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Sermons and Fellowship: The True Significance of God Making Overcomers


God makes people perfect chiefly to carry out His will, to make you serve God. Those used by God during the Age of Grace and the Age of Law were not made perfect; it is in the Age of Kingdom that God will make perfect a group of people, and when the Millennial Kingdom truly becomes a reality, He shall use this group of people to serve Him on earth, to be priests; thus, in the future, God shall make great use of those who are made perfect. … On earth and in God’s kingdom, these people will be pillars, they will the ones who serve God, they will be priests, and thus there is great and far-reaching significance to God making people perfect.

from “How One Should Seek the Truth” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (I)

And so, those who are made perfect by God are of the utmost value. Corrupt mankind needs these people, and God also needs them. God once said something to Peter, He said: Peter, you have been tested, and though you have suffered much, and there is great pain in your heart—of this I am aware—I want you to know that in this, I am making you perfect, I am making you into a firstfruit, that you could bear testimony to Me. This is what I ask, I would enjoy this firstfruit. Among man, God could find no one to enjoy, He saw that all corrupt mankind said and did was but lies and deception, that it was only for their own sakes, that they acted by their own conceptions and imaginings, and had not the slightest obedience to God, nor true love for God; there was no enjoyment in God’s heart, and thus He intended to make a group of people perfect, a group of firstfruits, for Him to enjoy. And God looked to mankind, too, for those in whom God could find enjoyment and delight, and thus did certain things among mankind, causing mankind to obey God’s will and live on earth, for He wished to make complete a group of people. … In seeking to be made perfect: number one, we will live out a life of meaning, we will live out the likeness of a real man, and in our hearts, we will both be peaceful and have enjoyment; number two, we will be worthy of being the mankind created by God, we are created beings, and we will fulfill the Lord of creation. Such is the significance of being made perfect. If you do not seek to be made perfect, and still wish to live on earth as demons, then you will never receive God’s approval, you will forever be repulsive and loathsome to God, and cursed by God.

from “The Significance of Being Made Perfect by God and How to Seek Perfection” in Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (VI)

The True Significance of God Making Overcomers

God asks that as we perform our duty, we seek the truth and attain the knowledge of God; ultimately, we shall be cleansed of our corruption, our satanic disposition shall change, and we will become those who obey and worship God. When God’s chosen ones have experienced to this point, and this effect has been achieved, God’s prophecy—God’s plan—of making a group of overcomers before the disaster shall be fulfilled. Today, do we not see that this fact has already been accomplished? (Yes.) Some people are indomitable as they seek the truth; they know what it is to seek the truth, they know that the belief in God is in order to gain life, and what this life refers to, they know what kind of process they must undergo for there to be change in their disposition, and they see that it is true that people can be cleansed, and saved, and made perfect. Today, they have already experienced much of this, they are gradually ridding themselves of their corrupt disposition, and they have some knowledge of God, and fear of God, and are capable of some obedience to God. As such, do they not walk the path of perfection by God? Soon will be the day when they gain life and the truth! When we, this group of people, are made complete by God, is when we can truly obey God in absoluteness, when we can be loyal to God unto death. Is this not the result of gaining life? It is. Gaining life means that you truly obey God, have true faith in God, give all the strength you have to spread the gospel of God’s kingdom, and ultimately not balk at laying down your life—this is when you have gained life. This is the effect, the result, of gaining life, this is someone possessed of life.

God determines people’s end based on whether they possess the truth. And what truth is this based on? On whether people can truly obey God, whether they have the knowledge of God. This is gaining the truth; they feel that nothing is of greater worth, no existence has greater significance. They feel that there is no greater joy than loving God. Only those who love God are the happiest of all, only when there is the love of God in your heart can you be happy, only then can there be no pain in your heart—and in this, you are someone who has gained the truth. When you gain these truths and attain this result in life, how is such an outcome achieved? If you seek and practice the truth as you perform your duty, such is the effect that will ultimately be achieved. Attaining the true knowledge of yourself is the first step; ultimately, when you attain the knowledge of God, that is the stage when there has been a result in your experiencing life, and it is the highest of all stages.

from Sermons and Fellowship on Entry Into Life (Series 156)

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