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You have testified that the words expressed by Almighty God in the book The Word Appears in the Flesh are God’s own utterance, are the scroll opened by the Lamb prophesied in Revelation, and are the words the Spirit says to the churches. So, what proofs can you provide that those words are God’s words? What’s your basis?

Relevant Bible Verses:

I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. (Jhn 16:12-13)

And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon. And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. And one of the elders said to me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. (Rev 5:1-5)

Relevant Words of God:

Christ of the last days brings life, and brings the enduring and everlasting way of truth. This truth is the path through which man shall gain life, and the only path by which man shall know God and be approved by God.

from “Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The work I have been managing for thousands of years is only completely revealed to man in the last days. It is only now that I have opened up the full mystery of My management to man. Man knows the purpose of My work and moreover has obtained an understanding of all My mysteries. And I have told man everything about the destination he is concerned about. I have already uncovered for man all My mysteries that were hidden for over 5,900 years.

from “The Work of Spreading the Gospel Is Also the Work of Saving Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

It is fair to say that this was the first time since the creation that God had addressed all mankind. Never before had God spoken to created mankind in such detail and so systematically. Of course, this was also the first time He had spoken so much, and for so long, to all mankind. It was totally unprecedented. What’s more, these utterances were the first text expressed by God among mankind in which He exposed people, guided them, judged them, and spoke heart-to-heart to them and so, too, were they the first utterances in which God let people know His footsteps, the place in which He lies, God’s disposition, what God has and is, God’s thoughts, and His concern for mankind. It can be said that these were the first utterances that God had spoken to mankind from the third heaven since the creation, and the first time that God had used His inherent identity to appear and express the voice of His heart to mankind amid words.

from Introduction to Part One of The Word Appears in the Flesh

In the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to usher in a new age, to change the method of His work, and to do the work for the entire age. This is the principle by which God works in the Age of Word. He became flesh to speak from different perspectives, enabling man to truly see God, who is the Word appearing in the flesh, and His wisdom and wondrousness. Such work is done in order better to achieve the goals of conquering man, perfecting man, and eliminating man. This is the true meaning of using the word to work in the Age of Word. Through the word, man comes to know the work of God, the disposition of God, the essence of man, and what man ought to enter into. Through the word, the work God wishes to do in the Age of Word is brought to fruition in its entirety. Through the word, man is revealed, eliminated, and tried. Man has seen the word, heard the word, and become aware of the existence of the word. As a result, he believes in the existence of God, in the omnipotence and wisdom of God, as well as in God’s love for man and His desire to save man. Though the word “word” is simple and ordinary, the word from the mouth of the incarnate God shakes up the entire universe; it transforms man’s heart, notions, and old disposition, and the way the whole world used to appear. Through the ages, only the God of today works in this manner, and only He speaks thus and comes to save man thus. From this time forward, man lives under the guidance of the word, shepherded and supplied by the word. All humanity has come to live in the world of the word, within the curses and the blessings of God’s word, and there are even more human beings who have come to live under the judgment and chastisement of the word. These words and this work are all for the sake of man’s salvation, for the sake of fulfilling God’s will, and for the sake of changing the original appearance of the world of old creation. God created the world with the word, leads men from all over the universe with the word, and again conquers and saves them with the word. Finally, He shall use the word to bring the entire world of old to an end. Only then is the management plan wholly complete.

from “The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

In this final stage of work, results are achieved through the agency of the word. Through the word, man comes to understand many mysteries and the work that God has done through generations past; through the word, man is enlightened by the Holy Spirit; through the word, man comes to understand the mysteries never before unraveled by past generations, as well as the work of prophets and apostles of times past, and the principles by which they worked; through the word, man also comes to understand the disposition of God Himself, as well as the rebelliousness and resistance of man, and comes to know his own substance. Through these steps of work and through all the words spoken, man comes to know the work of the Spirit, the work God’s incarnate flesh does, and even more, His entire disposition. Your knowledge of God’s work of management over six thousand years was also gained through the word. Was not the knowledge of your former notions and your success in putting them aside also attained through the word? In the previous stage, Jesus worked signs and wonders, but there are no signs and wonders in this stage. Was not your understanding of why He does not reveal signs and wonders also achieved through the word? Therefore, the words spoken in this stage surpass the work done by the apostles and prophets of generations past. Even the prophecies told by the prophets could not have achieved this result.

from “The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Only God can speak the will of the Spirit, and only God in the flesh can speak on behalf of the Spirit; the words of God are made plain in God incarnate, and everyone else is guided by them. No one is exempt, they all exist within this scope. Only from these utterances can people come to know; those who do not gain in this way are daydreaming if they think they can gain the utterances from heaven. Such is the authority demonstrated in God’s incarnate flesh: making all believe. Even the most venerable experts and religious pastors cannot speak these words. They must all submit beneath them, and none will be able to make another start. God will use words to conquer the universe. He will do this not by His incarnate flesh, but through using the utterances from the mouth of God become flesh to conquer all people in the entire universe; only this is the Word become flesh, and only this is the appearance of the Word in the flesh. Perhaps, to people, it appears as if God hasn’t done much work—but God has but to utter His words for people to be thoroughly convinced, and for them to be overawed.

from “The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Whether the words spoken by God are, in outward appearance, plain or abstruse, they are all truths indispensable to man as he enters into life; they are the fount of living waters that enables him to survive in both spirit and flesh. They provide what man needs to stay alive; the dogma and creed for conducting his daily life; the path, goal, and direction through which he must pass in order to receive salvation; every truth that he should possess as a created being before God; and every truth about how man obeys and worships God. They are the guarantee that ensures man’s survival, they are man’s daily bread, and they are also the sturdy support that enables man to be strong and stand up. They are rich in the reality of the truth of normal humanity as it is lived out by created mankind, rich in the truth by which mankind breaks free from corruption and eludes Satan’s snares, rich in the tireless teaching, exhortation, encouragement, and solace that the Creator gives to created humanity. They are the beacon that guides and enlightens men to understand all that is positive, the guarantee which ensures that men will live out and come into possession of all that is righteous and good, the criterion by which people, events, and objects are all measured, and also the navigation marker that leads men toward salvation and the path of light. Only in the real experience of God’s words is man supplied with the truth and with life; only herein does he come to understand what is normal humanity, what is a meaningful life, what is a genuine created being, what is real obedience to God; only herein does he come to understand how he should care for God, how to fulfill the duty of a created being, and how to possess the likeness of a real man; only herein does he come to understand what is meant by genuine faith and genuine worship; only herein does he understand who is the Ruler of the heavens and earth and all things; only herein does he come to understand the means by which the One who is the Master of all creation rules over, leads, and provides for creation; and only herein does he come to understand and grasp the means by which the One who is the Master of all creation exists, becomes manifest, and works….

from “Knowing God Is the Path to Fearing God and Shunning Evil” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Relevant Fellowship:

Almighty God has revealed to man all the mysteries of His 6,000-year management plan for the salvation of mankind. And Almighty God has told man God’s aim in managing mankind, why God has carried out three stages of the work to save mankind, how these three stages of work have progressed step by step, and what the connections and differences between them are. Almighty God has also told man the significance of the names of God, how God does the work of judgment during the last days, and what the significance of the work of judgment is. He has revealed to man the mysteries of the incarnation, and the inside story of the Bible. Almighty God has disclosed that God is the source of the life of all things, and how God rules over all things. Almighty God has told man of God’s unique authority, God’s righteous disposition, God’s holiness, and God’s almightiness and wisdom. What’s more, Almighty God has also revealed to man how all mankind has developed up until today, and how Satan has corrupted mankind, and has told man the truth of mankind’s corruption by Satan, the source of corrupt mankind’s opposition to God and betrayal of God, how God works to save mankind, how Satan has carried out cunning schemes to interrupt and disturb God’s work, and how God defeats Satan and ends Satan’s fate. Almighty God has shown man the meaning of real life, how people should live in order to be truly happy, as well as the ends of different types of people, the true destination of mankind, and, in the end, how God will bring this age to an end, and how Christ’s kingdom shall come about, and so on. These mysteries have all been revealed to man by Almighty God. From the mysteries revealed by the Lord Jesus and Almighty God, we can see that these mysteries all relate to God, and to the kingdom of heaven, as well as to what God will accomplish in the future. These mysteries are all connected to God’s management plan and to the destination of mankind. There is profound meaning of God’s revelation of these mysteries. From the mysteries revealed by God, we can ascertain that all of these words are the voice of God. For none but God could know these mysteries. Only God Himself knows. The angels do not know, much less does mankind know. … The work of judgment of the last days done by Almighty God continues on from the work done by the Lord Jesus. It fulfills the words of the Lord Jesus: “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come” (Jhn 16:12-13).

from The Movie Script of Waiting

Let’s take a look at Revelation 2:17: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches; To him that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna….” This part of the scriptures mention: “what the Spirit says to the churches” and “the hidden manna.” These are actually referring to the words expressed by God when He returns in the last days! …

Then let’s read a passage of Almighty God’s words: “When you have finished reading this book, when you have experienced each step of the work of God incarnate in the Age of Kingdom, you will feel that the hopes of many years have finally been realized. You will feel that only now have you truly seen God face-to-face; only now have you gazed upon the face of God, heard the personal utterance of God, appreciated the wisdom of God’s work, and truly sensed how real and almighty God is. You will sense that you have gained many things that people of times past have never seen or possessed. At this time, you will clearly know what it is to believe in God, and what it is to be after God’s heart. Of course, if you cling to views of the past, and reject or deny the fact of the second incarnation of God, then you shall remain empty-handed and acquire nothing, and ultimately be guilty of opposing God. Those who obey the truth and submit to the work of God shall come under the name of the second incarnate God—the Almighty. They will be able to accept the personal guidance of God, and shall acquire more and higher truth and receive the real human life. They shall behold the vision that people of the past have never seen: “And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; And in the middle of the seven candlesticks one like to the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the breasts with a golden girdle. His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like to fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shines in his strength” (Revelation 1:12–16). This vision is the expression of God’s entire disposition, and such an expression of His entire disposition is also the expression of the work of God when He becomes flesh this time. In the torrents of chastisements and judgments, the Son of man expresses His inherent disposition through the speaking of words, allowing all those who accept His chastisement and judgment to see the true face of the Son of man, a face that is a faithful depiction of the face of the Son of man seen by John” (Preface to The Word Appears in the Flesh). Almighty God has now come, opening up the seven seals and the scroll, and revealing all the mysteries people throughout the ages did not understand. This is precisely the utterances of the seven thunders and the words the Holy Spirit says to the churches. These words are precisely all the truth mankind must possess to attain salvation. They are the words by which God judges and purifies man in the last days, and as well as the everlasting way of life God bestows upon us. We have to accept Almighty God’s work of judgment and cleansing with words in the last days before we can be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven.

from The Movie Script of Disclose the Mystery About the Bible

To accept God’s work of the last days and behold the appearance of God, we must know how to identify the voice of God. In fact, identifying the voice of God means recognizing the words and utterances of God, and recognizing the characteristics of the Creator’s words. Regardless of whether they are the words of God become flesh, or the utterances of the Spirit of God, they are all words spoken by God to mankind from up high. Such are the tone and characteristics of God’s words. Here, the authority and identity of God are clearly manifested. This, it can be said, is the unique means by which the Creator speaks. God’s utterances each time He becomes flesh surely cover many areas. They primarily relate to God’s requirements and admonitions of man, the words of God’s administrative decrees and commandments, His words of judgment and chastisement, and His revelation of corrupt mankind. So, too, are there words of prophecies and God’s promises to mankind, etc. These words are all the expression of the truth, the way, and the life. They are all the revelation of the substance of God’s life. They represent God’s disposition and all that God has and is. And so, man is able to see from the words expressed by God that God’s words are the truth, and they have authority, and power. Thus, if you wish to determine whether the words expressed by Almighty God are the voice of God, you can look at the words of the Lord Jesus and the words of Almighty God. You can compare them, and see whether they are the words expressed by one Spirit, and whether they are the work done by one God. If their source is the same, then this proves that Almighty God’s words are God’s utterances, and that Almighty God is the appearance of God.

from The Movie Script of Waiting

Some might then ask: “Why do you say that the words spoken by Almighty God are the words spoken by God? What basis do you have for saying this?” Is this question easy to answer? So, others ask you: “What basis do you have for saying that Lord Jesus is God? How many days have you believed in God? How can you acknowledge that Lord Jesus is God? Have you ever believed in Jehovah God? You have never believed in Jehovah God, then how can you accept Lord Jesus? Have you seen Lord Jesus? Has He appeared to you?” Can you answer these things clearly? Let us then ask the Jewish people: “What basis do you have for believing in Jehovah? Have you seen Jehovah? Has Jehovah appeared to you? What basis do you have, what proof do you have, that Jehovah is God?” Is this easy for someone to answer? It is certainly not something that is easy to answer. Therefore, God’s words have said that God’s sheep listen to God’s voice. Those who acknowledge that the words of Almighty God are God’s words and God’s voice, they will be able to accept Almighty God. Ask them: “Why do you believe in Almighty God?” They say: “From the words of Almighty God, I can see that this is God’s voice, that this is God’s expression, therefore I believe in Almighty God.” “Then why do you believe in Lord Jesus?” “I see authority and power in the words of Lord Jesus. He has also performed some miracles, therefore I acknowledge that Lord Jesus is God.” Those who believe in Jehovah say: “We have experienced the work of Jehovah God. Jehovah God has led us. Based on His words, we make offerings to Him once we have sinned, and thereby we attain peace in our hearts. We keep His laws and thereby we are blessed by God. Therefore, we have determined that Jehovah is the true God.” Don’t those who believe in God say such things? … What are some of the questions that the religious person would ask? “What basis do you have for saying that these are God’s words? Who recorded the words of Almighty God? Could God have brought these words directly by Himself when He arrived?” Are these questions easy to answer? Man cannot answer them. If one does not acknowledge that these are God’s words, it means that he is not God’s sheep. God’s sheep listen to God’s voice, and he is not God’s sheep. He hears God’s voice yet he does not acknowledge that this is God’s voice, and he said that this is the voice of man. Is this not the case? Lord Jesus said: “I am sent by God.” Those in Judaism heard this, and said, “You said that You are sent by God, You are blasphemous. How come we didn’t see in what manner God has sent You? What proof do You have that You are sent by God?” Tell me, could someone like this believe in the Lord? He was unable to accept Him, and he did not acknowledge that Lord Jesus was sent by God. He did not even acknowledge the One sent by God, then he certainly wouldn’t have accepted if you had told him of God incarnate and God’s appearance. If you should say such things, he would have chased you out with a stick, he would have locked you up. Is that not the case? Therefore, regarding the acceptance of God’s work, we must see how the individual’s heart and spirit receive. This is the key. We say: “God has returned.” He says: “Where?” “Performing work in China, expressing His words.” “What is the proof?” “We have words as proof.” “Then how do you acknowledge that these are God’s words?” “Read them, look at them. See if these are God’s words; see if these are words originating from the same source as the words of Lord Jesus, the words of Jehovah God, and the words of God spread by the prophets; see if it is the same Spirit voicing these words. If you can see through this problem, then everything is fine, and all the problems are solved, and the answers are all here. If you can’t see that the same Spirit is voicing His words and doing His work, then there is no use no matter how much we say. Like minds can easily be understood by each other.”

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life, Volume 132

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