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Ultimately Who Is Breaking Up Christians’ Families?


Deng Suxiang (A psychologist): You claim that Almighty God is God of the last days here on Earth. And you say that you want to seek the truth, the correct path in life. From my experience, however, many of Almighty God’s followers are like missionaries of Jesus, spreading gospel, bearing witness to God, abandoning their families and careers, giving their body and soul to God. Among them, there are many young people who choose not to marry in exchange for following Christ of the last days. This is all true, isn’t it? Because of you leaving everything behind to spread the gospel, more and more people believe in God. If everyone in the world turned to God, who would still follow the Party, and believe in the Party? This is why the government suppresses and arrests believers. Do you see a problem with this? It’s due to the nature of your belief that so many have been arrested and sent to prison, so many have fled their homes. So many couples have divorced, and so many children are left without parents. So many elders with no one to care for them. The very nature of your belief is causing your own families to suffer. What are you trying to achieve? Is this the right path you mentioned you’ve been led down? Traditional Chinese culture revolves around filial piety. The saying goes: “Filial piety above all else.” Confucius said: “When your parents are alive, don’t travel far away.” Respect for your parents is the foundation of human conduct. Following God the way that you do, not caring for the very people who gave you life and nurtured you, how can this be the correct path to follow? I often hear people state that believers are the best people. This is not false. But all of you worship God and hold Him above all else. This infuriates the Communist Party. It fills them with hate. You go around spreading the gospel, yet you can’t even care for your own family. How could this be good conduct? Couldn’t it be that your faith leads you down a wrong turn along your path? By doing what you’re doing, aren’t you destroying the harmony and balance in our society? I advise you don’t persist in error. You should leave this place, return to your homes, reunite with your families, take care of them, live a normal life. It’s your duty as children and as parents. These are what humans should do; it’s only practical. You’d agree, wouldn’t you?

Han Dongmei (A Christian): Ms. Deng, you keep saying we’ve gone wrong somewhere down the line, abandoning our families and careers to follow God. You’re completely wrong. You’re an atheist, tell me, what course should humanity follow? Can you tell me? Can you see through to the origin of the darkness and evil in the world? Can you see why we human beings dwell in sin, and why we struggle? Do you think relishing the joy of sin is happiness? Now God incarnate has come to rid us people of sin, and lead us into the light and a good destination. This is wonderful news for corrupt mankind. Every one of us has been corrupted by Satan. We should accept the work of God and accept all truth He speaks. This is the only way we can attain purity and find our salvation. This is the path we humans were meant to follow. How can you tell me that that’s wrong? From your point of view, the disciples of the Lord Jesus abandoned their families to follow the Lord, and that this is the wrong path. The Western missionaries who left their loved ones to travel to China devoted their lives to bearing witness for the salvation of the Lord Jesus, some of them even losing their lives for it. And you claim that they were ruthless? They were carrying out God’s will in order to help us attain salvation. They were benevolent; it was the most righteous cause of all, in keeping with God’s will. The Lord Jesus said, “If any man come to Me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brothers, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple” (Luke 14:26). “And he that takes not his cross, and follows after Me, is not worthy of Me” (Matthew 10:38). For two thousand years, Christians have left their families and careers dedicating their lives to following God and spreading the gospel. It was their selfless effort that allowed the Lord’s salvation to be known in all corners of the world. Today the Lord Jesus has returned as Almighty God. He’s spoken the truth to do the judgment work of purifying and saving man in the last days. The Christians of The Church of Almighty God, in order to make more people hear the word of God, accept His purification and salvation of the last days, and enter the good destination, they leave behind everything they held dear and dedicate everything to bearing witness for Savior Christ of the last days. And you think we’re mislead? This is in line with the Bible, in line with God’s will!

Ultimately Who Is Breaking Up Christians’ Families

Lyu Li (A brainwashing teacher): Sure, you’re leaving your lives behind to spread the gospel and help people attain salvation. But that still doesn’t change the fact, no matter how many people you convert or souls you save, in the end, you’ve still caused your family to crumble at your feet. Is that really worth your while? I think it would be best if you cooperated with the government by accepting their reform and education. Try to finish this class soon and live normally. It’s the most practical solution. In the future, don’t spread the gospel, so there won’t be any more like you who believe, tearing families apart, separating child from parent. What do you say?

Tan Xiumin (A Christian): Ms. Deng, Ms. Lyu, you say many Christian families fall apart because believers put aside family to spread the gospel. Is this really true? Everyone knows that since the CCP came to power they have persecuted religious belief, labeled Christianity a cult, and labeled the Holy Bible a cult book. They arrest and persecute believers of God, putting countless Christians into jail, while many Christians are maimed and killed. Who is really destroying families? Who is it that renders Christians unable to return home, breaking up family members from each other? Isn’t this whole tragedy being caused by the Communist Party persecuting Christians? When Christians in democratic Western countries put aside family and career to follow God, why is it that their families remain intact? What’s going on here? Tell me, why is it that in China, where the Communist Party rules, believing in God is such a crime? What country has laws like this? What kind of ruler are they? I once had a wonderful family. The Communist police, when they learned of my faith, they hunted me down. All I could do was run away. They even went after my family. Not only did they monitor our home, and wire-tap our telephone, they went to my daughter’s school to stake out for my arrest, saying that I was a political criminal. As a result, the teachers and students discriminated my daughter, and she was forced out of school. She was only 14 years old. I thought of her always. I missed my parents, but I didn’t dare try and call them. I passed my hometown so many times, but all I could do was look from afar, I wouldn’t dare go back. It sounds like I had a choice, but in fact I wasn’t even allowed. My husband because of my arrest warrant, his career was impacted, and he eventually divorced me. My family was torn to pieces. And who’s to blame for that? My family has no one to care for them. So who is the criminal here? Isn’t it the Chinese Communist government? They will do anything in their power to persecute believers, stripping away our right to even exist. And then they go after our families. Heaven’s law won’t tolerate this! The path we walk is perfectly right. So why then why do they do this to us, abuse us? Is this what they call their “greatness, glory, and rectitude”? The Communist Party chooses to arrest believers they can find, splitting up countless Christian households. And then they have the gall to claim we did this to ourselves and tell everyone our belief is the cause of all these problems that Christians disrupt public order. The Communist Party is blatantly distorting the truth about all this, they’re utterly lying! And they have no shame in it whatsoever!

from the movie script of The Lies of Communism

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