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Debate: What Really Is a Cult?



Zheng Yi: A Chinese Christian. During his work in America, he investigated The Church of Almighty God online and accepted Almighty God’s work in the last days. Three years later, he returned to China, and passed on the gospel of the kingdom of Almighty God to his sister, Zheng Rui.

Zheng Weiguo: Zheng Yi’s father, the minister of the United Front Work Department in a city of China. He practiced red re-education of his children at home, strongly opposed them believing in Almighty God and tried to stop it.


Zheng Weiguo: Yi, Rui, it seems that you still don’t understand the state’s policy. If you merely know the provision for freedom of belief in the constitution, does it mean that you understand the Communist Party? I have been working at the United Front for so many years. I have already seen it clearly. What the CCP hates most is the appearance of God and His work. The government has long condemned Christianity as a cult, and the Bible as a cultist book, of which countless copies have been burned. The CCP government is determined to completely ban all home churches. When you believed in Jesus in the past, I was opposed to it. And now you have believed in Almighty God, I absolutely will not allow it! Do you know what Almighty God is about? They witness that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus appearing to work, the appearance of Christ the Savior in the last days who even has expressed the book The Word Appears in the Flesh with more than a million words. If it spreads out, the consequence is unimaginable! The Communist Party and Christ the Savior are mortal enemies. Can the CCP not stop at nothing to suppress and arrest those Christians? Do you know? The CCP has long designated those who believe in Eastern Lightning as the state’s most wanted criminal. Whoever they seize will be severely punished without mercy. No one can even pay for their release through the back door. This is not a joke! To be honest with you, in order to completely eradicate The Church of Almighty God these years, the Central Government has issued numerous secret documents, and repeatedly suppressed and cracked down on Eastern Lightning. We have also been holding meetings all day studying on how to suppress and ban Eastern Lightning. As for Eastern Lightning, the attitude of the central leadership is very clear, that is, “Troops won’t be withdrawn until the ban is done.” Therefore, I absolutely forbid you to believe in Almighty God. Did you hear that?

Zheng Yi: Dad, since you know that Eastern Lightning witnesses for the Lord Jesus’ return and God’s appearance and work in the last days to preach and witness for all the truth expressed by the Savior for the salvation of mankind, then surely you know how terrible it is for the CCP government to suppress, arrest and convict Eastern Lightning like that. It is a monstrous sin to resist God and act perversely against Heaven. After studying it, I learned that Eastern Lightning has completely fulfilled the prophecy of the Lord Jesus: “For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even to the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:27). What Eastern Lightning witnesses is the appearance and work of the Son of man. Dad, Mom, you haven’t read the word expressed by Almighty God, so you don’t understand what Eastern Lightning is about. If you want to understand Eastern Lightning, you have to read the word of Almighty God to see if it is the truth, the utterance of God’s Spirit speaking to mankind, and God’s appearance and work in the last days. It is most important to study these. Now the CCP government has launched an overwhelming people’s war against Eastern Lightning. Eastern Lightning is only the Church of Christ in the last days. It is neither a country nor a race. Is it necessary for the CCP government to wage this people’s war against Eastern Lightning? The CCP even proclaimed, “Troops won’t be withdrawn until the ban is done.” This CCP’s hostility to God is bound to be cursed and punished by God!

Zheng Rui (A Christian): Dad, my brother is right. Recalling God’s appearance and work in history, all those people, races or nations that resisted God were cursed and destroyed by God. For instance, three thousand years ago, the Pharaoh of Egypt was killed because he was punished for resisting God. After the Lord Jesus appeared to work, the Roman Empire was destroyed by God’s great plague for resisting Him and brutally persecuting His chosen people. The CCP will surely be destroyed by the catastrophe cast down by God for resisting Christ in the last days. Father, you have studied religion for many years, you certainly are aware of these things, right? How do you feel about the CCP’s resistance of Almighty God?

Zheng Weiguo: Actually, we have seen it from early on that Eastern Lightning is not an ordinary religion. They have witnessed the Lord Jesus’ return, that is, Christ the Savior in the last days has arrived in the world in person to save mankind. If the government allows The Church of Almighty God to continue to preach the gospel and testify for God, it won’t take too many years for countless people to accept Almighty God. You know that the CCP is an atheist party that is antagonistic to theism. The war between the CCP and those who believe in God is a war in the ideological realm. It is a mortal struggle. How could the CCP allow God’s appearance and work? How could it allow the church’s existence? So the CCP government adopted the policy to suppress and ban religious beliefs by eliminating and banning all religions in order to build an atheist domain within China. This is the only way the CCP can perpetuate its rule in China! So, since it took power, the CCP has always suppressed and banned religious beliefs. During this period, so many Christians have been arrested and imprisoned, so many Christian families have been shattered. Some Christians even died in prison. We know this is true. Why are there more and more people believing in God? The main reason is The Word Appears in the Flesh has been spreading so fast. A lot of people from various denominations accepted Almighty God because they had read The Word Appears in the Flesh. The power of this book is awesome! It is now spreading and expanding in the world. This has become a headache for the central leadership. The central leaders won’t have a good night’s sleep until The Church of Almighty God is banned. Yi, Rui, you have to understand this, if the CCP has the audacity to designate orthodox religions such as Christianity and Catholicism as cults, how can it be lenient to Eastern Lightning? In recent years, the Central Government has also designated Eastern Lightning as a cult and the target for focused attack and banning. When you believe in Eastern Lightning, aren’t you ramming your chests against the muzzles? Are you being smart or stupid?

Mu Xinping (Zheng Weiguo’s wife): Yi, Rui, I heard your dad say this long ago. Now that the CCP is doing its utmost to suppress and ban The Church of Almighty God, and also mobilizing the media to generate massive public opinions in an all-out effort to condemn The Church of Almighty God. Even some Three-Self churches have been banned and other churches demolished. It appears that the CCP is determined to eradicate all religious beliefs! I also heard your dad say that many believers of The Church of Almighty God had been arrested. The CCP intends to send the believers of The Church of Almighty God to their death. If you believe in Almighty God, you will be arrested sooner or later. It will not only ruin your future, it may even endanger your lives! Yi, Rui, in this matter you have to listen to your dad. You cannot believe in Almighty God!

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