light to us, and can save us from sin and Satan’s influence, and bring us to a glorious destination. Nothing is more evil than when a church follows God but is labeled a cult. It is only the Communist Party that would do such evil. Every stage of God’s work is to save the human race. In the Age of Grace, God was incarnated for the first time as the Lord Jesus. On the outside, He appeared ordinary. But Lord Jesus expressed truth to redeem the human race. In His sacrifice, He saved us from sin, and He let us be free of condemnation, allowing us to live in God’s grace. At the time, Judaism colluded with the ruling power, and tried to convict the Lord Jesus. They crucified Him. They believed that this would put an end to His work which was their goal. But what happened? Today, the gospel of Lord Jesus has spread all round the world. Millions have received God’s blessing. Religions have acknowledged Lord Jesus is Christ and Savior. The church that grew from the work of Lord Jesus is the true way, is accepted. Only the atheist Communist Party condemns Christian churches as cults, and condemns the Holy Bible as a cult book. Aren’t these facts?

Zhang Mingdao: Director Pan, Mr. Wang, that the CCP condemns the Lord Jesus and calls Christianity a cult isn’t a surprise. The CCP is a satanic regime that hates both truth and God. In particular, it hates when God appears and does work. This is because of its satanic nature. In the last days Lord Jesus has returned as none other than Almighty God, who expresses truth and judges in order to purify and save us, and bring us into God’s kingdom, saving us from darkness and evil. The fact that God appeared and worked is enough to prove at every stage of His work He leads the human race to develop, and that all of God’s truths guide the human race toward the light. Without the words and work of God, the human race would make no progress, and would sink deeper and deeper into sin. If there are those who declare God’s work as the work of a cult, what problem is this? This is something we have to reflect on and consider. These days, people from various denominations who love to seek truth have read the words of Almighty God and they agree they are the voice of God. Almighty God is the Savior of the last days. The words of Almighty God are the truth, and have already been witnessed and spread by many people. Why does the Communist Party insist on doing everything it can to condemn the work and churches of God? Why is it that the more it is God’s work, the more something is the truth, the more positive something is, the more the Communist Party attacks and condemns it? Isn’t this going against Heaven, and very irrational? Now we can all clearly see any organization that hates truth, denies, and is hostile towards God is the real cult. Anything that fabricates rumors and fallacies to corrupt and deceive the human race is a cult. Anything that suppresses and condemns the Christian church, and is hostile to Christ is a cult. Anything that denies Christ, that denies and opposes truth, or is hostile towards Christ is a cult. The Communist Party denies God the most, resists Him the most, hates truth the most, and hates Christ the most. Therefore, the Communist Party is a genuinely evil cult. This is how I see it.

from the movie script of The Lies of Communism

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